How to install roller shutters for a garage with your own hands: Instructions and Tips + Video

How to install roller shutters for a garage with your own hands: Instructions and Tips + Video Roller shutters are used both in residential buildings and in industrial premises. This is a simple and aesthetic option to protect your property from unauthorized entry.

The cost of installation work for roller shutters is quite high, but there is nothing supernatural in this process.

If you are familiar with the basic installation tools, then for you doing roller shutter installation with your own hands is quite comprehensible science.

One has only to know the sequence of actions and some tips.

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The popularity of roller shutters

The use of roller shutters is very extensive. They are installed in the form of shutters on windows, as a gate to a garage, for fencing in commercial boxes. The functional purpose of these structures is as follows: protection against penetration of unauthorized persons into the room, shelter from sunlight, additional insulation and sound insulation.

Due to a wide range of options for the appearance of roller shutters, they also serve as a decoration. If you study the market for roller shutters installation offers, it becomes clear that this service is not the cheapest.

Specialists, of course, will do their job quickly and efficiently, however, in conditions of a limited budget, it is quite possible to install roller shutters with your own hands.

Mounting options for roller shutters

To install roller shutters, three types of box arrangement are usually used.


How to install roller shutters for a garage with your own hands: Instructions and Tips + Video This is the most simplified installation option.

It does not require the preparation of a niche and slopes for the box. The entire main unit is attached above the opening, and the guide rails are on its sides.

From the outside, it looks like a completely closed flush opening;

Built-in version

Performed provided that the elements of the opening (door or window) must necessarily open in direction from the roller shutter. All elements of the mechanism are mounted in a niche.

Combined installation

Requires a recess at the top of the opening. Usually it is planned during the construction of a building or its reconstruction. For this type of installation, the direction of the opening elements is not important.

Types of roller shutters

Roller shutters are mechanical , when it is necessary to control the opening and closing manually, for example, by rotating the handle or pulling the rope. And automatic.

Roller shutter curtains are made mainly of aluminum or steel lamellas.

The steel version is characterized by decent sound absorption and good thermal insulation. Inside the steel slats there is polyurethane foam.

But such canvases weigh much more than aluminum ones, and as a disadvantage, they are highly corrosive.

More simple and practical aluminum roller shutters . They have more pronounced decorative functions, but they also cope well with protection from noise, dust, sun and the penetration of strangers.

Structural units

Standard roller shutter package includes:

  • - the main sheet (a set of lamellas of the same size);
  • - profile guides, for smooth movement of the strips with the canvas;
  • - box with roller shutters;
  • - locks.

Step-by-step instructions for installing roller shutters with your own hands

Preparing for installation

How to install roller shutters for a garage with your own hands: Instructions and Tips + Video First, you need to measure and compare the length of the opening diagonals.

The difference between these values ​​must be less than 5 mm. Next, we will make sure that the side slopes are vertical and the upper one is horizontal.

It is better if the deviations in these characteristics are no more than 1.5 mm per 1 meter of the entire length. And finally, we check if there are any irregularities, chips, damage to the finishing material on the slopes of the opening.

If, in the course of the above operations, inconsistencies with the set conditions were found, then the opening must be brought to the desired state.

Of the tools you will need:

  • screwdriver ,
  • riveting gun,
  • metal scissors,
  • pliers and pliers,
  • set of screwdrivers and wrenches,
  • hammer,
  • marker or pencil, level , tape measure and,
  • possibly a stepladder, in case you are not tall enough to attach roller shutters.

Connecting the drive will require an indicator screwdriver and a multimeter. The joints will need to be covered with sealant. When you unpack the roller shutter for the first time, immediately inspect it for completeness.

Collecting the box

The protective cover is applied to the box and two holes are made on each side through the cover approximately 4.2 mm in diameter. This is necessary for the further fastening of the rivets.

Form holes for fixing the box. Here you need to consider the way the roller shutter is installed.

If the installation is planned on an invoice, then the holes must be made at the back, if the built-in one is on top, with the combined one - on both planes. Better to use a drill with a diameter of 8 mm.

Drill a hole for the drive. If there is an inclined arrangement of the box, it must be trimmed with pliers in the place where it will be connected to the guides. Next, collect the box and guides.


Defining the fastening holes . Take the assembled roller shutter and apply it to the opening. Pre-prepared holes are marked with a marker or pencil.

How to install roller shutters for a garage with your own hands: Instructions and Tips + Video Forming a hole for fasteners . The marked points are drilled, dowels are inserted, a separate hole with a diameter of 12-20 mm is made for the drive (you need to check it in the kit passport).

A protective spring is built into the hole made. If external locks are also planned, then holes are formed in the lower part of the guides for the possibility of their fastening.

Installation of the frame . Tear off all the protective films glued to the frame. Try on the frame in its place.

Align all the holes made, check the horizontal and verticality of the box and guides and the distance from one another. Using a screwdriver and self-tapping screws, the roller shutter is mounted.

Mounting the control mechanism . Usually the controls are placed inside the building. Holes of fasteners are marked and drilled, guides and a tape layer are installed.

Roller shutter canvas. At equal distances, in increments of no more than 50 cm, place the spacer rings on the perforated shaft. Hand bolts are installed on the end profile on both sides of the roller shutter. Lead the web into the guide rails. The traction springs are installed on the upper edge of the roller shutter.

Fasten them into the drilled holes.

The box cover is fastened with a rivet gun. Remove the protective sticker. Mount the restraints to the end profile. All holes are coated with sealant and closed with plugs.

Tip! It is better to carry out the work of installing the roller shutter with two or three assistants.

Checking the quality of installation work

The functioning of roller shutters in the desired volume is guaranteed by the following parameters:

  • - strict horizontality of the box;
  • - the angle between the box and the guides must be 90 degrees;
  • - no bending of guide rails or the box along the wall relief is allowed;
  • - if possible, the end profile should be located on a perfectly flat and strictly horizontal surface.

Roller shutters operation

The structure must be periodically cleaned from dirt, washed with soapy water and inspected at least once a year with the participation of a specialist.

Important! Do not allow the start to open the structure when the web is iced up. Before this, all ice must be removed from the lamellas.

Roller shutters have firmly entered our life due to their simplicity, aesthetics and versatility. A well-known company for the production of protective roller shutters " Alutex ". Having completed all the work on the installation of the structure, you can save a lot and get an additional skill.

Who knows, maybe after the experience gained in installing roller shutters, this will become your profitable occupation and useful tips will appear on the network on videos with your participation.