How to insulate metal and wooden entrance doors in a private house with your own hands: Step by step instructions

How to insulate metal and wooden entrance doors in a private house with your own hands: Step by step instructions When purchasing entrance doors for a private house, you need to decide a number of questions: price, reliability and thermal insulation. We will consider all the existing options, as well as the pros and cons. We will tell you what to look for when buying a door, the basic requirements.

Doors should not only protect against penetration, but also retain cold air from the street.

Here an important role is played by the properties of the material itself, as well as design features and methods of insulation.

Most often, doors are: - made of metal, - made of PVC profiles, - wooden.

Features of insulated doors

Most often, metal doors or metal-plastic structures are acquired, due to their high resistance to fire. But there are a number of problems that should be foreseen in advance:

  • How to insulate metal and wooden entrance doors in a private house with your own hands: Step by step instructions - ice from the street,
  • - rust,
  • - deformation and changes in appearance.

Many manufacturers cover the outer part of the door with a special compound, it helps to protect the door from external influences and mechanical damage.

The door structure can be steel, and the frame is made of a bent profile (very resistant to burglary), pipes (you can make any non-standard door) or from a corner (the lowest price).

Features of thermal insulation

It is possible to use various types of insulation. Sometimes this can be done independently, but before starting work, carefully read the instructions on the properties of the material and the features of its installation.

Wooden door panels are considered the warmest. But you must remember that they quickly dry out and deform. For such doors, it is necessary to often do preventive maintenance, remove all cracks and gaps.

Whatever the doors are: metal or wooden, but they have one common feature - this is the goal, between the door leaf and the frame. It is through it that cold air gets into the house most often. Outside, around the entire perimeter, pipe insulation is usually glued. It is sold in strips of various widths. The more gap you have, the thicker the insulation is bought.

IMPORTANT: The threshold has an important role in thermal insulation. It should close the gap under the door well. When installing, also remember that it should not interfere with opening and closing.

Insulation: types and properties

How to insulate metal and wooden entrance doors in a private house with your own hands: Step by step instructions There are many different materials with which you can insulate the door. Please note that not all materials can be applied outside.

It is best to choose materials that are resistant to moisture and fire.

Mineral wool is one of the most popular insulation materials. She is afraid of moisture: it loses all its properties, and in winter it can even freeze. If you have strong condensation on your doors, then this option will most likely not work.

If there is no other option, then it is necessary to carry out work on thermal insulation.

We make a vapor barrier for ventilation of air masses, but we limit the throughput of humidity.You can take an ordinary plastic wrap for these purposes.

The biggest advantage of mineral wool is environmental friendliness and low cost. But it is not intended for outdoor use.

  • Polyurethane is a synthetic material, most often this material is known as polyurethane foam.

    It fills all space, even the smallest crevices and cracks. When the material dries up, it has all the properties that are necessary for the front door to a private house. It does not let in heat, is not flammable.

IMPORTANT: polyurethane foam is easy to work with, so even a novice specialist can handle it. It is one of the inexpensive materials, so it is more affordable.

  • Insulation with heat reflection - is used both in wooden doors and metal. It contains polyurethane foam covered with a layer of thin foil. Do not pay attention to its thickness, even a thin layer copes well with air currents. Such material can be used both on one side and for double-sided insulation of the door leaf. It is fashionable to find options with a self-adhesive film on one side.

  • Batting is a light and warm material. It is divided into two types: cotton and wool. This material absorbs moisture well and is well ventilated. It has good sound insulation, retains heat. In addition to positive properties, there are negative ones: it rolls down, weighs a lot, especially if it has absorbed a lot of moisture.

  • Felt is a very dense material made of wool. It is an environmentally friendly material with good thermal conductivity and abrasion resistance. Disadvantages include good water absorption.
  • Self-adhesive tape - adhesive tape, usually foam, rubber or polyethylene foam. Perfectly closes all cracks, does not deteriorate from changes in temperature and moisture.

    However, the tape will not last long, but it is easy to use.

There are also other materials, and you can also use several combinations at once. For example, to reduce the weight of the structure, batting can be combined with polyurethane foam.

Entrance metal door

Most often, owners purchase doors from metal. This is due to the fact that they are practically not subject to mechanical damage and weather conditions, they are not afraid of fire.

When choosing doors, you need to think about design. The best are steel sheets with a thickness of 1.5 to 2 mm. The thicker, the harder and more durable.

IMPORTANT: the more stiffeners there are inside the structure, the better the door retains its shape.

Stiffening ribs are:

  • - transverse (elements are arranged horizontally) - resist twisting, because of this, the corners of the door cannot be bent,
  • - longitudinal (the ribs are located vertically) - resist pushing or squeezing from the box,
  • - combined (ribs located both horizontally and vertically) - the best option.

There are doors that are not only covered with a sheet of metal from the outside, but also from the inside. Most often, the elements are fastened by welding.

Armored doors are considered the most reliable. These doors are made using the same technologies as safes.

To prevent the door from breaking through with bullets, a concrete solution is poured inside. They also provide for special constipation.

If you decide to buy a door, pay attention to the thickness, it should be more than 1.2 mm. Chinese versions are very easy to cut with a regular knife.

The box must also be strong and reliable. Choose to become for its manufacture or purchase from 1.3-1.5 cm.

If you decide to put a reinforced door, then the hinges must also be strong.

Usually installed ball, safe, ordinary or with a bearing. The number of hinges depends on the size, material, finish of the door itself. The minimum number is 3 loops. Ideal if they are located from the inside.

To place the door by force, it is provided with pins at the end of the door leaf.

In this case, even if the hinges are cut off, the door will still remain closed.

Entrance doors can be insulated in several ways:

  1. Tambour. In addition to the main metal door, there is another door made of any material. The tambour does not freeze due to the temperature difference. This is a very laborious process and if the house has already been built, it is almost impossible.

  2. Electrically heated door. A cable is installed along all the contours of the web, boxes. Even in severe frosts, such a device protects against icing and freezing. You will not notice condensation on these doors. With this option, be prepared for higher electricity bills.

  3. With thermal break. Manufacturers make a multi-layer cake from thermal insulation materials. It has the same properties as an air cushion in the vestibule. An excellent option that also saves space in the apartment, but it is quite expensive.
  4. The easiest way is to install a canopy or canopy.

    This option will not only protect your door, but also give you the ability to easily open the door in the rain and not get wet. Usually a porch is laid in the project, on which a family of several people can fit.

FOR REFERENCE: Thermal rupture is a phenomenon that occurs on materials that have different thermal conductivity. Most often used PVC, expanded polystyrene, min. cotton wool, isolon with foil.

These materials do not pass cold air currents. At the same time, the inside of the door remains warm, even at an outside temperature of -25C.

Exterior decoration

When choosing a door model, take into account the style of your entrance. In direct contact with the street, choose a material that is not afraid of temperature changes. When upholstering the canvas, make sure that it is not afraid of temperature changes, as well as precipitation.

  • I do not recommend using chipboards or PVC boards. These materials are afraid of water and snow.
  • If you decide to paint the canvas, then get hammer paint. It is most often used in harsh climates.
  • Vinyloplast can withstand temperatures down to -20 C, if the temperature is lower, the material becomes brittle.

  • For a sophisticated look, you can use water resistant ship panels. Most often these are oak, pine or alder panels.

Wooden entrance doors

If earlier it was believed that wooden doors were the least suitable, then due to technological changes, with the advent of new components, the situation has changed. Let's consider several options for doors with "influx".

The first option: take pine, oak, beech or ash for manufacturing.

The thickness of the canvas is from 0.8 to 1 cm. Penoplex or PPU is used as a filler. Covered with paints or varnish.

Consider what a "sag" is - this is an element from a profile that is needed to apply a seal.

It fits into the box and closes the gap. Why is it necessary?

  1. Cold air, water or snow do not penetrate into the gap. No freezing.
  2. Compaction materials can be placed at a great distance.
  3. The light opening does not decrease, as in conventional doors.

    This pair with a centimeter will be very useful to you if you decide to bring furniture or household appliances of large sizes into the house.

Standard series: differs in that the door is first assembled and only then painted. This is usually the cheapest option. In this embodiment, all adjoining parts and the inner surface are left without paint.

Baguette 80/100 - there are a couple of differences from the previous series.

The baguette frame, which gives solidity, in this version, you can paint all the elements before assembly. The frame also holds well, you can use hidden fasteners and not damage the varnish layer. You can make a blind door or supplement it with a glass unit. Quite an expensive option and not for all openings you can make a door.

The following canopies are best used for door fastening:

  1. Screw-in - with a weight of up to 30 kg per hinge.

    After a few brows, sagging is possible.

  2. Overhead - for weight up to 50 kg per loop. Very reliable, but not always aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Mortise.


  1. How to insulate metal and wooden entrance doors in a private house with your own hands: Step by step instructions No freezing points .


  2. The appearance is up to you. You can follow the general design, and make the entrance and interior doors the same.
  3. Natural material.

Cons of wooden doors:

  1. They can be broken open faster than metal doors.
  2. A wooden door will be lighter.
  3. Thermal conductivity 0.15, which is almost 300 times less than that of metal.


Insulated doors are now produced by both Russian and foreign manufacturers.

The most famous company is Torex. For over 25 years she has been making doors from metal. She applies innovative technologies, she has many patents and certificates.

Doors with increased strength can be purchased from Elbor. It is a large retail chain that manufactures doors that are durable, environmentally friendly and burglar-resistant.

"Bear" manufactures durable, heat-insulating doors. This company employs many highly qualified specialists, as well as a lot of innovative equipment.

The Boston-S company gives a guarantee to all buyers. Moisture resistant, very safe and with a long service life. The company makes it possible to make unique options for any order.

"Stal" has been manufacturing metal doors for the lowest purposes for over 20 years. Because of this, they are very much in demand, as well as beautiful to look at.


How to insulate metal and wooden entrance doors in a private house with your own hands: Step by step instructions Almost every company produce can find positive reviews. Most buyers are now looking to protect their homes. Most of all reviews about the company "Torex".

They are distinguished by their stability, durability, low thermal conductivity. They have good thermal insulation.

The doors of the Elbor company are considered the most reliable. If you need deaf models, especially with a beautiful design or a double-glazed window, then this company is for you. Glass can be decorated with forged details.

Stained-glass elements or mosaics have charm.

CONCLUSION: when choosing a door, consider all factors, climate features, the style of your building. The metal structure is more advantageous than the wooden one. However, if you wish, you can find an excellent wooden door that will serve you for more than one year.

Pay attention to the quality and properties of the filler.

The most beneficial are mineral wool or polyurethane foam.

Remember, it's not just looks that matters, but functionality.

IMPORTANT: before purchasing a door, read the reviews. Trust only trusted manufacturers.

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