How to enlarge your kitchen - the best ways

How to enlarge your kitchen - the best ways How to visually enlarge the kitchen: designer tips that no one will tell you about

The kitchen is the center of an apartment or house, and therefore it is worth arranging it properly - not to save money, try to do more if necessary. By the way, about the latter. Sometimes there is not enough space in the kitchen that you just want to take it and push it apart with your hands to make it more comfortable and the room becomes larger.

It is a pity that such a fantasy is unrealizable, but you should not despair ahead of time, because today we offer you effective ways and tricks to visually enlarge the kitchen.

Overview of methods

Give preference to light tones

In any room, no matter what its purpose, it is best to try to use a light finish, and also pieces of furniture.

For this, light green, cream, white, milky and even blue shades are perfect. With their help, the kitchen can become visually larger, lighter and more spacious.

Do not use more than two bright colors

If you decide to move away from elegant white colors in favor of bright shades, then you should not use more than two of them. The fact is that in such a case, instead of a small, but beautiful and unusual kitchen, you can get a lurid colorful kitchen that will irritate your eyes. Better yet, choose only one bright color that you like the most and dilute it with white colors.

Use vertical surfaces

All shelves and cabinets that are in the kitchen space, in small rooms, are best placed to the full height of the wall, right up to the ceiling, and thus, the use of space will become more rational. The option when the facades of the furniture are matched to the finish will be especially great, because when they merge with the general background, they will become less noticeable.

Choosing the right pieces of furniture

Separately, it is worth paying attention to the choice of chairs and a table for the kitchen space, because they are the ways to steal a piece free space. An oval or round table will take up much less space, and if it is foldable, you can also acquire multifunctional pieces of furniture.

When choosing furniture items, visually newer and lighter materials should be preferred.

For example, transparent chairs made of plastic or a glass table will "dissolve" in space and make it visually more spacious, but it is better not to load massive wood furniture into small kitchen rooms, because otherwise you will only achieve the opposite effect.

Using the window sill

How to enlarge your kitchen - the best ways The usual height of the window sill and table top more often in total coincide and amount to 0. 9 meters.So why not take advantage of this great opportunity and increase your work surface? In addition, natural light and a beautiful view from the window will be additional advantages in favor of this option.

The space near the windowsill should not be wasted either, so we suggest equipping a locker there if the space is not occupied by a heating radiator.

Provided that the view from the window is quite picturesque (old amazing streets or natural beauty), you can turn the window sill into a bar counter.

Both options will significantly relieve the space in the kitchen and provide additional space for rest and work, regardless of the choice.

Hide kitchen utensils in drawers

Expanding a kitchen at the expense of a room is long and expensive, so consider options with competent storage of things. In no case should the access to the oven be obstructed. Refrigeration equipment and cooking work surfaces.

These points should be easily accessible and free. For this reason, all utensils from the kitchen should be hidden in the drawers and best of all along the lower ones, because it will be much easier to get to them than to climb up over and over again.

Interior textiles

Let's consider a few useful tips in the end:

  1. How to enlarge your kitchen - the best ways In a small kitchen, designs and patterns should be used delicately, and designers are advised to limit yourself to light "touches", for example, using elegant patterns on furniture or decorative pillows. At the same time, the kitchen space will not look overloaded.
  2. Try hanging the cornice higher than the top of the window.

    Due to this, the window will begin to "stretch" upwards, and the ceiling will visually appear higher. By the way, for rooms small in size, it is best to choose the longest cornices, and if, in addition to tulle, you decide to hang additional curtains, then let them frame the window, but will not block the access of light.

  3. Instead of printed textiles, choose fabrics with texture patterns or woven patterns to match the base, which will help make the design of a small kitchen more expressive, and not make it cluttered and confused.
  4. If you do not want to decorate the window with textiles, you should try light blinds or roman blinds made of plain translucent fabric.

    They will transmit light, and make it diffuse and soft.

    In addition, they will seem to merge with the wall and distract the eye from the boundaries of a small space.

These design tips will help you improve a kitchen that is very small.

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