How to make a beautiful hallway in the house: design and ideas + Review

How to make a beautiful hallway in the house: design and ideas + Review Theater, as you know, begins with a coat rack, while a house, no doubt, begins with a hallway design. Having entered almost any country house, the guest finds himself in the interior of the hallway. And this room gives the very first impression not only of the house itself, but also of its owners. This is influenced by a lot: not only order and cleanliness, but also originality and thoughtfulness of solutions, style, comfort and convenience of the room. The designers recommend paying no less attention to the decoration and furnishings of the hallway of a private house than to other parts of the house.

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The interior of the hallway in the house: first acquaintance

How to make a beautiful hallway in the house: design and ideas + Review This room is rarely large, because almost no one spends enough time in it. Rather, it serves as a kind of gateway, a kind of transitional stage between the street and the house itself.

Nevertheless, this part of the house is its most important element. In a private house, it has specific features. It is often larger than a similar room in a city apartment, and has a more specific purpose.

In a private house, the entrance hall is a protective barrier for bad weather and street cold, an obstacle for snow and rain to get inside .

How to make a beautiful hallway in the house: design and ideas + Review
Entrance hall with panoramic windows and doors

Here is a significant part of the shoes , clothes and hats, including seasonal storage. Usually, this part of the house is equipped with deep and spacious wardrobes that can hide all the necessary property.

Often, this room also takes on the role of a terrace in a private house. For this, you can use interesting ideas of French or panoramic windows.

The entrance hall can be connected to a real terrace, making up one room.

In order for this part of the dwelling to cope with the responsibilities assigned to it, and meet all the wishes of the apartment owners, they should be especially careful to choose furnishings and material for finishing the hallway.

Entrance hall in the house: materials for finishing

First, the owners of the house should decide on the general style and theme of decoration of this room, only after that you can attend to selection of suitable materials.

In this zone, a significant role is usually played not by a fashionable print on wallpaper, or an improved way of laying parquet, but by the wear resistance and strength of materials, their ability to maintain their original appearance and be cleaned of dirt without problems.

How to make a beautiful hallway in the house: design and ideas + Review
We use high-quality vinyl wallpaper in the hallway

As if Designers liked light and pastel colors to visually increase the space, here it is better to stop your choice on other shades.

Otherwise, the hour is not even, the creamy beige will turn dirty brown, and the pearl will turn into gray. When choosing wallpaper for the hallway, you should not try to save money.Cheap paper coverings will quickly get dirty and wear off, thin budget linoleum will ripple or break. High-quality wall cladding is perhaps the most important stage here.

The impression of the room as a whole will depend on how correctly the finishing materials are selected and used.

After all, the walls in this part of the house are in constant contact with clothes (often wet or snowy), water, mud and the hands of the inhabitants and their guests leaning on them. Therefore, the coating for them should not only be stylish and beautiful, but also durable, durable, easy to clean.

Conventional paint, vinyl wall-paper, modern decorative plaster and many other materials fully meet these requirements.

How to make a beautiful hallway in the house: design and ideas + Review
Floor in the house

Most suitable flooring materials are tiles and laminates with suitable properties.

The same laminate has different resistance classes, and for the floor in the hallway, more than often in contact with moisture, a moisture resistant material is preferable.

This also applies to floor tiles, they must also be special, capable of withstanding increased loads.

Such tiles should not be slippery, therefore, when choosing them, one should be guided not only by design, but also by functional characteristics.

What kind of ceiling should be in the hallway of a private house?

It should harmoniously combine beauty and attractiveness with ease and affordability of care. All well-known whitewashing and painting can be considered as a simple and economical method of tidying up the ceiling, but first it must be properly leveled.

How to make a beautiful hallway in the house: design and ideas + Review Often in modern dwellings a suspended ceiling is mounted from standard panels or plasterboard layers.

It allows you to organize interesting and original spot lighting, which gives the room a special charm and comfort.

The use of stretch ceilings allows you to choose not only the appropriate color, but also the texture and pattern. Such a coating is very practical and rational.

Furniture for the hallway

The presence of space, an abundance of air is appreciated in the modern interior. And the hallway is even less a place where a lot of furniture should be located.

Of course, it should not be empty either.

How to make a beautiful hallway in the house: design and ideas + Review Shoe cabinets and shelves, clothes hangers, shelves for small things - this is what functionally necessary for this room.

Elegantly austere, emphatically pretentious or neutral-ascetic, whatever it may be - the interior of the hallway emphasizes the atmosphere of the whole dwelling, and determines its style.

Placement of a compact cozy sofa or a comfortable banquet there will help to add comfort to this room. This solution is not only functional, but also very beautiful.

It is difficult to overestimate the role of lighting in creating a special atmosphere in a room. This also applies to the hallway in the house.

For a small-sized room, placing two or even one source of muffled, dim light may be quite sufficient.

It is not recommended to use bulky lamps and chandeliers here: wall lamps located in parallel will look much more harmonious and effective. Instead of them, various LED strips and lamps are very effectively used today.

How to make a beautiful hallway in the house: design and ideas + Review
Decor in a frame house

Set decor in the interior of the hallway is not very good, and experienced designers suggest using necessary and functional items.

It can be a wall clock, several paintings or panels, a mirror in a beautiful frame, a vase of flowers. After all, the task of using decorative elements is not to distract attention to many objects, but to emphasize the general style of the room.

An entrance hall in a wooden house is not just a room that forms an idea of ​​the person who entered it about the whole house. This is an important and necessary corner of the living space for a comfortable life.

Its spectacular and stylish atmosphere can set the tone for the mood, make life more positive and comfortable. The design of such a room in a private home is both a complex and very exciting task.

If in its decision to be guided not only by the beauty and decorativeness of the design, but also by its versatility, then an ordinary hallway can be turned into a full-fledged and comfortable room. She will delight her owners every day, while causing pleasant surprise and admiration for the guests of the house.