How to get rid of? Kozheedy beetles, cockroaches, moths + Video

How to get rid of? Kozheedy beetles, cockroaches, moths + Video In winter there are not so many uninvited insects in the house, as in the warm season. With the onset of warmth in the house, you can notice the appearance of various bugs, which is naturally not very pleasant and comfortable for living. In this article, we will talk about how to get rid of bugs in your home.

Any insect in the house is undesirable. They can cause such troubles for residents, such as damage to furniture and food, the transfer of harmful bacteria and infections.

One of the most common is the skin beetle. This is a small brown bug that lives mainly in dry, light places of the apartment - on window sills, in the baseboard, on bookcases, etc.

How insects penetrate into the house

Potential places for beetles to enter the dwelling are highlighted:

  • Through an open door and window, even through not tightly closed ones. If there is no mosquito net on them, then insects very easily penetrate the house;
  • Even very insignificant gaps in the window opening or riser. Tiny individuals can even crawl into microscopic holes;
  • Migrate from basements and attics, as well as, in the case of an apartment building, from neighbors;
  • You can accidentally bring insects from the street on clothes or hair.

    Beetles can be found in purchased furniture.

In any case, no matter how insects get into the house, you need to get rid of them immediately, before they multiply.

Insect damage in the house

What kind of harm do they do:

  • Fur coat damages fur products by gnawing holes in them. In clothing wardrobes, they make egg clutches, from which larvae appear that eat any tissue;
  • The food variety of these beetles that eat cereals spoils bulk products. They infect kitchen cabinets from the inside and multiply rapidly.

    If you find insects in cereals, flour or sugar, then these products are no longer suitable for food and they need to be disposed of urgently;

  • Brown leather-eater spoils furniture, carpets, and also wooden objects. They render furniture completely unusable, both outside and inside.

Along with such bugs, individuals of a larger size can enter the house, for example, black cockroaches up to 3 cm long, which should be immediately disposed of by any means. In a wooden house, a bark beetle may start, eating wood. Therefore, before thinking about what means to fight, you need to determine which insect has settled in you.

Types of house beetles and methods of struggle take off

In order to combat beetles, the following measures can be performed:

  • How to get rid of? Kozheedy beetles, cockroaches, moths + Video Kozheedy, like their eggs and larvae, are afraid of the cold. Low temperatures during their development can be fatal. Therefore, especially in winter time, ventilate the house more often;
  • For prevention purposes, insecticidal aerosols can be used.If you do this several times a week for a month, then the problem can be solved completely;
  • Clothes are treated with a solution of permethrin. It does not harm things, but scares off both skinheads and moths;
  • By scattering boric acid in the habitats of insects in the house, you will get rid of not only bugs, but also other unwanted neighbors;
  • Wet cleaning with the addition of vinegar or disinfectants to the water will help in the destruction of larvae and eggs;
  • The most effective method for treating a room from insects is dichlorvos.

    But here you must not forget about precautions;

  • Various products containing lavender will not only get rid of bugs, but also scent the home without danger to humans.

Flour beetle

In multi-storey buildings such beetles as flour beetle are frequent inhabitants. This is a small black insect hiding mainly in the kitchen in cupboards with cereals. Powdered boric acid can be used to destroy them, scattered along the baseboard, on the back of the cabinets and on the inside of the carpet surfaces.


You can try to get rid of cockroaches using glue traps in the form of insecticidal gel mixed with any food product (boiled potatoes, rice or egg) and boric acid.

Balls are rolled from this mixture, and baits are laid out. You can also try freezing them. These insects love heat very much and frost is destructive for them. If you open all the windows in the house in sub-zero weather for several hours, then you will get rid of most of it. However, this does not affect their eggs.

Note: But still the fastest and most effective way to get rid of cockroaches is chemical disinfection. For this service you will need to contact a specialist.


Bugs such as bedbugs can be removed using a variety of powders and putties. They do not give the full effect. Here we need drastic measures - knocking out and steaming furniture, boiling and washing fabrics.

You can also use insecticidal gels, which are applied to the beds around the perimeter, the corners of the mattresses. All rugs, rugs and boiled bed linen. If the beetles have spread beyond sleeping places and settled under the baseboards and wallpaper, then professional pest control will be needed here.


The larvae of the moth love moisture and feed on mold and fungal growths on tissues. To prevent its reproduction, you need to reduce the humidity of the room, store things in vacuum bags and lay out lavender bags to scare away adult insects.

When should you contact a specialist?

How to get rid of? Kozheedy beetles, cockroaches, moths + Video When it comes to food bugs, disposal of the affected food, thorough cleaning and preventative traps in the closets will cope with this problem. But in the case of bedbugs and rams, everything is much more complicated.Folk and chemical remedies will solve the issue only for a while. The best solution would be to involve professionals using products that are not sold in regular stores.

If such a problem arises and the need for professional treatment, you need to prepare the apartment for pest control.

First of all, cover all the furniture, remove all products and hygiene products, which may contain pesticides. To clean the home from bedbugs, specialists need to provide free access to baseboards, mattresses, beds, sofas, etc.

You do not need to clean the dishes, there may be cockroach larvae on it. It is also fully processed. At the time of processing, all residents and animals must leave the house for three hours.

After this time, the room must be well ventilated. It is impossible to wash the floors for a day, since the death of an insect does not occur from inhalation of poison by it, but directly from contact with it. After pest control, wipe the door handles, kitchen counter and other surfaces.


The main thing in the fight against domestic beetles is to create conditions that are not favorable for their existence. This can be achieved by regular wet cleaning and cosmetic repairs.

Some points must be fulfilled:

  • It is necessary to timely repair the current pipes and mixers so that the beetles do not have access to water;
  • Products should be stored in sealed containers, crumbs from tables should be removed in a timely manner;
  • All cracks, joints and chips in the walls should be covered with cement mixture or foam;
  • In a warm period, mosquito-proof mesh.

Before choosing an effective way to deal with beetles in the house, it is important to determine the type of insect that lives in your home and purchase the necessary substances or use folk remedies. If the above methods have not brought any result, then you can always turn to professionals for help.