How to install floor skirting boards correctly: Instruction + Video

How to install floor skirting boards correctly: Instruction + Video How to quickly and easily install a floor plinth with your own hands. One of the last stages of the completion of the renovation is the installation of the floor plinth. Plastic panels are very popular for use in residential and not only premises, as they are durable, do not deteriorate due to mechanical damage and are resistant to temperatures, as well as have an attractive appearance and have a wide variety of shapes and colors.

How to correctly install plastic skirting boards, and we'll talk in this article.

Do-it-yourself plastic skirting board installation rules

How to install floor skirting boards correctly: Instruction + Video Floor skirting usually made from different materials that differ in composition.

MDF, steel, stone and ceramics are used much less often, but plastic skirting boards are very popular. The fact is that the easiest way to create the illusion of even walls is precisely with the help of a plastic skirting board. They perfectly adhere to the surface, have a pleasant price and you can choose any texture and color scheme.

Skirting boards made of PVC are suitable for both wooden floors and coverings like linoleum or laminate. In addition, plastic products are resistant to moisture, are convenient in installation work, differ in that there are cable channels so that wires can be laid inside.

Before you start installation work, you should decide on the quality of the consumable you have chosen. The optimal length for the skirting board is approximately 2.5 meters. Based on these data, you should calculate how many skirting boards you will have. Also, do not forget to take 10 or even 15% more material to compensate for joints and other errors that often occur during installation.

You can use special online calculators that will help you calculate the number of skirting boards, although you can handle this yourself. It will be enough to add its length to the width of the room, and then multiply the value by 2. Divide the result that will be obtained during the calculation by 2.5 meters (if the perimeter of the room was calculated exactly in meters) or by 250 cm. After that, you can proceed to the next step is to choose the optimal color for the skirting boards so that they perfectly match the overall interior of the room.

When choosing a skirting board, we recommend that you take with you to the store a sample of the wallpaper that was used for pasting the room, so that you can match the color in the store.

To install a plastic plinth with your own hands, you will need to buy additional accessories. So, when performing sawing, it is not required to observe the high accuracy of joining the elements, and the very design of the skirting board makes it possible to ultimately obtain a gorgeous appearance of the coating. Elements of fittings for plastic skirting boards will have two caps - left and right, as well as docking elements, external and internal corners.Try to choose the fittings that will be as similar as possible to the color of the plinth so that everything looks harmonious.

Please note, that you should correctly calculate the number of plugs - left and right, since these parts are completely identical and are a mirror image of each other. When calculating the quantity, be sure to take this fact into account.

Docking pieces should be installed to bridge the joints between two skirting boards. In order to fix the inner corners, self-tapping screws are not required, since they will automatically snap into place after installation. Such an element should be installed with the same pressure, so that the appearance of the skirting board is improved.

The outer corners will be distinguished by the presence of two legs that will hold them on the wall. The use of corners during installation work is not very relevant.

Carrying out work on installing and fixing the skirting board implies that there will be a constant change of workplace, and for this reason, we advise you to put all the accessories and other equipment in one box, so that it is convenient to carry everything to new work area. Installation of a floor plastic skirting board begins with the fact that everything should be cut into elements of the required length. In this case, you should try to make sure that the seams between the skirting board are located in an inconspicuous place.

For this reason, we recommend starting work from the doorway or from the inner corners of the room. Install two previously prepared skirting boards and mark one so that the skirting board goes into the corner by 5 mm.

Important! First, install the strips of the products that will not be cut. Docking elements should be installed only if the length of the plinth is not enough to cover the wall of the room. When cutting the skirting board, a margin of a few mm should be observed so that the plank can completely cover the wall.

How to install floor skirting boards correctly: Instruction + Video By the way, it is much easier to cut a plinth made of plastic than to carry out a similar operation with a wooden strip ... In this case, you do not need to adhere to special corners. For high-quality and fast cutting, use a hacksaw for metal and then you will be able to achieve a perfectly even angle in a short time period.

After that, using a knife, you should remove the burrs from the plastic.

The next step is to create a hole for attaching to the skirting board. The holes must be accurate, and for this you should apply the plinth to the wall, mark it, and then drill the holes. For this, a conventional drill with a functional punching attachment is enough. In order for everything to be done accurately, you need a device such as a conductor.

If the room has perfectly flat walls, then the distance between the fasteners for mounting the skirting board will be approximately 50 cm, otherwise the value will become less.Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust after drilling.

If you use drywall to create walls in a room, the installation process will be slightly different. If, when making the holes for the plinth, it turned out to get into the profile on which the drywall sheet will be fixed, then only self-tapping screws can be used for fastening. If not, then the plinth is fixed on the dowels, which are called "butterflies".

Please note, that to install such dowels, you must first make a hole in the wall, and the dowel must be installed close to it. For drilling, you can use any type of drill and jig. After that, the pressing parts should be pressed and the dowel inserted into the hole. You can use a hammer to quickly fix the dowel. Please note that the size of the screw should be slightly smaller than the cap from the dowels.

The second method for the correct installation of a plastic floor plinth involves making holes in the plinth in advance, and then start drilling the wall. For this, we recommend using dowels with caps. This installation method is not the most reliable and when it is performed, gaps often appear between the baseboard and the wall. In addition, it is many times more difficult to dismantle the skirting board installed according to the second method. If it is fixed with self-tapping screws, then it is better to make a hole on the plastic with a screwdriver or awl.

When rotating, the awl will move the plinth a little, and then it will turn out to make a hole with a high level of density. Next, we install the self-tapping screw into the hole made in advance, and fix the plinth on the wall.

The process of fixing the outer corners is quite responsible, since it is these elements that will be located under the constant movement of the operational type. Since the place for fixing the corners will be located 2 cm from the installation site of the screws, there is a high probability of their damage. In order to prevent this from happening, even during the repair work, try to make sure that the outer corners are perfectly aligned.

They should be fixed in the same way as the internal ones. Special decorative plugs should be installed on the cable channels. At this point, the installation work can be considered completed. If seams appear between the wall and the skirting board, we advise you to increase the number of fasteners that are required to secure the skirting board.

Features of installation of a warm skirting board

Warm skirting board is a great alternative to a modern heating system.

A system of wires will be located under such small interior items, which will provide additional or even main heating of the room.

Among the main elements are:

  • How to install floor skirting boards correctly: Instruction + Video Brackets and boxes that will fix the heaters.
  • Tubular convector.
  • Rotary system elements.

All parts are subsequently assembled into a single structure, and among the advantages of the system, the following should be noted:

  • Fast and uniform heating of the walls - this helps prevent the development of mold and mildew.

  • Even temperature distribution near the floor and near the ceiling.
  • Nice appearance.
  • It is possible to add the economics of using such a heating system due to the fact that the body of the plinth is closed.

By the way, there are two options for warm skirting board - water and electric. The efficiency of both systems is the same, but the main difference lies only in the principle of heating the heat carrier.

To carry out the installation work of an electric warm skirting board, you will need a powerful electrical power supply system. For economical use of the system, we recommend that you additionally install a heating temperature controller. In order to make a water baseboard system, a heating boiler will be needed. this version of the skirting board will be more economical.

To install a warm-looking plinth, follow the instructions below:

  1. Install the wall strip.

    Use dowels or screws to fix it.

  2. Installation of convectors and their connection to the system. Use compression fittings to connect the convector.
  3. Connection of the heating system with the mains - water or electric. To connect the skirting board to the system, a distributor comb is required.

  4. When the installation work is completed, check the device for operation. You should also install a decorative exterior panel in a color that is ideal for the interior.

At this point, the installation of the warm skirting board can be considered complete. As you can see, there is nothing difficult.

Installation instructions for the ceiling plinth

To install the ceiling plinth, you need a little more work, as it is a little more complicated than installing the floor.

The thing is that the work is carried out at a height. The most popular material for the manufacture of ceiling plinths is the usual plastic. Such products are distinguished by the fact that they have a beautiful appearance, have mechanical strength and are moisture resistant.

When working, you will need:

  • How to install floor skirting boards correctly: Instruction + Video Hacksaw and miter box.
  • Putty and masking tape.

  • Stationery knife and rubber spatula.

Additional tools and materials can be selected in accordance with your individual characteristics of the room. Install the skirting board to the wall before or after finishing the surface. It is preferable to carry out all the work when the walls are already ready - painted or pasted over. The most difficult moment for trimming skirting boards is observing certain angles for joining.

In order to facilitate the process, buy special elements for joining corners, but keep in mind that their cost is equal to one plinth strip. For this reason, it will be cheaper to do the correct trimming of the materials right away so that the corners are even.

Use a tool such as a miter box for trimming skirting boards at a specific angle. This way you will be able to minimize the joints on the skirting boards, which will be visible when entering the room. Place docking areas behind tall cabinets, curtains, or simply in inconspicuous places.

Keep in mind that the process for trimming the inner and outer corners is very different. First you need to measure and mark the baseboard, and only after that you can start trimming.

Use a special putty or glue to fix the skirting boards. After the installation of the plinth on the wall is completed, you should firmly press it against it and hold it for a few seconds. When everything is glued to the ceiling, seal the joints with a putty, and then paint the plinth with a water-based solution.

Subtleties of installation work for wooden skirting boards

The most difficult in installation are the wooden skirting boards. They require perfectly flat walls, and even the slightest unevenness will be noticeable after the installation is completed. There are several options for wooden skirting boards - material made from real wood or from MDF. Installing the second material battens is much easier.

Please note, that you should first choose a quality skirting board with an ideal wood moisture level.

If you choose too much damp material, then after it dries, there is a possibility of deformation of the coating.

Now let's talk about how to install a wooden plinth. If we compare wooden products with plastic ones, then the first ones do not have special hardware elements that will help facilitate the installation process. For this reason, all connections are made with high quality, and the corners should be perfectly flat. Use a miter box and a hacksaw to cut the skirting board.

In this case, two skirting boards must be installed at right angles and markings must be made to create an inner or outer corner. The interval between the installation of fasteners for skirting boards is approximately 0.65 meters. Fixing the plinth should be done with self-tapping screws. In the future, a special grout or putty for wood of the desired color is used to fix the caps from the fasteners.

There is the option of fixing the skirting board and using liquid or finishing nails. The second method will be relevant only if all the walls in the house are completely flat.