How to equip the interior of a modern kitchen in white and brown tones? Tips + Photos & Videos

How to equip the interior of a modern kitchen in white and brown tones? Tips + Photos & Videos The use of white and brown tones in interior design is considered a classic of the genre. There are those who like to decorate rooms in the same brown color scheme, with small splashes of bright accents. Others like calm snow-white interiors, but you must admit that monotony looks boring. Let's talk about the use of a combination of colors, namely about the options for arranging a white-brown kitchen.

These color combinations are best suited for creating an interior in the style of minimalism, modern, modern classics.

In order to make your kitchen look cozy, use in practice some rules for arranging the room. The most popular combination of white and brown is a kitchen unit with brown cupboards and white tops.

The perception of brown in the kitchen

The energy of brown

It is quite strong, in this regard, strong-minded and self-confident people make the choice in its favor. When creating an interior in brown tones, pay attention to the elements, furniture and decor. After all, the harmony of style depends on seemingly, at first glance, little things.

The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning the classic interior in brown tones is massive leather furniture and solid cabinet furniture. In addition, the brown color has a calming effect. Being in such a room, you will not be distracted by any bright objects, everything looks very restrained and peaceful.

Older people give preference to brown tones, young families focus on pastels or brightness. Brown is the most popular color in the design of offices, and all thanks to the mood that it gives, helping in making serious and balanced decisions.

The brown kitchen set also looks very harmonious. Firstly, it is not easily soiled, it also allows you to tune in to the atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. After all, this is important, first of all, for the mistress of the house, who spends most of her time in the kitchen.

In addition, some peculiarities of brown can be noted:

  • How to equip the interior of a modern kitchen in white and brown tones? Tips + Photos & Videos Allows you to concentrate on completing a specific task, without being distracted by distractions;
  • Suitable for people who do not like to stand out from the crowd;
  • Gives the opportunity to feel their importance, gives confidence when it is necessary to make volitional decisions ;
  • Gives a sense of consistency.

One of the features of brown in the design of

White-brown kitchens is that it allows you to add style and sophistication to a room, even with a poor design.

Happy owners of large, spacious kitchens can use brown as much as they want. There is no need to be afraid that a dark shade will "steal" the space.The situation is exactly the opposite with small kitchens, in this case it is the predominance of white that will save the room from a gloomy look, expanding it visually. Also, in small rooms, sufficient lighting should be made.

Materials for a headset of a white-brown classic kitchen can be different, from natural wood to MDF in a film.

Those who cannot afford a wooden kitchen can turn their attention to facades that imitate natural materials. Modern technologies allow you to create the most similar textures.

Absolutely snow-white kitchens look a little uncomfortable, so designers advise adding a little warm tone or bright accents. For example, a combination of a dark brown floor with a countertop of the same color combined with a white kitchen unit looks great.

Harmony in the details

Not a single, even the most expensive interior design project will look complete without small details and decorative elements.

Even a seemingly insignificant trifle will allow to revive the room, add some zest.

The most popular room decor items are:

  • How to equip the interior of a modern kitchen in white and brown tones? Tips + Photos & Videos lamps , wall clock in contrasting shades;
  • flower plants in pots and brown pots;
  • silverware or beautiful porcelain sets;
  • small vases, wicker baskets, jars of cereals , spices or pasta, placed on the shelves.

Textiles play an important role in the interior design of a white-brown kitchen. Curtains, tulles or curtains for the kitchen should be selected in a lighter tone than the room itself.


White-brown kitchen in the style of minimalism

The main feature of this stylistic direction of interior design is the use contrasting shades.

The combination of white and brown in the design of kitchen facilities reflects the minimalism style in the best possible way.

To achieve maximum compliance with this style, you must adhere to several rules:

  • Kitchen walls are finished with decorative plaster or pasted over with wallpaper in the same tone.
  • The ceiling is preferably white. Multilevel options are acceptable.
  • The floor can be covered with laminate, porcelain stoneware tiles of the same color without blotches of other shades.

  • Furniture is distinguished by simplicity of lines without unnecessary decor.

White-brown modern kitchen

This style in interior design is a combination of straight lines with intricate monograms. In addition, kitchen sets in white and brown colors are designed with both matte and glossy surfaces. Modern does not welcome excessive decoration, and at first glance it may seem rather strict and restrained, but in fact, this is the zest of the ego.

To create a combined white and brown kitchen in the Art Nouveau style it is necessary: ​​

  • The facades of kitchen furniture should be made with a combination of brown and white.

    The best choice would be a wooden set, or from a material that imitates the texture of natural wood. Facades should be deaf, without the use of glass.

  • The walls are painted beige. Window and door openings remain white. Also, you can pick up a snow-white dining area.

  • It is preferable to make kitchen lighting point-like.
  • An apron for a white-brown kitchen is created using mosaic tiles.
  • Floor covering - light brown.
  • Above the dining area, you can put a lamp that matches the style.

Advantages of the kitchen in white-brown color

  • Universalism .

    The combination of white and brown shades is suitable for decorating a kitchen of almost any style. In any case, such a combination can be beaten by adjusting it to your preferences.

  • Convenience and practicality . A dark color is considered non-marking, so if dirt remains on the surface, it will not be visible. This principle works in a completely different way with white surfaces, if dirt gets in, you will immediately see it, and you can remove it.

  • Neutrality of colors . Dark shades of brown, perfectly combined with others, including light and pastel.

Rules for decorating a brown kitchen with white facades

  • When decorating a kitchen room, regardless of style, pay attention to furniture, since it is the main subject in the interior. The overall tone in the decoration of the kitchen and the choice of decor depends on her choice. When choosing a shade of brown, be guided by your own preferences.

    As practice shows, light shades of brown are very popular at the moment.

  • The facades of the kitchen set are available with a glossy and matte surface. In this case, we advise you to proceed from considerations of practicality and opt for matte facades. It is much easier to care for them, it is enough to wipe with a damp and then dry cloth. A white-brown glossy kitchen requires more careful maintenance, be prepared for the fact that you have to constantly polish the surface to a shine.

    The best option for a harmonious combination is a white top and a dark bottom. Also, very often white is taken as a basis for creating a kitchen set, the flooring is selected in a dark tone.

  • Kitchen ceilings should preferably be white or beige. A dark color can be used if the height allows. Otherwise, when you are in the room, the impression of pressure on the head will be created.

  • The color scheme of kitchen textiles is selected taking into account the shade of furniture, walls and floors. So, for a room in which light shades prevail, white-brown curtains for the kitchen are suitable, and vice versa.

Note. The most suitable style directions in interior design for creating a white-brown kitchen are: country, rustic, loft, English, African, modern, classic.

Helpful Hints

  • To get rid of the gloomy feeling when brown is dominant, add a little lilac, pink, blue and turquoise.

    This will help soften the severity of the dark color a little, and even add elegance. Turquoise and heavenly hues refresh the kitchen. You don't need to do a lot of such accents, they are needed only in order to add zest. It can be products from textiles and ceramics: tablecloths, upholstery of chairs, napkins, vases, pots, pots, etc. Also, light brown shades work well with red, yellow and orange.

  • When creating a kitchen in white and brown tones , do not be afraid to use combinations of different textures. For example, leather chairs and linen curtains, ceramic tiles and rattan furniture. There is another wonderful "tasty" combination of coffee with milk. In this case, the white will look softer, without the snow-white brightness. In practice, designers use a simple color combination formula, in which white and brown are combined with 1 - 3 additional shades.

    In the furniture industry, the most popular are dark shades of brown called wenge or lighter ones - beech, oak.

  • The white kitchen with brown walls has a very original look. Of course, you can choose a lighter tonality, for example, cappuccino or cocoa. In this case, it is better to stop your choice on a white kitchen set in combination with a floor covering in light shades. Remember that there should be more light shades in a small room than dark ones.

  • The color of the backsplash also comes in different shades. The hog tile of white, milk, vanilla, chocolate, light brown shades looks great. Such color schemes of the working area, together with a light set, are typical for high-tech or classic interiors. If you recall the paintings of the era of classicism, you will notice that there are many golden splashes on them. Therefore, decorative elements in the form of a golden patina are added to kitchen sets created in this style.

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