How to equip yourself? Hidden and secret options + Photo Video

How to equip yourself? Hidden and secret options + Photo Video When designing private houses, in the overwhelming majority of cases, a basement is planned . To effectively use the available space, we recommend that you equip a cellar in the basement.

For convenience, the entrance to the underground cellar is usually placed in the residential area of ​​the house, in one of the rooms. It is important not only to rationally place the hatch for the entrance, but also to correctly design it, paying attention to all the details of the structure.

Today we will talk about choosing a handle for the cellar.

How to choose? Make it yourself or buy? What to consider during installation? Read further in the article.

Preparation. What needs to be considered?

Before you start making a hole in the floor, it is important to calculate all the subsequent steps. Important points to consider:

  • - the location of the hatch from the cellar
  • - the dimensions of the manhole
  • - the view of the hatch cover
  • -type of the hatch handle for the cellar
  • -the tested load both on the hatch cover and on its handle

First of all, it is important to correctly determine the ideal location of the entrance to the cellar. If you plan to use the cellar for storing preserves and stocks of products, the Kitchen will be the best choice for the location of the access door.

If you store building tools, or any other household items that are not often used, you can choose a place where the access cover will not be visible to the eye, for example, in one of the living rooms.

Idea !
A collection of homemade wine can be placed in the cellar. To do this, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of storage technology: the required temperature and humidity.

When designing a manhole, it is important to take into account its dimensions - remember that it will be used by all family members, even the largest ones. As a rule, a square hatch 75 by 75 centimeters is taken as a standard size.

But, the size may increase, depending on the choice of the shape of the hatch: square, circle or rectangle. When designing, it is equally important to take into account not only the dimensions of the hatch cover, but also the load experienced on it.

In addition to its weight, it must withstand the force that you apply when opening, your weight and the weight of each of the household, in case you step on the cellar lid, as well as the load that the manhole cover will experience in the event if one of the household items is located on it. It is by no means recommended to ignore these requirements to ensure the safe operation of the structure.

To make the hatch easy to use, the cover must be flush with the floor, not protruding or bulging.

This can be achieved through accurate measurements and calculations during installation. The choice of a handle for the cellar also requires a special approach.

Cellar handles - selection features

How does a cellar handle differ from a regular door handle, you ask?

Home the peculiarity lies in the fact that the entrance to the cellar, unlike any door, is located in the floor, thus additional requirements arise for the handle:

  • - the handle should not stand out against the background of the floor, in order not to create unevenness and "emergency" situations during operation
  • - the handle must withstand the necessary load, since during use a jerk force will be applied to it

On note! When making a handle for a cellar yourself, use a workpiece made of durable metal that will be able to withstand the required load.

Handle from the cellar with your own hands

The handle of the cellar lid, made by hand, is an elementary design and is much cheaper than analogues offered to us by stores. If you have a little free time and want to save on the services of hired workers, we suggest you make and install a handle for the cellar yourself.

For self-production you will need:

  • -Electric drill
  • -Large size drills
  • -Wrench
  • -Washers
  • -2 nuts
  • -Long bolt (twice as long as the thickness of the hatch)

Match the drill to the diameter of the selected bolt. Choose a location for the handle - preferably closer to the edge of the bolt, this will be the place to drill. Drill the hole through, insert the bolt head up. From the bottom of the hatch, screw a washer onto the bolt and tighten two nuts. Thus, you will get a homemade cellar handle with a low cost in just 10 minutes.

Its only drawback will be the small protrusion of the bolt head. It can be hidden with flooring or carpet.

You can open the hatch by pulling out the bolt and grasping it.

If you do not have the necessary tools or skills, you can invite a specialist or purchase a handle for the cellar hatch from the offered range of hardware stores.

Variations of handles for the cellar

Currently, manufacturers offer an extensive range of metal products for equipping the hatch from the cellar.


How to equip yourself? Hidden and secret options + Photo Video The Ring handle is a great choice for your home ... A hatch with such a handle can be conveniently positioned in the room, including near the wall. Such a handle is easy to purchase at a hardware, furniture or interior store.

It is important to pay attention to the material from which the product is made.

Do not buy a plastic product - it will not withstand the loads when lifting the cellar lid. One of the advantages of this handle option is the ease of installation. It is only necessary to drill a hole of the required diameter and fix the handle with a nut on the back of the hatch cover. You will also be pleased with the low price and service life of this product.

There is only one minus in this handle - the floor is not completely smooth.

Secret Ring. Concealed handle

This option will correct the lack of a ring handle. When using a handle in the form of a countersunk ring, there will be no unevenness on the floor, but you will have to work during installation. This solution is much safer as it will save you and your family from falling over when tripping over the handle.

For installation, you need not only an electric drill, but also a hammer with a chisel.

Mark the necessary hole on the hatch cover in order to "sink" the body of the handle. Use a hammer and chisel to cut out the recess for the handle. Then check that the size of the recess matches the size of the handle. If necessary, further deepen the hole for the handle.

If the body of the handle fits perfectly into the recess you created, secure the handle with two self-tapping screws. Please note that for safe operation, the length of the self-tapping screw must be at least 3/4 of the hatch thickness.


Attention! When installing a hidden handle-ring, we advise you to remove the hatch from the hinges and work on a flat surface to avoid damage to the hatch.

A properly equipped entrance to your cellar will create ideal conditions for storing products, maintaining the required humidity and temperature. A well-chosen cellar handle will not only provide you with convenient and safe operation in accordance with all safety rules, but will also preserve the design of your room.