How to get rid of two-tails in a private house? We kill pests + Video and Photo

How to get rid of two-tails in a private house? We kill pests + Video and Photo The simplest ways to get rid of two-tails in a private house. Many owners of private houses in rural areas often encounter pests such as two-tails. In common people they are also called "earwigs".

Its name is applicable in everyday life, since an insect can really get into the ear of a person or animal.

Practical tips for dealing with earwigs

In nature, two-tailed eggs are laid in a dark, humid place with the necessary amount of food.

That is why the ear canals of humans and animals are a priority. The hatched larvae eat the gray matter of the brain, while the person, meanwhile, slowly dies.

But such a phenomenon as earwigs in humans is quite rare, for the most part these harmful insects damage the harvest of raspberries, cherries and other delicious berries, thereby causing huge losses for the gardener.

How to get rid of unfriendly "neighbors"

Earwigs are quite recognizable animals, at the back end of the abdomen you can see a kind of "forceps" thanks to which it clings to its prey. Therefore, if you find an insect with such signs, this is an excuse to get rid of them immediately.

To exterminate the enemy, you need to surrender all his weak points. You should look for an earwig in green spaces - in a vegetable garden or garden, they are moisture-loving and mostly nocturnal, feeding on carrion. Most species are attracted to bright lights.

The main ways to fight

We found out that earwigs love moisture, so you need to look for them in wet places - in pipes, in the area of ​​leaks , near sewer hatch. For rest, insects can choose wet ground or the foundation of a house.

  • How to get rid of two-tails in a private house? We kill pests + Video and Photo Try as much as possible to clear the territory of the house and yard from various waste and garbage: food, decaying objects, grass and weeds, so you minimize the number of shelters for two-tails
  • It is necessary to seal all cracks and slots in the house: baseboards, large cracks in the walls, etc.
  • Well, the easiest way to get rid of earwigs - purchase a special poison from a hardware store that will be safe for humans and pets. Processing is required in areas of potential insect hiding places, around the foundation of the entire house and in damp places.

Most often migrations of two-tails from the garden to the house occur precisely in the spring and summer, so this is the most favorable time to fight them.

Reasons for the appearance of pests in the house

In fact, there are many reasons for the appearance of earwigs, most of them are connected precisely with the addiction of insects to dark and humid places, therefore if you notice that there are many places in your house that satisfy such conditions, think about it.

Myths about earwigs

Many people who have seen these insects at least once begin to demonize them terribly, because in childhood everyone scared each other with horror stories about how the earwig will go into his ear and eat the brain. But in fact, you should not be afraid of them, you just need to take precautions and maintain your home in decoration. For the most part, these are agricultural pests that prefer berries and fruits in food, so you should not panic.

7 folk ways to get rid of two-tails in the house

In the fight against pests, you can also give preference to folk methods, here are some of them.

  • Simple trap

How to get rid of two-tails in a private house? We kill pests + Video and Photo It's very simple - for this, you should wet a rag and crumple it, remember that the insect loves wet places, so it will easily bite on such a bait.

After the victim has fallen into a rag, it must be doused with boiling water

  • Wormwood solution

Wormwood solution is very effective and at the same time not very expensive , which has a very unpleasant smell for insects, it will quickly scare off the two-tailed and it will leave your home

  • Boric acid

Spread of insects across the area can be controlled with boric acid powder . The powder must be scattered in hard-to-reach places where you cannot physically get the earwig. Boric acid is quite strong, so the insect will have to crawl through its layer in order to get out, as a result of which it will quickly die.

  • An easily accessible way to get rid of a large number of earwigs is a vacuum cleaner.

Well, here everything is extremely simple - if there are a lot of "pets" in your house, vacuum them, the insect will fall into the dust collection bag and die.

What to do in order not to acquire two-tails?

In order not to have to fight these pests later, a number of preventive measures are required ...

  • Don't save on heating! Better to be warm than damp and cool.
  • To prevent earwigs from getting into your laundry, do not dry it near trees in the warm season.

  • Equip all ventilation passages with special mesh.
  • Keep debris out of your home - it can attract pests.

In conclusion of the article, I would like to add that you should not be afraid of the earwig, although it harms a person, but in any case there is always a way out and a solution to fight it. The most important thing is to know. What is this insect and what are its preferences.