How to install roller blinds on plastic windows: Step by step instructions

How to install roller blinds on plastic windows: Step by step instructions Roller blinds on plastic windows in the modern interior replace the usual curtains and tulle. Indeed, in addition to ease of use and maintenance, they are a creative solution for window decoration. A wide variety of colors and textures allows them to harmoniously fit into the design of any room.

This type of curtain is especially well suited for small rooms, where curtains on ordinary cornices will definitely not be appropriate, for example, on a balcony or in an office.

What is roller blinds

Roller blinds are a fairly simple design.

The fabric is fixed and screwed onto the holder shaft. Using the supplied lifting mechanism, you can raise and lower the curtains to the desired height.

Sometimes roller blinds are called fabric roller blinds or roller blinds. Derived from the famous Roman blinds, but made of composite materials, with an improved mechanism, they have become a new trend in the design of plastic windows.

Roller blinds can act as a complete decorative element, and can also complement traditional curtains, protecting them from fading and destruction of the fabric structure from the bright sun.

These curtains are very compact, as they are attached to the window opening. Fixed very close to the glass, they reliably block the luminous flux and even in the July heat provide a favorable environment in the room.

Roller blinds do not accumulate dust, they can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge.

Varieties of roller blinds

Roller blinds differ in the type of fastening system, it can be open or closed. In an open system, a shaft with a curtain cloth is attached to the window frame or directly to the frame.

The regulating mechanism is the strings. The closed system is an aluminum box that hides part of the assembled canvas. The curtain moves along aluminum guides.


To prevent the fabric from being deformed, the bottom of the curtain is fixed to the decorative strip.

Roller blinds also differ in the principle of the lifting mechanism.

It can be manual - it is a cord or a chain, or automatic - the height of raising and lowering curtains is regulated by a remote control.


Roller blinds are perfectly integrated into the Smart Home system.

Roller blinds are classified into the following categories:

- mini system

How to install roller blinds on plastic windows: Step by step instructions This is the simplest and most budgetary type of traditional roller blinds. Thanks to their compact design, these roller blinds are an excellent option for small windows. Raised and lowered by a manual mechanism using a chain.

They are easy to install and remove.

- cassette blinds

In these curtains, the shaft with the canvas attached to it is placed in a compact box that can be matched to the color or textured pattern of the frame. When folded, the curtain is practically invisible.Some cassette blinds have a spring device that adjusts the length of the curtain. The mechanism can be controlled both manually and remotely using the remote control.

Such a system is much more beautiful and practical than an open one, but the price for it will be higher.

- Lovolight system

Used on large windows, panoramic windows up to 7 meters wide and 6 meters high. The curtains are fixed to the ceiling and unfold to the floor. The shaft can be opened or hidden in the box. Most often they are controlled using the remote control.

- "day-night"

How to install roller blinds on plastic windows: Step by step instructions Also this the type of curtain is sometimes called "zebra". Day-night curtains harmoniously combine the advantages of roller blinds and blinds. Instead of a canvas made of dense fabric, alternating stripes are used.

Half of the stripes are made of black-out fabric, the rest of the stripes are transparent. The strips are thermally connected to each other using a special impregnation, which provides an antistatic and dust-repellent effect.

Curtains can have both open and cassette roll systems.


When different stripes are superimposed on each other, the light stops falling. The required degree of illumination is achieved by adjusting using a chain.

How to install roller blinds

… on plastic windows without drilling

Roller blinds on plastic windows can be installed even a person who does not have special skills with his own hands. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

First, prepare all the accessories for the curtain. Lay them out on a surface and assemble them into a structure as indicated in the instructions. The brackets will hold the curtain roller on the sash.

The set must include parts that have a semicircular shape on one side. One of them has a round hole - a groove, and the other protruding part - a thorn.

You will find the same mating elements on the roller.

How to attach mini roller blinds to the opening window sash:

  1. Make sure all parts are included: roller with roller blind , chain lifting mechanism, brackets, clamps, double-sided tape;
  2. For secure fixation, hook-brackets are additionally attached to the window with adhesive tape. Thoroughly degrease and dry the surfaces where the tape will be glued;
  3. How to install roller blinds on plastic windows: Step by step instructions Using special fasteners, connect the brackets and holders with a thorn-groove ;
  4. Put the chain mechanism on the corresponding side of the roller, then install the brackets with holders;
  5. Try on the curtains, putting the assembled structure on the top of the open window and aligning it.
  6. Mark with a pencil the location of the brackets;
  7. Degrease the places on the window frame where the curtain will be attached. Regular alcohol works well for this.

    Allow the surface to dry thoroughly;

  8. Remove the protective tape from the tape on the brackets.Place the brackets on the open sash strip and press firmly for a few seconds;
  9. Snap the clamp on the bracket to the end;
  10. Fix the second bracket in the same way;
  11. Install the chain mechanism to the side bracket with spike and gear;
  12. Carefully place the roller with the curtain fabric in the brackets;
  13. Unfold and roll the curtains using the chain.

How to fix roller blinds of the "mini" class on a fixed sash of a window

  1. To install roller blinds on non-opening sashes of windows, it is necessary to use special plates with grooves for fixing the side brackets on them;
  2. Degrease the plates and stick the adhesive tape on them;
  3. Fix the side brackets on the plates;
  4. Install the chain mechanism on the gear, insert the brackets into roller;
  5. Try on the assembled parts on the window, mark the places where the curtain will be attached;
  6. Degrease the attachment points of the plates with the holders;
  7. Remove the protective tape from the adhesive tape and press the brackets on previously marked;
  8. Insert the chain mechanism from the gear side, and place the roller and curtain in the fixed brackets;
  9. Check the operation of the mechanism.

How to fix cassette roller blinds

Usually manufacturers supply these curtains ready-made, so they are installed quickly and easily :

  1. Degrease the window surface and mark;
  2. Try the box on the window. Remove the protective tape from the tape on the back of the box.

    Press the structure firmly against the sash;

  3. Now you need to fix the guides. There are two installation options - along the inner or outer surface of the glazing bead. In the case of fixing on the inside, the curtains are pressed against the glass with one side.
  4. Stick the tape on the guides after degreasing the surface;
  5. Remove about 40 mm of the protective strip from the adhesive tape. Install the guide into the box and to the glazing bead;
  6. Pressing the guide against the window frame with one hand, continue to remove the protective one with the other hand;
  7. Next, you need to firmly press the guide against the glazing bead.

    Using the steps above, secure the second runner to the other side;

  8. Slide the shade into the runners. Put a retaining ring on the chain mechanism to prevent the chain from slipping on the gear;
  9. Check the correct installation by opening and closing the curtain.

How to care for roller blinds

IMPORTANT: Fabric curtains of roller blinds cannot be machine washed!

  • - Use soft sponges and neutral detergents to wash. It is better to dry the wet cloth in a straightened form so that there are no folds on the material;
  • - to cope with the stain, try an ordinary eraser;
  • - usually the curtain fabric does not need to be ironed.If after drying there are small folds, you can use the iron at the lowest temperature and only through a damp cloth;
  • - do not smoke near curtains.

    The odor is quickly absorbed into the material, not to mention the ash holes;

  • - lubricate with oil to prolong the lifespan of the hoist.

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