How to give new life to an old kitchen with regular facade painting. Master classes by Sasha Mershiev + Video

How to give new life to an old kitchen with regular facade painting. Master classes by Sasha Mershiev + Video You decided to make repairs in the apartment, but the kitchen still lacks funds, and the old kitchen furniture does not quite harmonize with new design, it doesn't matter.

We invite you to get acquainted with Sasha Mershiev and his master class - How to update an old kitchen.

And you will see how the facade of your kitchen will be transformed if you just have to repaint it.

A little about the author

Sasha Mershiev- became famous thanks to the creation of original author's furniture and interior items. He is also engaged in painting on walls and interior items.

He was not always involved in decoration. For over ten years, Sasha has been working in the field of banking products. This experience, by words decorator, helps to him to be over disciplined and strive for to the result.

Alexander finished faculty design in Britain. By end it found myself in independently creating exclusive furniture and interesting interiors. He not wanted to fill in spaces furniture from the conveyor. It claims things created with their own hands, are able to add to the interior comfort and warmth.

Note : Mershiev's own workshop is called "Repainting / decor / interiors".

With the help of the restoration of old furniture, Sasha fills the interior with his history. The decorator also conducts master classes at the design school.

The second life of old kitchen facades without repair and high costs

Any surface can be repainted, but first it is better to check, for example, a film or veneer, for strength ...

All places where the coating is swollen or has come off must be removed.

Sasha prefers to leave the insides cabinets the same, having painted only the facade. You need to select suitable for you the color range and you can start. For anything it is necessary to remove all front parts, and all other surfaces seal with using painting ribbons.

Important : Before work facades old kitchen needs good clean of dust, dirt and grease .


All surfaces must be degreased. This can be done with white spirit or medical alcohol. Do not forget use means protection - put on vinyl gloves.

The primer should be applied in two layers. After painting a new layer primers, paints and varnish, except for finishing material, it is necessary to produce sanding the surface. The intensity can be independently adjusted, depending on what result you want to achieve. If you make light movements, then the surface will be more textured and vice versa.

How to give new life to an old kitchen with regular facade painting.</p><p> Master classes by Sasha Mershiev + Video The author likes to use chalk paint with an extra-matte shade, which has good durability. Sasha does not recommend using glossy shades.

As for the consumption, two and a half liters of paint will be enough for a small kitchen.

Designer tip: If you want to achieve the most textured surface, choose brushes with natural bristles.

Alexander himself uses an artificial brush, passing between layers with sandpaper.

For a kitchen where they often cook, acrylic varnish for coating is quite suitable. But to create the most practical surfaces, it is better to choose matte polyurethane-based varnishes.

Master Class

How to give new life to an old kitchen with regular facade painting. Master classes by Sasha Mershiev + Video To update aged kitchen furniture, you will need the following tools and materials: the cabinets themselves, a screwdriver, a cleaning agent and a sponge, a surface degreaser, scotch tape, a surface protection film, three brushes from forty to sixty millimeters, sandpaper with abrasiveness from one hundred to one hundred and eighty, alkyd primer, matte paint, varnish for coatings - polyurethane or matt acrylic.

Before the actual execution of the work, as mentioned earlier, the surfaces are cleaned and degreased. The front parts are removed, and all surfaces not participating in the painting are pasted over with a protective film. .

Then the primer layers are applied, there will be two of them.

You can use both white and kitchen colors. Between the layers, the surface is leveled with sandpaper. The paint is also applied in two layers, varnish too.

After the paint has completely dried, the fronts are screwed into place. Drying time of the layers, as a rule, is indicated on the packaging.

It is better to give the last layer more time to dry, for example, leave it overnight and only then screw it on.

Use the advice of Sasha Mershiev, watch his master classes and try to do something with your own hands. In them you will find many original and interesting solutions with the help of which you can independently implant life in old things. The result will definitely please you.

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