How to make a canopy from corrugated board with your own hands

How to make a canopy from corrugated board with your own hands How to make a canopy out of corrugated board with your own hands

Home improvement is an important task for all people, but we should not forget that the area around the house, that is, the site, deserves no less attention. It can be ennobled not only with landscape design or garden arrangement, but also with construction work, for example, by building a canopy, the material for which will be profiled flooring.

A well-made canopy made of corrugated board will provide structural reliability, a beautiful appearance of the building and protection for equipment and people who are under it.

General information

Advantages of using corrugated board

Most people make a choice in favor of a canopy for several reasons:

  • Build it up rather than capital construction.
  • A little more materials and time are needed when compared to the construction of a foam block shed or a simple garage.

  • There are many types of awnings, and therefore there is a varied selection.
  • The appearance of the canopy is unusual, it attracts attention.

People, guided by such advantages, give preference to structures that are capable of protecting and at the same time not creating a blockage of the site. This is especially true when a person has a small plot of land. Moreover, it is not always necessary to build a full-fledged, capital structure, because it does not take so long to save a car or things.

This design meets all the necessary requirements, not just for storing items - it can become an excellent place to relax in an open space in any weather conditions.

Why exactly profiled flooring?

Among the popular materials, profiled flooring is much more popular than others on the market. A metal profile canopy can be heavy, and a wooden canopy can quickly become unusable if you do not take enough care of the structure. Profiled flooring can withstand all the whims of nature, as well as remain beautiful in appearance, and are also able to fulfill their functions. It is for this reason that the choice of material is the ideal solution for people who value durability, ideal appearance, quality and reasonable prices for materials.

How to use a canopy?

Since galvanized steel is a versatile material, a canopy made of profiled sheet will be the best option for most applications. The most popular uses are:

  • How to make a canopy from corrugated board with your own hands Mangal canopy.
  • A shed for the gazebo.
  • Protection of outbuildings.
  • Visor over the porch.

  • Special protective carport.

Profiled sheets will provide a high degree of reliability, which has made this material one of the most popular.


Modern types of sheds

Sheds attached to the house or separately standing structures can be made according to the established plan , and an individual project, and the construction team will consider its drawings without fail before starting work. Despite the variety of options, the most popular will remain single-pitched sheds made of profiled decking, as well as all variations with a design. It is as easy to manufacture as possible, and therefore will save money and time.

Moreover, it can be located close to the house, and stand separately from other buildings, as an independent structure. It is interesting that the roof of a canopy from a professional sheet can be made by hand, even by people who do not have a specialized education, because there are noteworthy drawings on the Internet.

There is another version of the canopy, gable. It is most popular when it is required to protect large areas from wind or precipitation (from 10 square meters or more). In this case, erection with your own hands will be difficult, because it will be necessary to strengthen the supporting structures in order to evenly distribute the load over the total surface to the maximum.

The use of special metal profiles is required, ideally with stiffeners so that there are no sagging or collapsing of the structure. A canopy in the form of an arch is also a very common way to decorate a suburban area with unusual designs. Such a canopy should be made exclusively by specialists, since the elements and structure are considered extremely difficult and require certain experience / knowledge in the field of construction to carry out the work. At the same time, the canopy in the form of an arch made of profiled flooring is one of the unusual solutions and the main decoration for the site. To erect such a structure near the house is required for those who make their site an object of attention.

The article contains many images of already built awnings, as well as projects that are fully ready for implementation.

Advantages of the construction of profiled sheet

When choosing profiled flooring as the main material for building an extension or shed near a house, remember that this material is not just durable, but also plays an aesthetic function, because it can be painted in any color at the request of the customer.

Moreover, it has excellent performance in operational use:

  • Particularly resistant to all types of mechanical damage.
  • They are not afraid of frost and negative environmental influences.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly.

  • Perfectly copes with the influence of negative temperatures - it will not lose its shape.
  • Possesses resistance to the effects of fire, high temperatures, which will make it fully fireproof.
  • Does not need regular maintenance.
  • The price of sheets is available for everyone who wants to build a canopy.
  • The varnish-and-paint material with which the sheets are processed is durable, and does not fly off yet and is resistant to the influence of direct rays of the sun, which will prevent fading and loss of beauty of the structures.

  • Durable - the service life of the corrugated board is at least 50 years.

An additional plus, which is defining for many, is the ease of installation of the structure, including awnings, if there is a need to do everything with your own hands, without the help of specialists. Naturally, a person will be able in this case to additionally save on work, since there is no need to pay for the work of the masters.

Composite hinged elements made of corrugated board

The construction of sheds for a house requires a responsible approach, the selection of materials refers to the stage that determines the final quality, and it is for this reason that many people stop attention to the profiled flooring. To date, the companies that sell this material also provide projects / drawings of canopies in order to perform installation work afterwards.

Such a complex of services helps a person save money, and for the convenience of further work, they make kits that are fully ready for assembly.

Please note that such awnings made of painted or untreated corrugated board, made using modern technologies, speed up the workflow.

It is most convenient to use ready-made drawings, because they provide all the nuances for the future canopy. Such a canopy, attached to a house made of corrugated board, usually consists of a frame and a covering. To create a frame, wooden beams are used, and for this they choose hard rocks, and they are additionally treated with a special agent to protect against fire and insects.

Steel structures are also used for the frame, because the load will affect them.

The required number of supports is determined based on the gap between them, which will be equal to 1 meter. Further, the supports are placed along the perimeter without taking into account the future hinged structure, which in most cases has an emphasis on the wall if it is attached to the house. To cover the canopy, it is best to use one-sided or double-sided corrugated sheets. It is required to remember that much when choosing will depend on the angle of inclination, which is laid down in the project of a hinged type structure.

According to building codes, the more you plan the slope, the less load-bearing capacity the material used for the coating will have.

How to make a canopy with your own hands

In order to erect a canopy from a profiled flooring with your own hands, you need to make mandatory calculations, and also have tools, which allows you to perform the required actions. In this case, you need to show maximum attention and remember that the canopy is used by the owners of a country house for the safety of storing cars or household equipment, when there is no chance to create a full-fledged garage or shed.

It is required to remember that there are certain norms for the height of such a structure, and not only a car, but also a person should be placed under it. For this reason, when calculating, keep in mind that the height should be 2.

1-2. 3 meters, but not more in height, since if there is an excess, then rain / snow will fall under the canopy without obstacles.

Tools that are needed to carry out work on the creation of a shed

It is impossible to carry out installation and construction work without tools. It is also extremely important to strictly observe safety standards, as well as recommendations for lining up, which are set out in the instructions and drawings in the event that do-it-yourself actions are supposed to create house sheds. It is imperative to have the following tools on hand:

  • Building level.

  • Hammer.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Roulette.
  • Angle grinder.
  • Electric drill.

Moreover, the work will require wrenches with different diameters, and therefore it will be advisable to use a set with different screwdrivers, screws and bolts. You still need to take care of welding, as it will be actively used to create a canopy. You also need to have building corners available in order to fasten the sheets together.

Installation steps and installations

How to make a canopy from corrugated board with your own hands All modern canopies made of metal, outside depending on the type and design used, it is considered a structure that can be erected extremely quickly and easily, even without specialized education or work experience. The installation of the canopy can be done by hand, without the assistance of, but the main condition is not to rush, do everything clearly according to the norms and double-check the obtained working results.

To create a lean-to canopy, you need to perform several actions that help to acquire a high-quality extension or reliable protection for a car. The first thing to do is to clear space for the shed, and for this it is important to get rid of debris, as well as other elements that may interfere.

The site will be leveled, and the soil will be compacted to the maximum so that there are no irregularities or depressions. Along the general perimeter of the future canopy, it is required to make holes in order to make supports. It is best to make them at the rate of 3 pieces in 2 rows so that a rectangle is ultimately formed.

How to make a canopy from corrugated board? It is required to install supports at a great depth, not less than 1.5 meters, because this can prevent structural distortion due to temperature changes, and after that the installed pillars are poured with concrete, which will make it possible to give the structure special strength.

It is required to wait for the perfect drying of the concrete, and this requires at least 8 hours, provided that the weather is excellent and there is no precipitation. Then, when using corners and self-tapping screws, transverse beams are attached to the supports, and the angle of the pitched slope is adjusted by the difference in the lengths of the opposite supports.

A new stage will be the coating of the frame with a primer, and after it dries, it is required to apply a paint and varnish layer of the desired color.

After it dries, you can proceed to the installation of the corrugated board, while observing the overlap on one wave. The sheets are fixed with self-tapping screws. It turns out that erecting a canopy from a profiled flooring is not a difficult task even for trained people, and the structure itself will serve for a long time, and will also make it possible to keep tools, garden or technical equipment, machines in 100% safety, and also create a wonderful summer kitchen with a gazebo where you can relax in any weather. Only the correct preparation for work, accurate calculation and adherence to all installation rules are important.