How to make a bath from a trailer + photo

How to make a bath from a trailer + photo Bath from a construction trailer + photo

It is believed that you can equip a bath room from anything, and a striking example of this can be a bathhouse from a construction trailer. Simple and at the same time uncomplicated in the assembly process, steam room and washing departments, as a rule, are made of construction trailers and temporary huts that can be moved. The degree of comfort, of course, will turn out to be lower, and such a bath is the result of alteration, and not of purposeful design, but you can bathe in it with no less pleasure and effect.

What is the difference between a change house and a stationary bath

The desire to build a real steam room on the basis of a ready-made metal box has existed for a long time. They are also made from cabins, sea and railway containers, old car booths, decommissioned trailers.

It will not be more difficult to make a full-fledged bath from a trailer with your own hands than from other types of mobile structures. A wagon or a shed (all people have different names for a small-sized structure on a wheeled trailer), a construction carriage,

is a room made by an industrial method with the following parameters:

  1. How to make a bath from a trailer + photo The main box is made on a metal frame, from steel or aluminum galvanized sheet.
  2. Wall surfaces are sandwich panels with insulation material based on mineral wool or foam. The floor of the change house is reinforced with a steel profile, and is also treated with mastic waterproofing and additionally insulated with a second foam layer.
  3. Dimensions of the future trailer bath in the structural base - 230 * 600 cm, 245 * 580, 300 * 600 or 280 * 600 cm.

    The height of the ceiling leaves from 2.2 to 2.3 meters, depending on the thickness of the coating floor from boards.

Please note that the floor surfaces in the shed, depending on the model of the trailer, can be made of pine-type timber, and such structures are not installed on wheels, but cargo cranes and cars are used for movement.

As a rule, cabins from the trailer have an entrance from the wide box side.

The doors can be located strictly in the center of the trailer with division into a pair of rooms. In a car trailer, the entrance is made so that there is also a folding ladder. Such a trailer is also called a sleeping bag. For insulated structures, the entrance doors can be moved or made from the end of the box. A bathhouse made of a metal trailer will turn out to be no worse than one built from a bar or foam blocks, but the room itself after installing an additional insulation layer and finishing the walls inside will turn out to be a little cramped, and even more so in the steam room area.

If you listen to the reviews of the owners of such bath structures, then there is enough room for 1-2 people, but if in a company of 3 people, you will need to go to the bath in turns. For a large team, the ideal option would be to build a bath from two trailers or cabins.There is not much difference here, since the schematic diagram will be the same as that of the single version. In advance, at each trailer, only one of the side walls is cut off, two boxes are joined, and then the outer wall surfaces are trimmed from a bar of a common bathhouse.

What is worth paying attention to

At first it may seem that you can build a bathhouse from an old construction trailer in 2-3 days with your own hands.

the rigid frame of the change house does not need additional insulation of the floor surface and walls. The room of the trailer was already insulated when arranging the box. In theory, only small refurbishment works should be done with your own hands for the bath room from the change house:

  • Laying the electrical wiring in order to connect the ventilation and lighting system, as well as heating, if an electric heater is used in the steam room instead of wood stoves.
  • Bring up the water supply, make a drain for the steam room and shower, connect communications to the sewer or septic tank.
  • Carry out finishing work and install the stove.

Note that the reality is more difficult in practice. Before making a bath from a trailer, it is required to solve the problem of arranging thermal insulation and steam insulation.

The problem is that the aluminum or steel walls of the trailer, just like the popular sandwich panels based on bakelite plywood, do not allow water vapor to pass through at all. The challenge is not even how to make a bath from an old and unnecessary change house, but how to ensure maximum comfort and durability of the bath. In such a situation, you have to make a choice - or build a bathhouse from a simple trailer, with metal walls, reliable and durable, which can stand for 20 years in a swamp, but at the same time rack your brains and look for the best insulation option.

The second option is to look for a ready-made change house, which is assembled from a bar. In this case, the construction and bath insulation will be no different from the scheme for arranging a simple steam room from a frame.

How to make a bath room from a trailer

Before proceeding directly to the process, it is worth talking about the price of the issue. Good wooden cabins, which are currently flooded with the construction market with its equipment, cost about $ 1250, without foundation and delivery. It is difficult to find an ideal option for building a wooden bath from a trailer or shed with your own hands.

The design of the old trailer, as well as the presence of a high-quality frame made of 15 cm bars, makes it possible to easily transport a two-ton "blank" for a bath to any places that are available for a truck.

Parameters of the change house for arranging the bath

Structurally, the trailer hardly differs from the frame type of the bath, because the building has everything you need to organize the washing process:

  1. Steam room and dressing room, with the total area of ​​the steam room and bathing compartment being at least 12 square meters.
  2. Built-in shower with electric water heater, built-in system for collecting dirty water, mounted 120 liters boiler.
  3. The building of the future bathhouse is insulated with mineral fiber panels, and a double-sided vapor barrier is installed. The wall surfaces of the change house are finished by means of aspen lining with a thickness of 1.

    2 cm.

The dimensions of the box are 2. 3 * 5. 8 meters. Building a bath room from a log cabins similar to the device and size, with your own hands "from scratch", will cost 2.

5 times more than converting from a ready-made box. It is already possible to build a real bath complex from a couple of trailers, and at the same time, part of the premises can be set aside for an excellent recreation room, and the second toilet can be converted to store the prepared firewood.

Basis for the installation of a public bath

It is important to pay special attention to the arrangement of the foundation system for the installation of a wooden change house. Its structural frame strength is sufficient to lift the box with a crane and transport the building without any additional reinforcement struts. For this reason, the bathhouse can be placed on almost any land.

It is required to bury a 5 cm sewer pipe in advance in the ground. The entrance to the pipe must be left on the surface, and after connecting the drain corrugation from the bath room, the unit must be closed and insulated with expanded polystyrene. The ideal option would be arrangement on a concrete slab or a columnar foundation. You just need to make a storm drain, level and tamp the ground within the size of the future bath. For a columnar base, it may be necessary to fill the area with a mixture of fine gravel and sand.

What needs to be converted in the change house

How to make a bath from a trailer + photo The only drawback of this design is extremely inconvenient location of the toilet. For a simple room, the division into a sanitary and a residential area is only welcome, and in the case of a bath, it is recommended to sheathe an open miniature terrace with clapboard and install entrance doors made of double-glazed windows. Moreover, in the trailer under the bath, it will be necessary to additionally install a partition that will separate the steam room from the main change house room. For internal bath walls, thermoplates with a thickness of 10 cm are usually used, rolls with a thickness of 5 cm are additionally laid on the floor and ceiling under the steam insulation.The stove in the bath room from the change house is installed according to the general rules that are adopted for wooden steam rooms.

The chimney is led out through the side walls at a height of at least a couple of meters from the floor surface and 0.35 meters from the roof overhang.

How to make a bath from a trailer

As a rule, the idea of ​​a bath from a simple rotational shift comes to the owners of private houses after all construction work on a suburban area is finished. A decommissioned metal box with insulated wall surfaces is inexpensive, and a very good bath is obtained from it. You can make a bath from a trailer with your own hands in two ways.

In the first case, the metal box of the box remains unchanged, it will only be insulated and retrofitted with a shower stall, as well as a heater-stove. In the second case, all the walls of the trailer must be cut out of metal, and the surface must be sewn up with siding or a block house. Thus, the problem of combating water vapor and condensate that falls on the steel walls of the room will be solved for the bath room.


Unlike a change house made of wood, a bathhouse from a metal trailer can be built immediately on the ground. Naturally, in practice, such options are not resorted to due to severe hypothermia of the floor.

Installation of the bath on a tape shallow base is considered ideal. For loamy soil, the steel box is often laid directly on the columnar supports. The construction of the metal trailer is designed so that the main load will fall on a pair of beams, which are laid in the base of the floor along the total length of the body. For this reason, for reliable fixation, it will be enough to mount the body on a couple of rows of concrete blocks.

This solution makes it possible to insulate the space under the trailer by embedding or filling the basement with red brick.

At the same time, the appearance of the bath room is improved and the risk of metal corrosion is minimized.

Laying the insulation in the box of the trailer made of metal

The insulation scheme is chosen based on the construction of the walls on the sides. If the box is made of a profiled sheet, then to install the insulation, it will be enough to open the inner lining and lay one more layer of thermal insulation on top of the (mineral) fiber plates. After that, the slab surface is closed with glassine and trimmed along the crate with lining. I use linden or alder for interior decoration from the trailer.

On the walls of the trailer within the limits of placing the steam room on a mineral-type insulation according to the existing crate, additional slats are stuffed, foil-clad polyethylene foam is laid, and only after that the finish is filled. On the floor, as a rule, sheet-type expanded polystyrene, penoplex or polystyrene is laid, the insulation is poured with mastic waterproofing, a mesh for reinforcement is laid and a cement screed is made. A simple ceramic tile is laid on top, which in bathing conditions turns out to be much more practical than wood.

Additional insulation option

To create metal boxes of the old design, smooth, non-profiled sheets of galvanized, aluminum or plastic were usually used.In this case, the insulation of the bath must be done with a gap for ventilation.

A galvanized profile must be sewn onto the walls inside the sauna room. After that, a lattice of wood planks, aspen or larch is stuffed, and this is how an air gap will turn out through which water vapor will be removed from the steam room and bath. The rest of the insulation is installed similarly to the previous version. On the roof, it is imperative to bring the ventilation channel out of the gap between the walls.


To make a bath from a trailer, at least 2 weeks will be spent and materials for a cost from 6000 to 30,000 rubles.

Depending on the selected model of the original room used for finishing the material and the method of heating, the bath can be idle for up to 15 years without major repairs.