how to install correctly- Review + Video

how to install correctly- Review + Video Tire foundation is a fairly new type of foundations, which, however, has already become quite popular ... This do-it-yourself house foundation technology has already been patented in our country and is actively used in private construction, especially for light frame houses.

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Main advantages

On the choice of this type of foundation in the construction of light buildings (including frame houses), they stop based on the following its advantages:

  • the foundation made of tires is quite inexpensive;
  • does not require much time and physical costs;
  • provides good structural stability, since rubber dampens any fluctuations in the soil;
  • not subject to climatic influences;
  • provides good waterproofing of the house.

In the video you can see how people build a house from tires

As we can see, the foundation is made of car tires has a mass of how to install correctly- Review + Video advantages. In addition, such a base is suitable for a house, bathhouse, gazebo or outbuildings.

Varieties of the foundation made of tires

The foundation for a frame house, felled from car tires, can be made of the columnar type, when the supports are arranged at the corners of the house and in places of greatest load. There is also an option for laying tires over the entire area of ​​the future foundation of the house (see photo).

Stages of construction

  1. Choosing a material.

    When choosing tires for the foundation, it is better to stop at large and massive ones, tires from heavy trucks are well suited.

  1. Transport and storage . Tires are transported by any suitable freight vehicle. With this, as a rule, there are no problems. More careful consideration should be given to the method of storing tires on the construction site.

    It is important to remember that the rubber from which they are made is destroyed by direct sunlight. And when heated, tires can release harmful substances.

  2. Markup . On the ground, the marking of the future foundation is made. Places of laying of tires are marked.

Earthwork . First of all, the plot marked out for the foundation is freed from the upper fertile soil layer. Further, the work performed depends on the selected type of foundation. how to install correctly- Review + Video

With the continuous placement of tires, a pit is dug. If the option of a columnar foundation is arranged, holes are dug in the locations of the future supports of the building.

The depth is determined individually, depending on the ground conditions.

  1. Sand cushion. Like other types of foundations, tire foundations require sand cushioning and leveling the bottom under the base.
  2. Placement of tires. This type of base, due to the main material used - rubber, does not need waterproofing.

    Therefore, the tires are placed directly on the sand cushion.

  3. Backfill. The space between the tires and the entire internal volume is filled with sand and well compacted. This will provide the foundation with the necessary stability. Rubber, as we said, is susceptible to damage from sunlight.

    Tires completely submerged in the soil do not deteriorate for a very long time.

  4. Grillage. On the base of the tires, you can lay ready-made slabs or pour a monolithic slab. It is also possible to arrange a reinforced concrete grillage or a strapping from a bar.

how to install correctly- Review + Video

This type of foundation is used for the construction of lightweight structures such as small frame houses, baths, gazebos, etc.

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