How to fit everything in a small kitchen? Review + Video

How to fit everything in a small kitchen? Review + Video How to fit everything into a small kitchen - tips, options, photos. Unfortunately, small kitchens are still very often found among apartment owners, since there are much more homeowners from the Soviet era than those who bought an apartment in a new building. In a private house, everything is much simpler - you can make a layout for yourself, but in apartments this is much more difficult. When buying their own living space, the owners are faced with the question of which layout to choose so that the kitchen turns out the way it should be - functional and at the same time comfortable.

Minimalism will be quite practical and will become an integral part of interior design for a small kitchen.

Which layout to choose

The main task of how to fit everything into a small kitchen is to use every square centimeter of usable area. How to arrange furniture in such a way that, first of all, the kitchen is convenient for the hostess, who spends a lot of time on it. There are several usual planning solutions - linear furniture arrangement, corner U-shaped arrangement, G-shaped arrangement. Let's take a look at the best options.

Please note, that it is best to give preference to such a headset in a small kitchen, which looks neat, has closed shelves, and there are no noticeable reliefs.

Corner layout

This option is the most preferable for the device of a small kitchen. Furniture should be positioned along two adjacent walls using two perpendicular lines. This method of placement makes it possible to effectively use even a modest area. Built-in drawers, hooks, pull-out shelves, rotating carousels will allow you to conveniently place all the utensils in the kitchen space.

Advantages of this solution:

Calm colors with a neutral character will also perfectly fit for the design of a small kitchen. The only drawback of this solution is that it is not suitable for an elongated kitchen.

Even if the shape of the room looks more like a rectangle, it will be more difficult to carry out such an arrangement.

Usually, in order to accommodate everything in a small kitchen, they make a strict L-shaped arrangement of furniture, as well as large household appliances.The sink is placed in the corner of the headset, the stove is on the left, and the refrigerator is on the right. Sometimes even a bar counter can fit in the kitchen. In very small spaces, it can replace a complete dining table.

Please note, that the materials that will be used to decorate the kitchen must be of high quality, and also have resistance to temperature extremes and high levels of humidity.

Straight Layout

In most cases, Straight Layout is the optimal solution for a small kitchen. This is especially true if the room is elongated. This is a great option when all the elements of the kitchen set are placed along one wall. The sink can be placed in any convenient place where communications are located, especially if the layout is linear.

Naturally, the linear arrangement of the stove, sink and refrigerator is not always convenient, since it will violate the triangle principle - the main way to create kitchen ergonomics. For this reason, in more spacious rooms, they try to combine a linear set with a peninsula or even an island. The ideal kitchen would be designed so that all utensils fit freely into the cupboards after cooking and eating.

A straight or linear layout would be the best option:

  • If you have a small family in which cooking does not take much time.
  • For narrow kitchens.

  • For the studio.
  • If you want a more comfortable dining room at the expense of kitchen functionality.

Interestingly, in modern kitchens, you can use smooth or glossy options, as well as use tiles in a single color for design.

The advantages of direct planning are:

  • The simplest and easiest option.
  • A kitchen set for a similar layout will be cheaper than other options.

  • The kitchen will have more free space, it will appear lighter and not so cluttered.

Naturally, such an arrangement will not be the best for a long kitchen, since the hostess will have to constantly run along the workplaces.

What is not suitable for small kitchens

Alas, in a small kitchen you will need to abandon all ideas that relate to the creation of an island or even a peninsula - they simply will not fit into room. Also, the U-shaped and in its own way intricate G-shaped layout will not be suitable - so you risk being left without the dining part of the kitchen. But this option is allowed if the apartment has a separate dining room.

In this case, you can leave a small bar counter in the kitchen, which will be built in, and you can drink your morning coffee behind it, but the chairs and a chair will be located in the room.

How to fit everything in a small kitchen? A two-row layout of a linear type is allowed in small kitchens, but taking into account the nuances. For starters, the cabinets should be shallow.The layout will be optimal if the width of the room is at least 2. 2 meters, and then it will be possible to accommodate two rows of furniture, the depth of which will be 0.

6 meters and leave a passage with a width of 1 meter for the passage between the rows. One row of furniture will need to be made shorter to fit the dining area. In appearance, this option will look like a trailer. Another option is to combine adjacent spaces with a similar visual design in the same color scheme.

What furniture to choose and how to arrange everything correctly

When choosing furniture, as well as household appliances for a small kitchen, you should use special design 3D programs, so that you are definitely not mistaken with the dimensions.

Furniture should be arranged so that it does not interfere with movement.

Kitchen set

Take into account the fact that not every typical kitchen (set) will fit into a small room. Naturally, the concept of a small kitchen is different for everyone - even 10 m 2 will not be enough for someone. But most often in typical planning solutions of Brezhenok, Khrushchev and even Stalinka there are kitchens with an area of ​​6, 5.7 and even 4 m 2 .

For such a room, it is better to make a custom-made headset that will be narrower, have corner cabinets and will be high. For small-sized rooms, the best option is to use oval or round shapes, which do not provide for even and clear lines, which makes the room more spacious and wider.

Arrangement of furniture must necessarily solve 2 main tasks - minimalism and functionality. There should never be a surplus of furniture, but at the same time the kitchen should solve all the problems of storing all kinds of utensils. If possible due to high ceilings, you can consider the option of installing the upper row of cabinets under the ceiling, where you can install little-used equipment.

Believe me, the fewer things, the better, and everything should be organized so that everything that usually stands on the countertop fits into the cabinets.

When choosing furniture, it is best to order glossy and light facades that will reflect the lighting, and the kitchen will seem more spacious. Glass and mirror inserts will also be clearly visible. If small children will live in the apartment, it is better to order furniture with rounded edges - this will make the room safer. Tables that are narrowed or beveled towards the front door also look great.

A great idea for visual expansion is to install the tallest piece of furniture or appliances in the far corner, for example, a refrigerator.

Bar counter and table

The location of the dining area will directly depend on the size of the kitchen. In a room with an area of ​​6 m 2 or slightly larger, you can install a table and chairs near the wall that is free or near the window. When placing the dining area near the window, you can even install a narrow sofa with your back to the window.If there are 2-3 people in the family, then you can make a stove for 2 burners and it will also take up less space.

Standard-sized sofas have a seat width of 0. 6 meters, but for a kitchen, an option of 0.4 meters is suitable. Naturally, it is not so comfortable for long gatherings, but it is normal for eating. In a smaller kitchen, there are also fewer options - either you need to look for narrow tables, or use a narrow folding table from the wall.

An excellent option is to remove the window sill and order a combined table and window sill (2 in 1), which will capture part of the wall. Such products are made of artificial stone, their cost is small, but they look quite impressive. In this case, the problem of how to fit everything in a small kitchen will disappear by itself.

For a small family, you can limit yourself to a bar instead of a regular table. This will help to increase the functional part of the kitchen, to make the furnishings original.

A great idea is to combine a bar counter and a windowsill. For a two-tier rack, in which the second part will be attached to a metal console, it would be reasonable to place traditional stands for wine glasses, shelves for fruits on top. High bar stools can be pushed under the counter itself. You can also visually expand the room due to spotlights, which will be placed along the entire perimeter of the ceiling, as well as above the hinged shelves and cabinets.

Where to install the refrigerator

The usual type of Khrushchev is when the refrigerator is in the corridor.

Naturally, this placement option is not the most convenient, since you will often need to run to it, moreover, it will block the passage. A built-in refrigerator in the kitchen area will help maintain ergonomics and will not clutter up the aisles. Ideally, household appliances should be built-in in order to create a single composition with a kitchen set.

However, if the refrigerator will stand separately, and the configuration of the room allows it, you can put it like that. For example, you can install it near the door, especially if it is asymmetrical.

If there is a niche in the kitchen, then even large equipment can be installed in it. A simple design can be diversified if you use a beautiful apron, for example, place wallpaper behind glass. A standard small refrigerator is usually placed either at the beginning or at the end of the furniture line. Narrow refrigerators fit perfectly - you can buy equipment with a depth of 0.54 meters.

If your kitchen area is combined with a loggia, then a loggia will be an excellent place for a refrigerator. Naturally, the triangle rule will also be violated, but then a lot of space will be freed up in the kitchen itself. At , respect that you cannot install the refrigerator near the stove, radiator and gas water heater.


A small kitchen must be light. The lighter it is, the more spacious the room will seem.

Light-colored furniture fronts, walls, short curtains and additional lighting fixtures will become the main helpers. Blinds and rolled bamboo products will become a universal option for small-sized items.

Dark colored flooring will add depth to the room, while bright contrasting details such as decorative elements or an apron will make the kitchen livelier. As for the lighting methods, additional lighting can be installed above the working area, as well as near the dining table. Curtains should not be dark.

How to Make More Spacious - Helpful Tips

The most radical way to make a kitchen more spacious is to combine it with a room next to or with a balcony. But this is very expensive and implies redevelopment, and this is an additional headache with approval (BTI, housing association, alteration of documents - technical passport).

Interestingly, that cold floor tones (from gray to white), as well as dark shades will not accentuate attention and visually help to increase the space.

In the kitchen, you can make the illusion of spaciousness:

  • How to fit everything in a small kitchen? Review + Video The design is light, the ceiling is white and glossy, the facade of the furniture is glass or also gloss, the refrigerator is mirrored.
  • Use all the free space - use the window sill or the space under it, install tall cabinets-cases, and hang the upper drawers.

  • Use built-in appliances and furniture to optimize your kitchen space. Place the hob, oven in different places, hide the dishwasher and refrigerator in a tall cabinet.
  • Choose non-standard doors - which slide or open with an accordion. Naturally, for them, the hardware will cost much more, but this will save space.
  • Place corner cabinets - they will help to use the free space.

    Swing-out shelves themselves roll out when the doors are opened, and the carousel shelf does not have far corners at all.

Please note, that if you use white not only for finishing materials, but also choose the same furniture, it will seem that the space has no boundaries at all.

Finally, we propose to consider the most popular mistakes that owners of apartments with small kitchens make:

  • If the room is very small, then it is not necessary try to accommodate what a priori does not fit. Something will need to be sacrificed - for example, moving the dinner table to the next room.
  • Do not forget that there is a door in the kitchen - when you open it, the canvas will "eat up" a whole meter of usable area.

    It is better to either remove it and change it to a beautiful arch, or install an accordion door.

  • Use roof rails and shelves. Railing is a kind of slats that can be placed above the work surface. The shelves will perform a similar function.In addition, you can hang containers or cutlery with spices on the rails, and additional shelves can be decorated with decor.

  • The space between the wall and the refrigerator can be filled. To do this, you can make a pull-out rack, especially since it will be an excellent place for storing conservation.
  • Knives and cutlery can be placed on magnetic holders. A special magnetic board will perfectly hold metal objects, moreover, the holder can be placed anywhere, even on the refrigerator door.
  • Usually, cutting boards either lie or stand on the working surface of the headset, but if you use a pull-out mechanism, this will significantly save space in a kitchen of any size.

And don't try to fit bulky headsets - it's better to do a 3D project first and make custom-made furniture. This will help keep the nerves from using the kitchen space for years to come. Accessories should also have the same color scheme as the main furniture and appliances in the kitchen. In a kitchen with a corner set, a rotating shelf will be indispensable. As you can see, a small kitchen is not a sentence if you use any free space wisely.