How to lay a solid foundation with reinforcement? Step-by-step instructions + Photos and Videos

How to lay a solid foundation with reinforcement? Step-by-step instructions + Photos and Videos One of the most important elements required for the construction of a building object is foundation. The better its design is made, the longer the life of the house will be.

In modern reality, you can see how many people spend their savings on the construction of real estate (residential, country houses, baths, outbuildings). In their environment, this is considered a profitable investment.

Real estate rises in value over time, and to some extent these are justified decisions.

We must not forget that in order for the house to serve as long as possible, it is necessary to hire a team of professionals in their field.

Materials for the foundation

Reinforcement and wire are used in the construction of the foundation. The required length of wire can be indicated by its place of purchase. As soon as the reinforcement is purchased, it must be prepared for laying. To install the reinforcement in the formwork, it must be "tied".

The foundation can be made in another form. This type is called monolithic - tape. Construction using this type involves the installation of square-shaped reinforcement boxes. Their diagonal should be 40 centimeters. The length of the reinforcement slabs is around 3 meters.

It is possible to install large slabs equal to six meters. The rebar block can be ordered to fit the length and width of the block.

An experienced worker is able to perform the rebar bundling procedure. This construction process is very important and therefore it is necessary not to skimp on time and money. After all the actions with the foundation have been completed, you don't have to worry - the main work is completed.

Types of foundations

  1. How to lay a solid foundation with reinforcement? Step-by-step instructions + Photos and Videos Belt - used for the construction of various buildings on any soil. To install the foundation, you need to dig a pit. Next, you need to put reinforcement and formwork along the entire line.
  2. Block - used for building on sandy soil.
  3. Pile - the foundation is made using pile structures.

    It can be used for the construction of buildings with a difference in height.

  4. Slab - the foundation is made in the form of a reinforced concrete slab, which is reinforced with reinforcement.
  5. Columnar - used for the construction of not very large structures. The ability to pay less money. Easy to install.

  6. Bored - used for buildings that are built in places with poor soil.

Steps for creating reinforcement blocks

The work plan is slightly different for right-handers and left-handers. First, a description for right-handers. Accordingly, the left-hander repeats the same action, but with the other hand.

You must take the hook in your right hand.

The hook is a device for using reinforcement knitting. Take the wire in your left hand. Similar to crocheting, you need to make loops. The next step is to put the loops behind the reinforcement and wrap them around it. After that, you need to connect the two ends of the wire together.

The procedure is complete.These actions require endurance, patience and skill.

In Japan, special machines were made to facilitate this process. Perhaps, to make your work easier, use such machines. The downside is that you have to fork out a little.

Beginners will have a hard time getting used to this job. It is important to be able to overcome oneself and each subsequent minute, hour, next day will be easier. Skill is not born in the midst of idleness.

It is also possible to "tie" the reinforcement using clamps. These can be purchased at many construction shops.

A yoke will make it easier to attach reinforcement than if you knit blocks.


This article told about some of the ways to knit reinforcement. Your right to choose the one you like. Your choice will depend on the degree of skill, which you have or not, and the size of the foundation for which reinforcement is needed.