How to make a bathroom in a private frame house with your own hands: Review + Video

How to make a bathroom in a private frame house with your own hands: Review + Video Suburban construction is becoming more and more popular today. A house outside the city is no longer the ugly dacha made of scrap materials that we could imagine a country house not so long ago. A country house, even the simplest one, made of wood, claims today for an interesting design, strength and reliability. It is used, as a rule, for permanent residence and, as a result, has everything necessary for a comfortable stay and convenience. The main such amenities are communications, the presence of which can be called the basic requirement of the civilized world.

It is communications (hot and cold water, shower and toilet in the house) that provide the appropriate level of comfort, in no way inferior to that which we are used to seeing in city apartments.

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How to save on the organization of the bathroom

The location of communications is thought out, as a rule, at the planning stage building. When drawing up a plan for your future home, it is worth remembering a few tricks that will allow you to significantly reduce the cost of installing bathrooms and other communications:

  • when erecting a building in several floors, plan the location of bathrooms one above the other;
  • even not combined bathroom with toilet should be placed next to each other;
  • toilet, shower, bathroom and kitchen should be placed through the wall from each other, and not in different parts of the house (it is easier to lay a pipe through the wall than to pull it into other part of the house, so you will save a significant part of the money).

How to make a bathroom in a private frame house with your own hands: Review + Video

You can also save on the arrangement of a comfortable bathroom or toilet by using so-called second grade sinks or toilets. This is sanitary ceramics, which during production received some defects in the form of chips, etc.

Often such defects are located in completely invisible places, but these things will no longer be sold. As a rule, in factories such plumbing is discarded.

If you agree with the manufacturer, then you can get at your disposal even elite plumbing fixtures with minor imperfections invisible to the eye for free. This will allow you to significantly save on bathroom equipment.

Basic rules for arranging a bathroom in a private house

Bathroom is an important part of living space.

Not only safety, but also the comfort of living in the house depends on the quality of the bathroom design.

There are several basic rules for arranging a bathroom in a wooden house:

  • waterproofing a room is a prerequisite;
  • wall treatment with a waterproofing and antifungal solution;
  • use of high-quality durable materials (ceramic tiles, laminate, parquet boards, etc.);
  • restrained colors;
  • decoration of the floor and ceiling in the same color scheme with the walls.

How to make a bathroom in a private frame house with your own hands: Review + Video

The main features of the bathroom in the house

Bathroom in the house - a room with high humidity and frequent temperature changes.

Such a feature of this room, as humidity, can negatively affect the wooden structures of the house, cause rotting, the formation of fungus or mold, etc.

Therefore, the bathroom room requires compliance with certain conditions in the decoration and the use of special materials. The walls of this room require processing with special materials that protect surfaces from moisture.

High-quality wall insulation will provide protection against temperature changes. With properly organized insulation, the walls of the house become practically insensitive to temperature changes.

How to decorate a bathroom in a wooden house

How to make a bathroom in a private frame house with your own hands: Review + Video

Bathroom in a wooden house can be finished in any style and using even the most modern materials.

Most often, wood, plastic panels or ceramic tiles are used in bathroom decoration. Consider the main features of the decoration and design of a bathroom in a wooden house using these materials.

Wood in bathroom decoration

How to make a bathroom in a private frame house with your own hands: Review + Video

Pretty you can often find the option when the bathroom is decorated in the same style with the rest of the rooms in the house using wood finishing materials.

Wood is an excellent eco-friendly material that can be successfully used in the decoration of any premises.

However, before use in the bathroom, wooden elements need special preparation and processing.

Finishing materials made of natural wood, which it was decided to use in the bathroom, are preliminarily well sanded, processed and thoroughly impregnated with a moisture-resistant composition.

However, wood is a rather expensive material that needs special treatment and care. In this regard, wood fades into the background before other modern finishing materials.

Decorating a bathroom in a wooden house with plastic panels

How to make a bathroom in a private frame house with your own hands: Review + Video

Plastic panels are also quite popular material for decorating a bathroom with your own hands.

They have a number of advantages:

  • ease of installation;
  • practicality and durability;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • various designs and colors;
  • the ability to choose the finish to match the color of bathroom fixtures and furniture;
  • good compatibility with tiles in the case of a combined interior decoration.

Plastic panels can be installed on wooden battens or directly on walls. In the case of direct wall mounting, allow some space between the panels and the wall to ensure ventilation.

Ceramic tile design

How to make a bathroom in a private frame house with your own hands: Review + Video Ceramic tiles, although they are quite expensive material , however, it is quite popular and is very often used in the decoration of bathrooms both in apartments and in private houses.

The main advantages of ceramics are its excellent moisture resistance, interesting design, strength and good compatibility with other types of finishes.

Ceramic tiles create a unique bathroom style.

It can only be placed partially on the walls and floors that are most exposed to moisture.

As you can see, each of the proposed materials has its own advantages. However, whichever finishing option is chosen, all wooden surfaces, even if you plan to cover them with plastic or ceramics, should be treated with a composition from moisture and fungus.

Some of the design options for the bathroom can be seen in the photo:

Bathroom in the house, attention to the floor

Most of all exposed to moisture in the bathroom floor. Therefore, such close attention is paid to the finishing of floors in the bathroom.

Indeed, in addition to its aesthetic function, it is also designed to protect the entire structure of the house, the lower beams and the base, from the penetration of moisture.

To decorate the floor in the bathroom, you can use materials such as ceramic tiles or mosaics, linoleum, wood, etc.

Before using these decorative materials, double waterproofing of wooden floors is carried out. Further, finishing is carried out in accordance with the technology adopted for each of these materials.

So, ceramic tiles require the organization of a solid fixed base.

Such a basis can be a concrete-cement screed, on which, subsequently, ceramics will be laid. It should be remembered that when organizing such a screed (even in a small room), the load on the supporting structures of the house increases, and the floor level rises slightly.

Wooden bathroom floors are best made from wood species that are least susceptible to moisture. In the first place is a teak board, followed by larch. You can use thermal wood - a material that has undergone additional factory processing, thanks to which it becomes resistant to moisture, mold and mildew.

When laying wooden floors, it is not necessary to do a screed at the base, the main thing is to take care of waterproofing the lower layers of the wooden structures of the house.

When laying linoleum, you should also not neglect waterproofing, but connect the sheets themselves using hot welding.

Waterproofing the floor, highlights

Even the most beautiful and tidy bathroom will not last long if not done properly waterproofing the floor.

After all, any materials under the influence of moisture can deteriorate, and the tree is subject to the destructive effects of moisture very, very strongly.
There are several options for waterproofing, which we will discuss below.

So, the first option is cast waterproofing. Already from the name it is clear that this type of waterproofing is made by filling the surface with liquid mixtures.

Next comes waterproofing using paints and varnishes. Coating a wooden surface with a layer of paint can protect it from destruction. However, the paint needs to be renewed regularly.

Impregnation of wooden surfaces with special water-repellent compounds is also quite effective.

One of the methods is gluing waterproofing, which is carried out using a special roll material. These materials are rolled out onto the surface and, if necessary, glued together using hot welding.

Lubricating waterproofing is made using compositions based on bitumen or polymer mixtures. It is necessary to apply these compositions only on dry wood, since otherwise the decay process will occur directly under the lubricant.

Ceiling decoration

A wide variety of materials can be used in the ceiling decoration: ceramics, panels, stretch fabric. The choice of materials will depend on your preferences and the design of your bathroom.

Bathroom furniture in a country house

If the design of your bathroom requires placing wooden furniture in it, then you should remember a few important points:

  • use furniture with moisture resistant impregnation;
  • furniture must be washable;
  • the best wood for the bathroom is oak or larch;
  • Use accessories according to your style (wicker baskets, etc.).

Such an integrated approach to finishing and decorating a bathroom in a private frame house will allow you to make your home cozy and your stay in it pleasant.