how to freshen up the atmosphere without large financial costs + Photo and Video

how to freshen up the atmosphere without large financial costs + Photo and Video Secrets of budget apartment renovation: how to update the situation without spending? Probably, everyone wants to return to their sweet cozy home after work, but not everyone has one.

However, we are confident that we can give you some advice with Home Sweet Home by author and renowned designer Deborah Needleman. In order to create a cozy, warm, beautiful and stylish interior, only your own strength is enough, and there is no need to contact a professional. Everyone loves changes in his life in his own way.

We've decided to pick from this book nine of the most useful tips that can turn your home for the better.

After reading the article, you will learn the secrets of budget apartment renovation.

Tip # 1. Furniture

Most people in their apartments arrange furniture along the walls, thereby leaving free space inside the room. However, it turns out to be not very convenient.

The best option would be to move chairs, a sofa, and so on in the middle of your room, so you can create all the conditions for communication, and you can also place shelves with books, a table with desktops on the same walls.

games or just large pots of plants. And with all this, whatever you add, you also have a lot of free space in the room.

Council number 2. Furniture sets

Do not buy furniture in sets, that is, a table that looks like chairs or a sofa that looks like an armchair. Experiments in this case are quite acceptable, we advise you to play a little with textures and shades.

The so-called compatibility of everything in the room makes it clear that you do not have an individuality, so you should not be banal.

Tip # 3. Interior symmetry

Objects in pairs, for example, lamps or chairs, also look very good. You can put chairs next to each other, but not in the butt. Such a move will enable the room to receive integrity and harmony.

The main thing is not to get carried away, otherwise half of the room will end up looking like the other half, and it will become very boring. Dilute the interior, for example, add one to two chairs that is not similar in shape or style. Even if your house is not renovated, such a furniture move will do the trick, and the room will look completely different.

Tip # 4. Permutation

Often, permutation helps the same old little things get a fresher look.

The mood also rises when the scene changes. When trying to buy new furniture, we advise you to arrange the furniture in advance. In this situation, it will be much more convenient and understandable for you what exactly will suit your home.

Tip # 5. Space

how to freshen up the atmosphere without large financial costs + Photo and Video Armchairs with thin legs, light chairs, benches can significantly reduce the furniture composition.

This technique is able to visually expand and add space to the room and the apartment as a whole.

Council number 6.Lighting

Lighting is also one of the most important criteria for style and personality. The right soft light can transform absolutely any room.

You should distribute simple lamps throughout the living room, do not leave dark corners.

Apply everything in this regard: sconces, table lamps, lights for bookshelves, chandeliers.

It is best to make your own table lamps in the form of a simple lamp or vase. Also candlesticks with a lampshade are a very good way to illuminate a room.

A lamp itself is a very good method of lighting and decoration, including a corner for sitting, reading, or simply decorating a table. We advise you to put a couple of lamps, and match all the other elements of the so-called decor to them.

It is also of no small importance where this lighting comes from, in general, everything here depends on personal preferences, as well as the characteristics of the room.

Tip # 7. Hallway

As you already know, your house or apartment as a whole begins with the hallway. This room is very functional, it contains important things. Something needs to be done so that this room does not turn into a dump, namely, add all sorts of shelves, hooks, cups, trays, baskets and drawers.

All this can decorate a room very well, as well as make it more functional, because when there are places for different little things, everything becomes more convenient.

Council number 8. Play of shades

If in one of your rooms, for example, in the nursery, the wallpaper is bright green, you should place objects with the same shade in this room, for example, a lamp, a vase or a sofa and so on. This can unite the apartment as a whole.

Council number 9.

Decorative pillows

Pillows are very important, and one might say, a decisive element of comfort in an apartment. Pillows are completely different, and they can be put anywhere, for example, on the floor, on a sofa, on an armchair of different sizes and shapes. The pillows should be very soft, but at the same time firm. Huge and hard pillows will not work - they are too uncomfortable in the living room, and indeed to use. We advise you to always straighten pillows if there is an armchair or sofa in the room.