How to install windows in a frame house with your own hands: step-by-step instructions- Review + Video

How to install windows in a frame house with your own hands: step-by-step instructions- Review + Video

After the walls and the roof in the frame house are erected, you can proceed to the installation of windows. Installation and installation of windows must be done before the interior decoration of the house. You can do the installation and installation of windows with your own hands, but at the same time it is worth remembering that the place of glazing is an area of ​​increased heat loss, so any mistakes you make can lead to the appearance of cold bridges. This problem can arise when using both wood and plastic materials. Precisely followed instructions for installing and installing windows with your own hands will help you not to make gross mistakes.

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Wooden windows

Consider all window options that best suited for a frame house. The windows themselves can be divided into three types: aluminum, PVC and wooden windows.

Wooden windows perfectly protect the premises from cold, noise and wind, while being highly environmentally friendly (since wood is a natural material). When installing wooden profiles, there will be no freezing at subzero temperatures. Also, wooden structures perfectly protect the room from dust and drafts.

The wood for these profiles is processed in a special way, and thanks to this it becomes resistant to bad operating conditions. Wood is a breathable material, which is why your room will have constant natural ventilation. These windows are resistant to moisture and condensation. A wide selection of wood species allows you to choose the desired shade. At the same time, the use of wooden structures demonstrates the excellent and good taste of the owner of the house.

How to install windows in a frame house with your own hands: step-by-step instructions- Review + Video

Cons of wooden structures:

regular high-quality processing, high cost, especially when choosing rare wood species. If you want to save money, this choice of windows will not work for you. Regardless of the quality processing, wood perfectly absorbs moisture. That is why, after a certain time, the windows may slightly change their size, and this will affect their functionality. With modern methods of tree protection, it is possible to increase their service life by several decades.

Also, wooden elements require periodic repair (tinting, or impregnation), this will allow the use of windows for a long time. You can also install wooden windows on your own.

Plastic windows

Plastic windows are durable, reliable and problem-free constructions. Advantages of plastic structures: high tightness, long service life, reliable and durable construction. It is generally accepted that plastic windows are the warmest type.

By itself, plastic is a synthetic material, so it does not need to be treated against bark beetles and other pests. And you can choose any color of the windows themselves.

Installing plastic windows is quite simple. However, there are also disadvantages - for example, the formation of condensation, resulting in the formation of fungus and mold on the windows.Also, plastic structures have poor ventilation, and without constant ventilation there will be "stale" and "heavy" air in the room.

With minor damage to plastic structures, their repair is often impossible. If chips and scratches appear, it will not work to repaint plastic windows like wooden ones.

How to install windows in a frame house with your own hands: step-by-step instructions- Review + Video

Aluminum windows

How to install windows in a frame house with your own hands: step-by-step instructions- Review + Video Currently, not only wooden and plastic windows, but also aluminum structures are purchased more and more often. These windows are very reliable, durable, durable and have a good aesthetic appearance. They react quite well to external adverse weather conditions.

Their service life is at least 80 years, which is more than that of wooden and plastic windows. They are quite easy to handle and maintain and do not corrode. Aluminum does not emit harmful substances, therefore it poses no danger to humans. This will be an ideal option for creating windows of original shapes and required sizes.

The disadvantages of aluminum windows include high thermal conductivity, because of this, the room will need additional heating.

In addition, when installing windows with your own hands, you will need to ensure that aluminum does not come into contact with or come into contact with other metals (this can lead to an electrolytic reaction). Also, aluminum window structures significantly exceed their counterparts in price, therefore, installation and installation of windows in a frame house is very rare.

Selection of windows for a frame house

The selection of windows directly depends on the type of your house. For timber frame houses, wooden windows are ideal. By itself, a frame house is a large room with a weak ventilation system, therefore plastic window structures will make your home more stuffy.

Of course, you can constantly keep these windows on micro-ventilation, but apart from the cold, nothing will come of it. The choice of aluminum structures for a frame house is impractical. Because their cost is quite high, and their thermal qualities and properties are low.

Installing windows in a frame house with your own hands

How to install windows in a frame house with your own hands: step-by-step instructions- Review + Video

You can do the installation and installation of windows with your own hands, this is not a difficult job, but it will require special care. When installing windows, you will need the following tools: a hammer, a hacksaw, a screwdriver, a building level, a drill, a screwdriver, a jigsaw, self-tapping screws, a sealant (mineral wool or mounting wool), a plumb line, and wooden lining.

Installation of windows is carried out in two main stages. The first is the installation of the box, the second is the glazing. For timber frame houses, choose wooden skylights. The material used for their production is environmentally friendly and the cost of such window systems is significantly lower than that of plastic ones. The advantages of these window systems include the convenience of repair, installation and replacement of windows, not to say about plastic structures.

The disadvantages of these windows include a change in shape during long-term operation, the possibility of fungus and all kinds of cracks. The term of use of these windows does not exceed 20 years. However, you can increase their lifespan by installing them correctly.

Step-by-step installation instructions

First of all, during installation, you need to clean the window opening from various debris. Further, we treat the cleaned surface with an antiseptic, and after complete drying, we install the block.

We fix wooden blocks with nails. After that, we begin to mount the box. After completing all the above procedures, we proceed to glazing.

The glazing process is carried out as follows. On the surface of the fold, we apply a silicone sealant that holds our glass.

Strictly and evenly put our glass on it and press down a little. We attach the finished frame to the box using special hinges, after which we close all the doors.

In order to avoid mistakes in determining and choosing the size of window structures, they are usually ordered from construction companies.

Important point: the size of your box should be 2 cm less than your window opening!

Such set dimensions of the box allow you to position the block evenly and efficiently, as well as evenly and correctly fill all voids with polyurethane foam.