How to finish the roof of a house with metal tiles with your own hands? Step by step instructions + Video

How to finish the roof of a house with metal tiles with your own hands? Step by step instructions + Video How to install a roof from metal tiles? This is one of the varieties of roofing building material, over the years of its use, it has proven itself only from the best side. The metal tile is versatile, reliable and quite affordable for any category of developers because of its acceptable cost. Arrangement and installation of a roof with metal tiles with your own hands implies a high-quality knowledge of the scope of work. [contents ]

But even if all the installation work is carried out by professionals, it will not be superfluous to have an idea of ​​the general principle of installing the tiles in order to control the entire course of work with knowledge of the technological process.

Correct laying of the metal tile will determine its service life in the future, also pay attention to the quality of the roofing material itself, which you will understand better when buying.

Roof covering with metal tiles

How to finish the roof of a house with metal tiles with your own hands? Step by step instructions + Video
Raising to the roof

For a more convenient lifting of sheets of tiles on the roof, special logs are installed. In some cases, the roof surface is large, and there is no place on the ground for storing metal tiles, or there is some other reason why it is very inconvenient to feed sheets of tiles from the ground; for this purpose, special racks are installed on the roof. They serve for temporary storage of building material. In order that the coating of the sheets is not damaged, they are laid on slats, while separating them from each other. The protective film must be removed from the tiles immediately after installation.

To prevent damage to the metal tile, walk on it very carefully. If you have to move along the surface, step strictly in the gap between the waves.

If you need to walk across, then walk strictly along the fold. In any case, install only in soft shoes so as not to damage the sheets.

When it rains, where the sheets overlap, water may seep out and rise above the drain level.

This is the name of the capillary effect - this is when moisture begins to be squeezed out between tightly pressed sheets of metal.

To avoid this effect, there are special grooves on the sheets of metal tiles, due to which all the water does not seep under the sheet, but quietly flows down. There are different types of roofing tiles where the groove runs on both sides of the sheet, but usually it only runs on the right side. During the installation of the covering, it is necessary to ensure that the capillary groove of the previous tile is covered by the next one.

How to finish the roof of a house with metal tiles with your own hands? Step by step instructions + Video
The procedure for laying metal tiles

You need to start installing the coating with laying the first sheet of tiles, you can put the subsequent ones in any direction.

Choose the direction that suits you best. But, in any case, start from the side where there will be no cuts and bevels, and there will be no need to trim the sheets. Laying must be continued towards the next slope - or to the oblique ridge.

If the installation of sheets goes from right to left, then the next sheets of metal should be placed on the extreme wave of the previous ones. With this arrangement, the capillary groove closes on the left.

If the roofing building material is installed from left to right, the edge of the next sheet must be placed under the wave of the previously laid sheet to cover the capillary groove. It is much easier to install metal tiles in this way than in the previous option, because one sheet is fixed by another, and this completely eliminates its unexpected shift. But with this option, there is a risk of damage to the polymer coating of the tiles.

An important point, when laying, all sheets must be aligned parallel along the line of the cornice in a strictly horizontal direction.

Consider several ways to cover the roof with metal tiles.

Installation of the roof of a house made of metal tiles in one row

How to finish the roof of a house with metal tiles with your own hands? Step by step instructions + Video
Fastening with self-tapping screws

When laying metal tiles from right to left, the sheets must be aligned along the end and cornice, and then fastened in the center with a self-tapping screw.

The following sheets are applied with the capture of one wave from above and aligned with the position of the first sheet, and only after that they are fastened to each other.

In this way, you can lay out a maximum of four sheets, connecting them all together in turn.

You will get a block that needs to be aligned along the cornice, not forgetting to leave an allowance for the overhang. After that, the entire structure is attached to the crate.

Do not screw the final shingle sheet until you have aligned the subsequent block.

Multi-row installation of metal tiles

How to finish the roof of a house with metal tiles with your own hands? Step by step instructions + Video This method installation implies laying all sheets as follows: the first sheet of tiles laid from right to left is aligned along the end and cornice. Overlapping the first, the second sheet is attached with a self-tapping screw. After that, they are leveled and attached to each other using self-tapping screws for metal tiles. The third sheet, as a rule, is installed on the left side of the first, and they are also attached to each other.

Similar to the first and second sheets, a subsequent sheet is installed above the third. The finished block must be aligned along the end and the cornice, and only after that they are finally fixed on the crate.

Metal tiles on ramps

Before installing metal tiles on a triangular ramp, make a mark in its center and draw a center line through it. Draw the same line along the sheet of tiles, after combining them, attach the sheet at the ridge using a self-tapping screw. Installation of subsequent sheets occurs on both sides of the first.

When shingles are installed on diagonal ridges and triangular slopes, all sheets are cut off. Prune directly on the roof. Metal tile marking can be done on a special device - "dash". This is done as follows: take two parallel boards, the other two are laid on them perpendicularly and fastened together. The width of the boards is not less than 100mm.

In this case, the distance from the left board to the right board is equal to 1100mm.

How to finish the roof of a house with metal tiles with your own hands? Step by step instructions + Video
Trimming metal tiles
Key points when laying metal tiles
  • The sheets of metal tiles are fastened at the points of their connection with the crate
  • The lower sheets are installed to the initial crate through the wave above the step
  • The sheets of metal tiles of the next rows are fastened on a smaller one distance to the step
  • From the end board, the sheets of metal tiles are fastened in each wave
  • The sheets of metal tiles must be attracted to the crate
  • In the places of vertical overlap, the metal tiles are screwed with self-tapping screws into the wave fall

Having figured out in detail how to properly cover the roof of a house with metal tiles, it is necessary to pay attention to some details of sheet processing. For example:

  • When cutting metal tiles, it is forbidden to use grinders - you can burn through the protective coating, and this will lead to further corrosion of the material, and waterproofing will not help here either.
  • Cut the metal tiles using an electric cutter, a hacksaw for metal or a jigsaw with a special blade for metal. Treat any damage to the polymer protective coating with paint.