How to heat the water in the pool in the country for free? Instruction + Video

How to heat the water in the pool in the country for free? Instruction + Video Today more and more people want to install a swimming pool in the country or in a country house. Having made such a decision, the first thing to do is to immediately think over how the water will be heated.

Given the high cost and energy intensity of various industrial water heating units, an alternative option can be adopted - to make a water heating system in the pool with your own hands.

The most affordable heating option is from the sun

The easiest way is to cover the pool with black plastic wrap. On a clear sunny day, in 5-6 hours, it will be possible to raise the temperature by 4-5 degrees, while the water in the pool will have to be stirred either manually or by using a circulation pump.

This method is suitable for small pools and areas with high summer temperatures.

The following water temperature indicators are set by the sanitary standards:

  • children under 7 years of age 30-32 degrees;
  • children over 7 years 29-30 degrees,
  • adults 24-28 degrees.

In the conditions of central Russia, this method is not effective. To achieve a comfortable water temperature, it is necessary to use the device of water heating equipment

Folk craftsmen have already invented and implemented many simple and original solutions to this problem. Here are some examples.

Heating with fuel heaters

You can make a wood-fired heater yourself using what you will probably find at hand.

The unit should work as follows: a metal coil is placed inside the firebox, a fire is made in the firebox, water is pumped into the coil by a pump, passing through it, it gradually heats up from the hot metal and comes out from the back side, where from using another pump, it is poured into the pool.

Lack of heating from logs - complete lack of automation. It requires constant monitoring of the wood, the speed of their burning. Cannot set a specific temperature.

There are other heating methods - from a diesel or from a gas boiler. When they work, you need to follow the fire safety rules, and before installing a gas boiler in your country house, you need to visit the appropriate authority and obtain a special permit.

Alternatively, a wood-burning heater - you can install a stove with a boiler for water, heat it with wood with the addition of coal, and manually or pump hot water into a partially filled pool, gradually bringing the water to the desired temperature. Among the disadvantages are a great need for fuel and manual labor.

Solar heating

How to heat the water in the pool in the country for free? Instruction + Video To heat the pool in the country can use the energy of the sun.

You can heat water indoors and outdoors. It takes 3-5 hours for it to reach the required temperature for pools up to 30m3.

To create a heated system, you need special equipment - modules in the form of a screen or tube.

The principle of operation of solar batteries:

  • - black collectors intensively absorb the sun's rays;
  • - from the received energy, water reaches high temperatures;
  • - after warming up to the desired degree, the circulation pump starts.

Models available with 3-way automatic valves.

They ensure uninterrupted circulation of the coolant through the system.

Solar collectors for heating water can be made with a regular black hose. You will need about 60 meters of material with a diameter of 32 mm, a pump for circulation and a flat area made of a sheet of plywood measuring about 2 by 1.5 m. , pasted over with black polyethylene, and upholstered with a block around the perimeter.

The hose is twisted in spirals, laid on the prepared platform so that there is a gap of at least 20 mm between the turns - this is necessary for more complete illumination of the pipes by the sun. The finished collector is installed at an angle to the sun on the surface or on the roof - in the most illuminated place; a pump is connected to it; the structure is connected to the pool. Cool water is taken from the pool, heated in a hose to 40-50 degrees and the pool is filled with warm water.

This method is perfect for inflatable pools and medium frame structures. To increase the temperature of water heating in the collector, and thereby increase the efficiency of the entire structure, you can cover the collector surface that absorbs solar energy with a polycarbonate sheet, and insulate the back side with a polystyrene sheet up to 100 mm thick.

This eliminates heat loss from wind and unexpected cooling of the air.

Solar collectors justify their use only in warm solar time. At low temperatures, the water in the hose can freeze and the structure will become unusable.

Heating the pool with an electric heater

This method is notable for its simplicity and affordability.

Its essence is that water, passing through a tubular electric heater, receives thermal energy from a dielectric heated by electricity.

Advantages of this method:

  • - heating speed (for small pools);
  • - the ability to adjust the water temperature;
  • - automated control system.

The disadvantages are:

  • - low power (not suitable for large pools);
  • - high cost of the consumed electricity.


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