How to hide a gas water heater in the kitchen

How to hide a gas water heater in the kitchen How to hide a gas boiler, pipes and a column in the kitchen - recommendations and ideas

A heating boiler, if it does not fit into the overall kitchen interior, can be easily hidden, but not all methods are suitable for this. For example, it can be installed in a kitchen set only if the dimensions of one of the cabinets coincide with the design of the boiler, and if this is not possible, you will need to look for other ways to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen.

Before talking about exactly how to hide the boiler, you should find out what the rules and regulations exist for the installation. If they are not followed, then everything can end sadly.

The first thing that you should definitely pay attention to is the space where the installation will be made - the size must be at least 4 sq.

meters, and the height must necessarily be more than 240 cm.

Installation rules

But in addition, you definitely need to take care of installing a special device that helps and notifies the case when a gas leak occurs. Also, when buying a gas boiler, you should definitely take into account the fact that its power should not be more than 60 kW. Installation of gas equipment can be carried out on the surface of the walls or in a pre-prepared area of ​​the floor. It is unacceptable to install the system tightly enough to the cabinets, because you must have free space for excellent air circulation.

You should definitely pay attention to the fact that if you have wooden twists at home, then the wall that is set aside for installation work must be covered with a metal sheet.

What other rules should be followed:

  • The distance to the hob or refrigeration equipment must be at least 0.3 meters.
  • From the counter, the unit should be placed at a distance of 160 cm and more.
  • The socket, which is intended for the operation of the boiler, must be located 1 meter from the installation site.

As soon as everything is mounted and the communications are connected, experts advise to check the operability of the chimney once again, because the operation of the device will directly depend on it.

Hiding options

How to hide a gas water heater in the kitchen So, after the owners of the apartment have bought a new boiler, you can start planning the installation of the equipment. Most often, an ordinary unit in white will negatively affect the appearance of the interior design, and therefore the owners began to think about how to fit such useful equipment into the overall design.

The decoration of the corner where the gas boiler will be located should be organized even before the heater is installed.Naturally, the best option is to carry out installation work and install the device in a special cabinet, which will be made in accordance with the design of the steel headset.

In addition, you can install a pre-prepared metal frame, which will be sheathed with drywall. inside such a niche, you can hang a boiler and install a door, which, according to external data, will be similar to the facades of the headset in the kitchen.

There is also a variant with a boiler front panel finish, which can be painted or even decorated with self-adhesive foil. But the simplest solution will be to install gas equipment behind one of the sides of the kitchen unit, and this option will be optimal if the color of the heater matches the color of the kitchen unit.

Please note that all design decisions must be made before installing the boiler.

Moreover, you should take care of the choice of facing materials for communications in advance. Discuss in advance the required sizes of furniture items, and also do not forget to pay special attention to the dimensions of the place where you will have the cabinet.

Please note, that if we are talking about a free-standing autonomous gas boiler, then it can be placed in the corner of the kitchen, as well as installed in a floor case (cabinet), but at the same time, you should forget about compliance with all safety rules.

Design with cabinet

A cabinet can be used to hide the gas water heater or pipe. This is exactly the case when the boiler was bought after the furniture set was installed, and it cannot be hidden, which means that you have a great opportunity to hide it behind a hand-made door.

To make a cabinet, you will need wooden slats and chipboard plates, and as tools you can use different bolts, a tape measure, awnings and a cabinet door that will be the same as the facades of your kitchen set. Before you start making a locker, you need to accurately calculate all the dimensions of the locker. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the minimum indicator in terms of the distance from each wall to the boiler is 3 cm.It turns out that when calculating the height and width in the dimensions of the boiler, add 6 cm each, and, having obtained the necessary indicators, you can choose the door of the required size.

And then you can start performing the work:

  1. First, make the side walls of the chipboard for your cabinet, and the easiest way to do this using an electric jigsaw.

    It is worth paying attention to the depth, which should be 3 cm more than the depth of the autonomous gas boiler itself.

  2. At the bottom of one of the walls, holes should be made that will make it possible to connect communications to the boiler. From above, you will need to make an additional hole, which is needed for the chimney.
  3. Make both the right and left special holes that are needed for awnings.
  4. Observing the perpendicularity, the entire structure should be assembled and fastened with bolts.

    There should be no walls at all at the back, but it can be replaced with a couple of slats.

  5. Next, attach the cabinet door to the pre-made awnings, and the resulting structure can be placed on the boiler and hung on the wall.

Good advice! This is how you can install heating equipment even in a corner, and for this you will need to make a corner cabinet with a similar door. If you do not want to carry out design work, then the boiler can be disguised with stickers or even decals.

How to hide a gas water heater in the kitchen It will be possible to cover the boiler not only with chipboard, but also with drywall.

This method will be similar to the previous one, but here the basis will be such material as drywall, which will be hung on the boiler.

For work, you may need:

  • Sheets of drywall.
  • Metal profiles.
  • Facade for a kitchen set.
  • Self-tapping screws.

  • Hinges for door mounting.
  • Screwdriver or screwdriver.

Now that you have all the materials you need at hand, you can start designing.

The technology of the work is quite simple:

  • In parallel from the walls of the boiler with an indent of 4 cm, a profile frame should be made.
  • All metal elements must be fastened with self-tapping screws, and then placed on the wall surface.

  • Cut parts of the required size from drywall sheets and mount them on the assembled frame.
  • Several recesses should be made in one of the installed walls in order to accommodate the hinges, which, in turn, will be screwed onto the metal profile.

At the end, you can put the equipment inside, and the last thing we do is hang the door.