How to install a door safe - in houses, apartments, do it yourself: Step by step + Video

How to install a door safe - in houses, apartments, do it yourself: Step by step + Video Installing the safe door - in houses, apartments, with your own hands. To ensure maximum safety for their loved ones, as well as for the safety of valuable property, many in the last couple of years began to install safe doors. This door system has many advantages and differs significantly from metal blocks: they are much stronger, more reliable and more durable.

Before you start choosing a safe door, weigh the pros and cons, as there are many nuances. It is not easy to make a choice also for the reason that in the modern market there are many types of such doors, both domestic and foreign production.

Design features

There are 2 important features in all designs of the safe type:

  1. How to install a door safe - in houses, apartments, do it yourself: Step by step + Video These products have a certain class of burglary resistance, which means that upon opening your door will cause him a lot of inconvenience and will not allow him to get into the house. Burglary resistance class is assigned to each lock separately, since for this a number of tests are carried out, which are carried out using hand and electric tools.
  2. Taking into account the manufacturing technology, safe doors can be divided into one-piece bent-welded doors and profile specimens.

Interestingly, that a characteristic feature of door blocks of the second type is the use of rolled metal from a profile (thanks to arc welding, all elements can be welded securely). But bent-welded specimens are made from a certain bent-stamped profile (and spot welding is used).

Note that safe-type entrance doors last much longer than ordinary street profile blocks (according to experts). This feature is easily explained by the fact that in the production of curved-welded doors it has a lower thermal effect on the material of manufacture.

And even more, the production and installation of safe doors on bending equipment serves as a guarantor of the high quality of products. It should be noted that the city of Berezovsky was just the same distinguished by the production of precisely these high-quality products.

Recommendations and choices


Yes, as it turned out, installing a safe door in your home is not the most difficult thing, it is much more difficult to choose the model that suits you.

Here you should pay attention to the following important points:

  1. Level of burglary resistance of the door.
  2. Dimensions of the finished product.
  3. Aesthetic data (appearance).

How to install a door safe - in houses, apartments, do it yourself: Step by step + Video If it is not difficult for a burglar to open an unreliable structure, then special attention should be paid to the resistance to burglary ..

. Each entrance block of the safe type (including those doors that are produced in Berezovsky) have special documents that can confirm the reliability of the structure.

Usually the indicator of this characteristic has a designation, or marking (letter).For residential buildings, experts recommend purchasing model C and B class doors. Opening such doors is almost impossible, especially as a bonus, these doors are also bulletproof.

After installing the safe door, the homeowner will not be worried, but, on the contrary, will feel protected, since even professional burglars are "too tough" to open such doors.

The security system that all doors have is thought out to the smallest detail. It has several levels: there is the internal structure of the structure, elements that are hidden from human eyes, and there are also installation rules. For example, a locking mechanism that is installed on a safe deposit box must be more than just reliable.

Experts' assessments boil down to the fact that for a proper level of protection there must be at least 3 crossbars from 1.

5 cm. The locks that will be used can be lever and cylinder. In this case, the first mechanisms must also have a special armor plate. , and the levers - the second steel plate. This is the only way to prevent opening the lock.

But as for the size of the structure, there are both standard and very non-standard sizes. For example, in the same Berezovsky, non-standard safe doors are produced (they are made to order).

Please note that although appearance plays an important role when choosing a product, you should not put this factor as the main one when choosing. It usually happens in life that what looks discreet and simple is the most reliable, and ostentatious brilliance and many labels do not guarantee high quality. For this reason, it is better to choose such entrance doors that will have a modest design, but will be reliable and durable.

We install


To install the safe door with your own hands, and at the same time do it at the highest level, you should be guided by the rules that we described below.

  1. How to install a door safe - in houses, apartments, do it yourself: Step by step + Video Before starting installation work, you should adjust the structure in the doorway. To do this, you yourself install a box in the opening and check the verticals with the help of a building level, and only after that (it all depends on the results of the check) adjustment is made.
  2. Once you have adjusted the position, it is good if you secure it with a wooden stop or wedge to prevent the block from moving.
  3. After the first two manipulations are over, you should install individual metal pins with your own hands.

    Usually they come in a basic configuration with doors (products from Berezovsky have such fasteners included). To begin with, we make small notches in the doorway and the box, and then the holes should be drilled.

  4. When you have completed the third step, you need to insert the pins into the holes and drive all the way in.If your model of the door safe has a false box, then it can be attached to the wall using anchor bolts (but here, too, it will be necessary to adjust the structure).
  5. Now with your own hands you install the hinges and hang the sash on them.

    After that, we independently adjust the canvas and its position (usually this type of work refers to the work of awnings). Then you can install the locking mechanism, armored plates, armored cups and other security elements.


At each stage of the installation, accuracy, accuracy and skill are very important, so if you are a home craftsman and still not confident in your abilities, do not get upset and give this job to a specialist who has already installed more than one hundred such doors. In this case, experiments are inappropriate, because it depends on the correctness of the installation how reliable the door will be.