How to lay the cable duct safely? Instruction + Video

How to lay the cable duct safely? Instruction + Video How to properly lay a cable channel in an apartment with your own hands

Traditional laying of electrical wiring in industrial and residential premises is carried out either in an open or hidden way, which involves laying a wire inside building elements. The use of special plastic cable channels makes it possible to increase safety and make the design of the room many times better.

Channels are made with a flat base, which is intended for fixing on a flat surface of a building structure.

General information

In order for the final result to be aesthetically pleasing, and also to make it possible to safely use electrical energy, and all this at a minimum cost, 4 simplest ones should be considered rules:

  1. Think over from and to the progress of work and depict everything in the form of a drawing.
  2. Purchase the required number of tools and accessories, which must be matched to the specific conditions for laying highways in the room.

  3. Draw lines on building structures in places of routes.
  4. Carry out installation work.

So, let's figure out in steps how to lay the wiring in the cable channel.

Stages of work

How to draw up a project

How well this step will be implemented will have an impact on the composition of the required purchases and the quantity, as well as labor costs when performing installation work, which will affect the timing of the work and the final cost. For such reasons, drafting a project is quite a responsible and important point, although many people neglect this and make many mistakes.

A home cable duct installation project can also be done in draft form on a simple sheet of paper. The main thing is that the plan is accurate, and data on measurements are indicated, which can be performed using an ordinary tape measure. A plan should be drawn up both during the initial construction and during the next reconstruction / revision of the electrical circuit. The sequence in drawing up the project is as follows:

  • Determine the places in the room where the switching elements (sockets, switches, junction box) will be located, as well as the consumer of electrical energy, which include lamps, stationary and portable electrical appliances.
  • Plan the mains for power electrical wiring, low-current and computer networks, determine the bypass of possible critical routes around the gas and water supply, as well as sewage and heating systems.

  • Sketch the rooms on paper and mark the planned gasket spots with the exact dimensions that allow you to calculate the need for materials.

When planning, you should clearly define for yourself:

  1. Installation sites of terminal devices that work from electrical energy.
  2. Configuration of routes to devices cable channels along the floor, walls or ceiling.
  3. Composition of wires and cables for each section and total cross-sectional value.
  4. The length of the track and its any element.

  5. Design ideas.

Now you can proceed to the next step, which leads to the main task - to lay the cable channel.

Accessories, tools and materials

You can proceed to this step only when the issues with the project are completely resolved, since otherwise they may errors appear that are associated with material loss. When laying several cables in parallel, select the appropriate duct. It is important to take into account that it is allowed to lay electrical wires and circuits with low current in one cable channel, which can be separated by several partitions.

In order to secure wires over long spans between supports, a narrow tray configuration with high edges is ideal, and a wide shape with low walls is not the best option, as this will make it more difficult to install the cable. On the basis of the diagram, it is possible to determine the internal dimensions for the duct at each section and make a division into main branches and branches with a smaller section. Naturally, it is also required to calculate the length of each cable.

PVC cable channels are equipped with additional fittings, which makes it possible to fix electrical wiring to them in different ways and lay routes at different angles, as well as fix the case of sockets and switches. Most types of cable channels have their own devices for built-in installation of sockets and switches with outdoor installation.

This will not only help make the job easier, but it will also look beautiful.

Inserts installed radially will protect the wiring from mechanical influences at the joints of the walls, and will also give the structure strength. Brackets for fasteners make it possible to achieve a snug fit of the inner surface of the cover on the box The number of parts required should be calculated after the project is completed and before you go to the specialty store.

Also, at the same time, it will not be superfluous to study the offered products from different manufacturers and choose the best option for you in terms of technical characteristics and design. The main attention should be paid not only to the fact that the ends are integral, but also to the work of the locks.

Certain types of cable channels are sold with pre-made holes that are oval in shape for wall mounting. This makes it possible to slightly shift the body along the axis during installation work after installing the mount until the final fixation of the tightening screws.

Special designs of cable channels can be divided into the following classes:

  1. IP 00 - each element is made in the form of a straight line and is not closed cover.
  2. IP 20 - straight track is made in the form of a perforated base and covered with covers.
  3. IP 40 - lines are straight, made of non-perforated elements, closed with covers.

  4. IР 44 - similar to IР 40, but an additional band is used on each element of the connection, closed with covers.

The method of fastening the box with screws is far from unique, since you can use:

  • Construction gun ...
  • Adhesive solution.

  • Double-sided adhesive tape.

Which of these is better in order to lay a cable channel in an apartment and a house with your own hands, is determined based on the conditions. But nevertheless, when performing the routes of cable channels in terms of speed, it will be possible to carry out work most quickly with a construction gun. The use of self-tapping screws and dowels is associated with drilling, and fastening with adhesives is recommended for small areas.

Since individual box structures can be located between vertical wall joints or be used as floor / ceiling plinths, they are made in a shape that looks like a triangle.

The rest of the cable channels, which are installed at a distance from the surfaces of the perpendicular type, are created using a rectangular profile or any other similar.

PVC material has a certain strength and excellent durability during use. At the same time, it is available for processing using standard cutting tools, such as knives and saws with fine teeth, drills and reinforced scissors, which are in the arsenal of almost all DIYers. There are special devices on sale that are designed for quick and high-quality cutting, marking and joining surfaces. If you plan to do a large amount of editing, then this tool will greatly help to facilitate the work.

Marking on the building structure

How well the markings are made will determine the future appearance of the cable channel and the room. For this reason, try to approach this step responsibly. Assembled boxes look great on a perfectly planned surface. If there are small defects on the walls, then they can be visually smoothed out by deflecting PVC materials and increasing the frequency of using fasteners. Serious flaws in the walls will create serious problems during installation and will not allow the work to be done beautifully, so it is better to align them in advance.

In order for the lines to be designed only from a horizontal or vertical surface, plumb lines and a building level should be used. Lasers, building cords, infrared pointers make it possible to mark even faster and with excellent quality.Also, during the marking, when considering several options for the location of the highways, the finally selected line should be highlighted from the rest with color and width, since otherwise serious mistakes can be made during drilling.

Features of the installation of PVC material

Features consist of two parts:

  1. A plastic case that is attached to the building structure.
  2. A cover that covers the wires and is inserted into the box locks.

When installing, you should first fix the box on the walls, ceiling or floor, and then lay the wiring into it and close the covers. The standard length of the channel cable is 2 meters. If it is not enough, then the next building can be simply docked to the previous one. If, on the contrary, you have extra length, the body blank together with the lid should be cut to the required size.

Smooth joints can be obtained by sawing corners in special squares.

Most craftsmen cut the workpieces with a jigsaw or electric grinder, and they get a clear cut, but due to the use of these devices, a lot of plastic dust is formed. If it enters the human body, it does harm, so you can protect yourself from it with the help of respirators and glasses, and remove everything from the surrounding objects and the floor manually with a rag or vacuum cleaner.

After the release of the cable channel for laying the wiring in the apartment, it is transported and stored in various places, and this does not always correspond to safety. A defect from carelessness can appear in the form of chips and cracks on the side surface, so inspect them carefully and level them before starting installation on building structures.

At the junction of the walls, the direction of the channel cable will be reversed exactly 90 degrees.

To perform such a turn, it is permissible to undercut the sides of the housing with the lid on the turn and bend in the required direction. In such places, most of the time you spend on it to perform high-quality joining of parts. Special covers that come with the kit make it possible to close problem areas and get work done quickly.

Housings for small cables with low current are produced with solid walls without holes for fastening, and they are used only for adhesive fastening. If you plan to install with screws, then it will be best to drill holes for them in advance.

Installing a box with ready-made holes on the markings on the wall will make it possible to mark the places for drilling and easily combine the self-tapping screw with an installed dowel in the wall. The fastening of the box body and the junction box with a construction gun should be done through the pre-made holes in the PVC housing.

High-quality plastics are unlikely to crack from being shot into plastic and will be able to withstand the forces, and a box that is installed even with a slight violation of technology will give deep cracks or even burst.When there are several wires and cables inside, it is important to carefully lay them in the form of parallel rows in niches and fix them with fixing jumpers, spacers, or simply tie them every 50 cm.Such items can be bought in the store, which are always sold in the accessories department .


The material will affect the way the duct cable is attached to the wall as follows:

  1. How to lay the cable duct safely? Instruction + Video Anything can be screwed into a wooden structure, even ordinary screws.
  2. Concrete, brick and stone requires drilling dowel sockets or using a glue gun.
  3. Plasterboard, plywood panels, PVC and chipboard can only withstand special structures that are shaped like butterflies for screwing in.

  4. Places where drilling and deepening into the wall is impossible, allow the use of adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape.

In a special case, you can put a ready-made short-length box on the fixed cable.

The completed design of the cable channel must have:

  • Resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Reliable protection for the cable.
  • Availability for reconstruction and completion of the electrical circuit.

  • Relatively low cost.

As you can see, everything is quite simple and if you adhere to the rules, you will succeed the first time!