How to equip a playground in the country? Tips & Ideas + Photos & Videos

How to equip a playground in the country? Tips & Ideas + Photos & Videos Children with great joy will go to the dacha if they know that they have at least small space for games. It is necessary to think about the construction of such a site in advance.

When designing a playground, first of all, you need to take into account the age of the children and their needs.

For the smallest, an elementary lawn, an inflatable pool, a bench are enough.

What to install in the play area?

If you have children of different age groups, then the installation of a play complex will be the ideal solution.

How to equip a playground in the country? Tips & Ideas + Photos & Videos

The current capabilities allow you to create them, taking into account any needs. You can make a multi-level complex or a thematic one, complementing the design with various modules and elements to develop coordination and sports abilities of children.

Where to locate the playground

When choosing a place for the play area, think carefully and weigh the pros and cons: it should be positioned so that it was possible to watch the children from the window, but there should not be any household equipment or fertilizers nearby.

It is important to pay attention to lighting, especially during the daytime when the sun is at its most active. Under such conditions, you need to think about building a canopy on firmly established stakes to create shade.

An excellent option can be a platform near a solid fence, decorating it with a ladder or a board for drawing with crayons.

Selecting the coverage

You need to start by leveling the surface. Following European standards, sand bed or gravel 40-50 mm thick can be laid.

How to equip a playground in the country? Tips & Ideas + Photos & Videos

Concrete, tiles and bricks, as well as gravel, which can scratch limbs and sand to avoid contact with eyes. A soft lawn is ideal.

Opt for quality sports turfs that are much denser and less quickly trampled. Of the not expensive options, it can be an earthen mixture with the addition of clay or sand laid on a crushed stone pillow, but it is better to use such a coating temporarily or on sports grounds for older aunts.

The option of covering with rubber mats is very popular at the moment. Such a coating has a lot of advantages - after getting wet, it dries quickly, the rubber is elastic and without seams, which softens the child's falls. This type of coating is very easy to spread with steel pins, has an attractive appearance and a variety of colors.

There is also an option when this coating is poured along the entire perimeter of the site using a special technology.