How to install a door in a plasterboard partition- Step by step + Video

How to install a door in a plasterboard partition- Step by step + Video Do-it-yourself installation of a door into a plasterboard partition. + Video. In order to make partitions between rooms, the best option would be to use drywall, since this material is the cheapest and at the same time practical. But if you plan to separate part of the room with a partition, a natural question arises, but how to install the door into a plasterboard partition? To solve such a problem, you need at least minimal construction skills and detailed instructions, as well as a set of required tools and consumables, which you cannot do without.

The door to the plasterboard partition should be installed with a reinforced frame.

Calculation and marking for the partition

The partition in which the door structure will be installed requires a special and responsible approach to the manufacture of the frame structure. Plasterboard partitions do not play the role of a supporting structural element, so they usually do not require strength calculations. But in the event that a door structure is included in the partition, it should be taken into account that there will be an additional load that will be created precisely by the door, especially when opening and closing.

Installing a plasterboard partition with a door requires a competent approach to the manufacture of the frame, since otherwise, along with the opening / closing door, vibration will spread to the entire wall. As you can see in the photo, the frame in this case should be made with a large number of transverse profiles, and vertical posts should be installed as often as possible.

Specific data will depend on what parameters the partition has - the height of the ceiling, the length of the run from one wall to another. If the ceilings are 3 or more meters high, then the opening may require reinforcement with reinforced vertical struts from the ceiling surface to the floor. To perform the reinforcement, you need to use wooden blocks or several additional profiles.


Marking is carried out according to the following instructions:

  1. How to install a door in a plasterboard partition- Step by step + Video In the place where you intend to install the plasterboard partition, you should draw a straight line along the floor, which will be located exactly perpendicular to the side load-bearing walls.
  2. Using a plumb line on the surface of the ceiling, mark two points and transfer the same line, but this time to the ceiling.

  3. The lower and upper points should be connected using vertical lines, and they should be applied to the surface of the walls.
  4. Using a level and a plumb line, check the verticality of the plane that you get.
  5. After that, along these lines, you can begin to fasten the profile to the wall, floor and ceiling using screws and dowels with a length of 7.5 cm.
  6. If you plan to install the door against the wall ( as shown in the photo), then the lower profile should be made slightly smaller than the width of the door.

    If it is in the middle of the partition, then we divide the profile into two parts that go from the opening to the wall.

  7. At the end, it remains to cut and assemble the frame structure

Please note, that in order to improve the sound insulation of the future structure, all metal profiles that will adjacent to the wall, should be laid on a special sealing tape, which is intended for this purpose.

The profiles are fastened in increments of 0.5-0. 6 meters for dowels and screws.

Work process

Making the frame under the opening

The opening for the door is very important to correctly draw up even when assembling the frame ... In the installation of an interior door in a plasterboard partition, there is a part of the frame structure, which will form the doorway - it is the most responsible in the entire structure, since it will take on the entire load. To understand how to install a door in a plasterboard partition with your own hands, everything should be followed clearly according to the instructions:

  1. How to install a door in a plasterboard partition- Step by step + Video To the profiles that have been laid on the ceiling and floor surfaces, two vertical-type posts should be attached, which will be the side boundaries in the opening.

  2. The thickness of metal profiles should be 0. 04-0. 06 cm, and the use of thinner metal is simply unacceptable, since self-tapping screws will begin to scroll in it.
  3. If the height of the ceilings is more than 3 meters, then the vertical posts will need to be strengthened with wooden bars, which will be inserted inside the profiles or use a double profile.
  4. The distance between the uprights should be equal to the width of the door frame + 3 cm of margin on each side of the sides.

  5. After that, it is required to set the rest of the vertical-type racks, but the step should not be more than 0.6 meters.
  6. Next, form the letter "P". Between the vertical posts on the sides in the opening, install a lintel at a height that will be equal to the height of the door frame + 3 cm of stock.
  7. Next, reinforce the lintel with additional vertical posts, connect everything to the ceiling, as shown in the photo below.

  8. Place horizontal type jumpers between other posts.

Good advice! If the walls are large and the ceilings are high enough, you can use a reinforced profile, which can be found commercially from almost all manufacturers of modern building materials. Yes, this will definitely lead to the construction becoming more expensive, but it will serve you longer and better.

At this point, the assembly of the frame structure can be considered complete. After that, carry out the installation of drywall sheets, and then the final filling of the material and finishing work.

Putting and finishing

  • First, clean the finished structure from dust and dirt. This is best done with a soft brush or an old dry cloth.
  • Coat all joints, seams, dents with a primer. You can use the masking tape sold at home improvement stores.
  • If you are not using tape, after applying the primer, apply a serpentine net to the treated areas.

  • Use scotch tape or a net to process the seams, and it is not necessary to apply it to the screwing points of the screws. The tape should be moistened, and the seams should be glued with special glue. After that, carefully smooth the tape with a spatula and expel any air bubbles.
  • After everything is dry, re-prime.
  • After that, the glued tape can be completely filled with a finishing compound.

Now that the preparation is complete, you can begin the bulk of the work.

  1. How to install a door in a plasterboard partition- Step by step + Video Most people do not know how to putty drywall sheets, and is finishing and preliminary processing important? In fact, both operations are important, and if you skip one of the steps, then even the highest-quality putty composition will quickly crack.
  2. After the seams, cracks, dents are well sealed and dried, the main surface treatment of the sheet can be started. Use a wide spatula, it is required in order to gently smooth the filler with a thin layer. The first layer should dry, and there is no need to force-dry the surface, as everything should happen naturally.

  3. Reapply and the instructions on the package should tell you how long one coat dries. Smooth everything very carefully, and also make sure that the fineness of the application is observed.
  4. So the surface should be treated 2 or 3 times and be sure to dry after each layer. If you're in a hurry and get it all done at once, don't expect good quality. the fact is that the top of the gypsum is covered only with cardboard, which is quite smooth in structure and there will be no good adhesion to the surface.

Please note, that for the convenience of the wizard, side lighting should be installed. So you will notice all the shortcomings in the work and can immediately fix everything.

  1. Be sure to maintain the temperature regime specified in the instructions, and also do not forget to maintain a normal humidity level.
  2. Finally, sand the dried surface. For this, the use of simple sandpaper or a fine grater is allowed.

    This way you can remove all the defects that were allowed in the work.

When everything is done, you can paint the walls and paste over them with wallpaper.

Door frame

You can assemble the door frame with your own hands. If you have some experience with wood or door installation work, then it is better to do the box assembly yourself, since in this case the cost will be lower.

How to install a door in a plasterboard partition- Step by step + Video Please note, that the box must be rectangular and correspond to all sizes calculation, since otherwise the door will not close well.

You should also take into account the damping clearances and do not forget about the quality of the material, humidity and its thickness.

If you still doubt your abilities, then it is better to buy a ready-made box for doors, in which there will be hinges and doors.

Installing the box inside the opening

Before installing the door into the plasterboard partition, all finishing and painting work should be done. After that, you can take the box and insert it into the opening. Fix it and fix it with wedges, and then level it.

When the box for installing a sliding or interior door into a plasterboard partition is installed in the desired position, attach it to the profiles using self-tapping screws through the pre-drilled holes.

After that, once again, everything should be carefully checked with a building level, in particular the verticality of the installation. If everything is in order, then you can proceed to the next stage. Using a construction gun, fill in all the gaps between the opening and the box (just those 3 cm in reserve) with polyurethane foam.

Please note that the foam, when expanded, may even deform the box, and then the door will not function normally.

To prevent this from happening, you should wedge the box with jumpers.

Then wait for the foam to dry and remove the excess with a utility knife or a construction knife. You can hang the door on the next day, when the foam is completely dry. The hinges are usually inserted into the holes of the receiving hinge, so be sure to lubricate them.

Final work

For the process to be fully completed, the door should be decorated, ennobled.

To do this, use platbands. It is better to choose them right away, while those that come with the door leaf. If there are none, then be guided by the color. It is better to refrain from various patterns and patterns if you are not a designer or artist. Platbands are usually nailed with special nails, which have a flattened head so that the gap and foam are closed.

The planks are cut in such a way that they are joined end-to-end each at 45 degrees, and then the result is the coveted angle of 90 degrees. As you can see, everything is very simple. If the cost of cutting in the store is not too high, it is better to do it immediately upon purchase. The fact is that otherwise you will need a guiding template or manual dexterity, since even the slightest deviation from a given angle will damage the bar. The platbands should be hammered along the perimeter of the door in increments of 0.

2-0. 25 meters.

Tools and devices

For all installation work, you will have enough very simple tools and devices.If you do not want to spend too much, then you do not have to buy some of the tools, but you can rent them in any large supermarket in the city.

To make a plasterboard partition for installing a door, you will need:

  • Screwdriver.

  • Hammer.
  • Grinder / scissors for metal.
  • Building level.
  • How to install a door in a plasterboard partition- Step by step + Video Roulette.
  • Plumb.

  • Electric drill.
  • Pliers.
  • Bucket.
  • Spatula.
  • Ruler.

  • Roller.
  • Rule.

As you can see, there is nothing unusual, for sure you will have all of the specified tools in stock.


From all that has been described, it is clear that the installation does not require any supernatural skills and abilities. The main thing is that you follow clear instructions and often check the correctness of the actions performed, since it is much easier to ruin everything than to do it right.