How to finish a wooden ceiling in a frame house: the best options, instructions + Video

How to finish a wooden ceiling in a frame house: the best options, instructions + Video More and more people in individual construction opt for the construction of wooden houses, including frame houses. Such popularity of wooden houses is associated with certain of their features. Wooden houses:

  • environmentally friendly,
  • beautiful,
  • reliable,
  • relatively inexpensive.

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When the construction is finished, the question of finishing arises. What kind of finishing to use in order to preserve, and to enhance and enhance, all the above advantages of a wooden house.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to answer such a question, because today there is a huge amount of a wide variety of finishing materials on the market.

Do-it-yourself ceiling decoration in a wooden house is possible.

Interior decoration of a wooden house, ceiling

First of all, it should be noted that the decoration of a wooden ceiling can be very diverse. Some people prefer to leave the ceiling in its natural form, emphasizing the nobility and natural beauty of the solid wood.

And someone, on the contrary, strives to hide it under plasterboard or finishing panels.

Wood is a classic material, both in construction and interior decoration. It is natural wood that has long been used to decorate the floor (floorboard, parquet, etc.), walls (wall panels made of solid wood), stairs, door and window openings and, of course, ceilings. The use of wood and other natural materials is intended to create an eco-interior, that is, an environment that is safe and favorable for human living. In addition, wood has good soundproofing properties, which is also an indisputable advantage in the decoration of a private house.

How to finish a wooden ceiling in a frame house: the best options, instructions + Video

Options for finishing the wooden ceiling will also depend on the purpose of the room, its functional focus, as well as the design idea in the interior. Next, we will consider the main options for finishing the ceiling in a wooden house.

An important step is ceiling insulation

Ceilings in a wooden house are, as a rule, lightweight structures located on the basis of beamed ceilings. Durability and reliability are ensured that timber beamed ceilings bear minimal stress on the structure.

A structural feature of timber beamed ceilings is the presence of free space between the beams themselves and the exterior of the building.

To improve the heat-saving characteristics of the room, this space should be filled with a layer of insulation.

How to finish a wooden ceiling in a frame house: the best options, instructions + Video
Heat insulation and sound insulation of the ceiling

Insulation is selected at will developer. It can be:

  • fiberglass (glass wool),
  • foam,
  • mineral wool,
  • foamed polyurethane and others.

The choice of insulation is now very large, each of them has its own installation features.You can find out about the insulation of a frame house with your own hands on the pages of our website.

After the insulation is completed, you can design the ceiling.

Finishing the ceiling with wooden slats

How to finish a wooden ceiling in a frame house: the best options, instructions + Video Finishing the ceiling with wooden slats is one from the classic options for decorating the ceiling in a country house. This finish is simple and sophisticated at the same time, and it's not even worth talking about its environmental benefits, they are known to everyone. In a house with wooden interior decoration, it is better to breathe and sleep more calmly; such decoration with wooden clapboard does not cause allergies. Finishing the ceiling with wooden slats is suitable for decorating absolutely any premises, since it has good sound and noise insulation properties.

The molding, made of moisture-resistant wood, is suitable for finishing flow even in the bathroom.

Materials (slats) can be purchased ready-made, or place an order for individual production. The range of wooden materials for interior decoration is quite large. You can choose 12 cm wide lining, clapboard or even wood paneling.

The choice of wood species today is simply huge: from traditional poplar, elm, aspen, which will save your budget, to exotic teak, merbau, mahogany and others.

The latter have higher strength and moisture resistance. You can find out about moisture-resistant wood species in the article on our website. The combination of wood of different species and textures also looks great.

Before installation, all wood cladding materials should be treated with special antiseptic compounds, impregnations that will improve the quality of the wood and create a protective barrier that prevents the formation of mold, mildew, rot, as well as from deformation under the influence of temperature or humidity changes in the room. In addition, such processing will increase the life of the material.

The fireproof properties of the material will help to increase the fire retardant impregnation.

How to finish a wooden ceiling in a frame house: the best options, instructions + Video
Installation of a slatted ceiling of a house insulation by means of nails or screws. This kind of fastening allows you to hide even significant defects in the ceiling, if any.

After the installation is completed, the ceiling can be varnished to emphasize the texture of the wood, or paint, the color of which will be in harmony with the rest of the interior.

How to make a ceiling made of wood not boring

If you think that a ceiling made of lining is boring and ugly, then you are mistaken.

There are many options for decorating the ceiling using lining, which give the whole room a unique look:

  • use in decorating ceiling beams (including false beams ),
  • oblique or staggered direction of fastening the lining,
  • using painting on wood,
  • adding stained-glass windows,
  • using carving elements and much more.

In a classic interior, it will be more appropriate to trim the ceiling with panels. Solid wood panels can be used to decorate walls and ceilings in a wooden house.

Finishing a wooden ceiling with plasterboard

Finishing a wooden ceiling with plasterboard is quite simple and convenient. This material is easy to install, as it is attached to the same wooden (or metal) crate.

After completing the installation, you get a completely flat surface, absolutely ready for the embodiment of any design ideas. It is even possible to create multilevel structures. Installation features also make it possible to hide ceiling defects or hide engineering communications: sewage, ventilation, electrical wires, etc. How to finish a wooden ceiling in a frame house: the best options, instructions + Video

In addition drywall is a breathable material with excellent air permeability. Therefore, in rooms finished with this material, an optimal level of humidity is ensured.

At the same time, drywall has certain disadvantages. The need for installation on the lathing and additional finishing (for example, putty joints). It is also a rather fragile material compared to, for example, wood.

After adding the putty, the plasterboard ceiling is ready for the final stage - decoration. This can be painting, wallpapering and other options at your discretion.

Other finishes

You can choose other finishes for the ceiling in a wooden house. This is the application of plaster, and the design of the ceiling using hinged structures and canvases.

Important! It should be noted that any finishing of the ceiling in a wooden house should not be started immediately upon completion of construction. You should wait until the wooden house shrinks. This happens, as a rule, 1-2 years after the construction of the structure.

Otherwise, the decorated and decorated ceiling is deformed and all work will go down the drain.

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