How to make a bigger apartment? Visual techniques + Video

How to make a bigger apartment? Visual techniques + Video How visually make an apartment bigger - the best advice. During renovation work, every homeowner wants to refresh the renovation and design, as well as create an environment that will be as comfortable as possible. To maximize space, make small rooms taller and larger (albeit visually), and spacious rooms do not look like a production workshop, you should use some effective techniques that are used by the best and most experienced designers. Even very small rooms can be made taller, wider and brighter with actionable tips and solutions.

In this case, it is not necessary to destroy the partitions, start a long and expensive repair.

Over the years, professionals in their field have developed unique methods that make it possible to do on their own and visually make an apartment larger.

General information

Basic rules for the visual enlargement of rooms

Small apartments / houses / rooms can get bigger visually after you start using the available optical techniques. Even an extremely cramped space can be changed and made into an expanded room through a combination of techniques, for example, creating a harmonious color scheme, organizing a play of color, setting up a system of mirrors, choosing wallpaper with the right pattern, and using photo wallpaper for wall cladding.

In addition, in no case do not forget about the correct arrangement of pieces of furniture, decorative elements and other interior items. Even if you use soft and light, homely and cozy textiles, this can also help save the situation, as well as play a certain beneficial role in realizing the idea of ​​visually expanding the room.

There are several techniques for visually expanding the space used by thousands of designers around the world:

  • Light shades of the floor and walls help to give visual height and breadth, and dark colors slightly reduce the room visually.
  • You can even divide a room into several zones by using lines - for zoning, different materials are often used for decoration.
  • Using contrasting spots helps to make the room smaller.
  • It is better not to install massive, bulky objects in small rooms.
  • It is possible to make the room larger by using the minimum amount of interior items.

Now you roughly know how to make the volume of an apartment larger, and now we will consider more tips for increasing all the rooms in the room individually, so the information in the article is also suitable for owners of a private house, and for those who live in a city apartment. Let's take a closer look at the principles of how to enlarge a room so that you can better understand the principles of operation and take useful recommendations on a pencil.

Impact of color

According to professional designers, even one correctly chosen shade helps to give a room a spaciousness. In order for such a technique to be achieved, and also to work for you 100%, it is imperative to combine the colors of the wall surface with the main color of the room - it is unacceptable to make a combination of too flashy and different shades. Ceiling, wall surfaces, and floor should be chosen in the same color scheme.

This can also apply to furnishings, including furniture and curtains.

Interesting fact: different colors are not only able to influence a person, but also have their own specific purpose. Shades such as yellow, peach and beige can help add warmth and coziness to the room. Very often, these canvases of wallpaper are used for the living room, because this is where you spend most of your time. A sunny environment will help drive away fatigue and depression.

When choosing a shade in order to make an apartment bigger, you should remember that dark options will not be able to help resolve the issue with visual expansion, but quite the opposite - saturation will take away the flow of light , and hence the space as a whole. For a children's room or a bedroom, it is best to choose relaxing, soothing motives. A light green, pink and blue shade will perfectly cope with such a task. Also try not to forget the white color, which is perfect and pleasing to the eye.

In addition, there is such a thing as dividing colors into 2 groups - cold and warm.

The latter help to stimulate a great mood and add energy for new achievements. These include orange, red, yellow - they should not be used in a narrow room. But cold ones are soothing, and give harmony to white, green, light green color, and also help to visually expand the space. But it is better to refuse to use too bright and saturated colors.

How to make a bigger apartment? Visual techniques + Video We also note that the use of light shades will help in a room that is larger than 8 square meters .

.. If your room is smaller, it will start to resemble hospital rooms or even a public restroom when using very light and cool colors. In this case, it is better to use another option - to install a fresco or paste over the wall with photo wallpaper, to lay a mosaic of light and cold shades. For example, the blue color will help create the effect of objects moving away, therefore, it will visually expand the space.

But warm orange will focus on objects, so it will make the room visually smaller.

For rooms that are north-facing and cold, warm-toned patterns and similar textures are an excellent option - this helps to make the drawing soft and voluminous. Yellow, gold or orange colors help to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.Also, beige and peach will be a great addition to the look. Don't want to go with a color scheme? Then you can play in contrast - install a fresco on the wall, which will be in the same color as all the walls.

Note that in this case the image should be one tone lighter.

Wallpaper as a way to "straighten your shoulders"

Similar recommendations can work for small apartments, and for large houses - absolutely every room can be made visually wider, taller and longer if you use the right wallpaper. When choosing a color, factors such as taste preferences at home, aesthetic tastes, and the number of people who will live in the room should be taken into account. In order not to resort to fundamental actions like demolishing partitions between rooms, most designers recommend changing the wall cladding - a large selection of wallpapers makes it possible to increase the space in an instant.

Coziness and space can be given to wallpaper of different variations with a small and discreet pattern.

Ideally, you should choose pastel colors that give comfort and fill with light. Large drawings in a small room will have a very different effect. To increase the height of the room, the use of a covering with vertical stripes is required - for small-sized apartments this technique is indispensable. By the way, there are a few more tricks for using wallpaper that help turn even a small lit room with low ceilings into a beautiful room.

  1. Pasting the walls with two types of wallpaper - the bottom should be a dark color, and the top should be light.

    So that the transition is not so noticeable, there should be a noticeable horizontal stripe at the junction of the colors.

  2. To expand a private house or apartment, and in particular rooms separately, wallpaper should be combined with other wall cladding materials.
  3. Another great way to make the room more spacious is to paste over the wall with wallpaper that has a geometric pattern, and leave the rest of the walls in plain color. This involves tricking the eye to help make the room more spacious.
  4. When using small patterns, pay attention to the repetition frequency - if such patterns are too frequent and incorrect, ripples may appear in the eyes.

  5. Avoid very large patterns as this can ruin the overall impression and reduce space.
  6. Wallpaper with a border and multi-colored patterns will not help in expansion, but on the contrary, will make the room narrower. A similar effect can be expected with dark colors.
  7. You can expand the area using this technique - stick a large pattern on the wall surface, and on the rest of the pattern, which will be smaller. The option for rooms that are cluttered with interior items is especially effective.

Also, do not forget about the combination of wallpaper with shades and texture of the ceiling.To make the room wider and higher, you should use extremely light shades for the ceiling. The overhead gloss helps fill the room with light, but you can even use special baguettes - they can be painted in any color.

Techniques that help to make the room taller

You can raise the ceiling surface upward with the help of simple techniques in every apartment or house - the room will stop "crushing" with its darkness and nondescript. We have already talked about some of the possible options for increasing the height through the use of wallpaper.

But there are other ways to make the area more spacious. Set yourself the task of making the room larger and abandon horizontal lines in the first place. There should be as few of them as possible in the decoration of the floor, walls, ceiling, as well as in other visual planes.

If you are now at the stage of deep renovation, and also plan to change the floor, then you should definitely remove the old wooden coverings, make a new screed on which you can put modern floor coverings - so you can win a few centimeters. To make the transition less clear in one of the rooms, you can remove excess space in the higher rooms.

Such a compensatory effect will make it possible to smooth out the impression when moving from a low room. For this technique, the installation of suspended ceilings for higher rooms is perfect.

Light is the main assistant

How to visually increase the size of a room using natural lighting and electric? This is not difficult at all, as it might seem at first glance, and you can make even a very small room cozy, spacious. There are several techniques that designers use when creating a visual trick. We again return to the topic of optical illusion.

The correct use of lighting fixtures is somewhat of an art that greatly helps to develop the possibilities of the interior and complement the design of the room. When properly positioned, flat light will create a new style and visually enlarge the space. Before moving on to lighting, natural light sources should be considered.

How to make a bigger apartment? Visual techniques + Video How to visually make an apartment bigger? In a small apartment with small rooms, you should definitely get rid of small and narrow windows. Try to change them to the widest and larger ones so that both the southern and northern window openings can let in the maximum amount of light.

Natural light will not only help to enlarge the room, but will also improve the mood of the guests and tenants of the apartment. At the same time, you can significantly save on electrical energy, then that you will use the maximum amount of natural daylight.A small room will become wider if you hang a mirror in front of the window - this will help the sun's rays reflect from the surface of the mirror and give the room comfort and space at the same time.

Naturally, the techniques described above with the use of sunlight help to expand the room, but you still can't do without additional decorative artificial lighting. Oddly enough, for small rooms a chandelier would be an excellent option, but only one where there is the ability to adjust the height.

Thus, lighting will not only provide excellent visibility and comfort for movement, but will also create a bright space. The wide and bright light of the chandelier fits into the interior of a small room for 10 out of 10.

If you do not like the option of installing a chandelier, then you can use another way to visually expand the space - buying spotlights. Such lighting will be a great addition to the chosen interior, and will also be an excellent multifunctional device (certain models can work in several modes, there is even romantic lighting). Spot lighting devices should be located in the same row, but the distance between each lamp should be determined depending on your wishes.

Every centimeter is able to give the interior an original and expressive atmosphere.

For small rooms, halogen or LED lamps are best suited, especially if you highlight interior details in the form of paintings, bookshelves, cabinets and other things with lighting. Such devices of modern industry have a long service life, consume little electrical energy, and also perfectly illuminate the room. Most of them should be installed along the walls to provide a visual deepening of the room - artificial light will bounce off the surface of the walls, and give just that effect. If there are separate dark areas in the room, then you can illuminate them with the help of floor lamps - for this, you should install the device between massive pieces of furniture (sofa and armchair), and then a large amount of light will be provided.

Also, to visually lengthen the area, an even arrangement of lamps on the ceiling is required - the lighting will become perfectly even and help make the room longer and wider. To prevent light from being absorbed, when installing ceiling lighting fixtures, it is not required to use non-shiny, dark surface textures. Glossy, smooth materials in a light shade will help increase the light ceilings, which means they will make the room visually larger.

In addition, additional light sources can help - small lamps, sconces, separate lighting for a bed or cornices. Brightly colored LEDs help to remove darkness, which means they make the room look bigger.

Do not forget that you should always open the curtains in the daytime so that the sunlight improves your mood, gives you a charge of vivacity and positive energy.

Mirrors as an important design tool

Another quite effective way would be to install mirrors in the apartment.

Please note, that in order for the reflection in the mirror to be not distorted and clear, you should definitely pay attention to the severity of the vertical position. If there are slight deviations or distortions, the picture will not be what it should be.

Note that the mirror should not be exposed to direct sunlight - the surface from such a load will quickly begin to darken, become stained and even dim.

If you are an adherent of Feng Shui, then you should not hang a mirror either. According to this teaching, the mirror can take away the energy of a person while he is sleeping. But an excellent option for expanding a room would be a mirror surface installed opposite the window. It is also possible to enhance the effect with luminaires, which will add additional and important depth in small spaces. Also, try to focus on the chandelier and a separate piece of furniture or decor.

This will make the room interesting. But the most chic effect will be the installation of a mirrored wall - if you make such a covering in the room, then the room will be transformed beyond recognition. Height, depth and width will be ensured by full floor-to-ceiling wall cladding with a mirrored surface.

Furniture items

You should definitely pay attention not only to the furniture items themselves, but also to the arrangement. Something can be completely eliminated and replaced with a multifunctional modern version.

For example, you can not put massive chests of drawers, but put things in drawers at the bottom of the bed. All items that are located in the room can be placed on the hanging shelves. In addition, the sliding wardrobe will be an excellent replacement for bulky counterparts, and folding tables will be perfect for spending free time or having lunch. There are many options - you just have to choose the right items for your own interior. To expand the room, you can arrange furniture around the entire perimeter, and separate brightly colored decorations in the corners will help deceive your eyes.

With these tips, you will get the maximum effect, but do not use all options at the same time - even a few accents will help you cope with the task.