How to make a cutting machine with a broach from a grinder

How to make a cutting machine with a broach from a grinder We make a cutting machine with our own hands from a grinder with a broach

A grinder, whose real name is angle grinder, is a hand-held universal tool. But keep in mind that handling a grinder requires an excellent eye and a firm hand. If a disc suddenly jams in the material, it will not only lead the cut to the side, but it can also fly apart, and this is very dangerous

But stationary sawing machines are quite large and massive. It will be very difficult to drag them to the place of work.

The attachment will help you combine the advantages of the grinder and the immobility of circular saws - this is a compact device that allows you to firmly fix the angle grinder and use it in a circular or miter saw.


The material you will be processing will be firmly fixed on the machine table. The grinder will act as the main tool, which should be securely fixed on the bed. This will make it possible and safe to cut materials exactly along the marking lines. We propose to consider how to make a cutting machine from a grinder.

Materials and fixtures

The most convenient and durable construction of the machine will be the one made of metal.

For such a design, you will need to prepare:

  • Sheet of metal.
  • Metal profile (for example, channel or corner).
  • Metal pipe sections.
  • Steel rods.

Of the tools you need the following:

  • Directly grinder
  • Discs for stripping.

  • Cutting discs (for metal).
  • Electric drill.
  • Drills for metal.
  • Welding machine.

By the way, you can do without welding

With a well-planned and neat fastening, bolted connections hold tightly, but if you have the opportunity, then it is still worth using welding.

This will give a guarantee not only for strength, but also for the accuracy of the structure. If there is no metal rolling and welding at hand, then

there are other measurements of a reliable and durable connection of the structure of the machine made of wood. You need the following:

  • A sheet of plywood with a thickness of 0.8 to 1.2 cm.

  • A bar made of hardwood.
  • Solid and durable door hinges.

But you hardly need such material as plastic. Although these products are easy to process and look great, they are not the most durable, and the worst thing is that plastics quickly lose their original shape. For such a machine, the rigidity of the structure is extremely important, which will guarantee a safe and accurate cut.

How to do it right

To make your own cutting machine from a grinder, you first need to fix the angle grinder on the bed or lever. The table on which the material for processing lies must be large.The mechanism that fixes the material on the table and fixes the grinder to the frame must be accurate and durable. This will ensure not only a smooth cut, but also work safety.

How to make a cutting machine with a broach from a grinder Please note that if you take metal for the structure, the joints must be welded, and bolted joints are also very durable, but have the property of loosening and displacement during operation.

The timber structure will in any case be assembled with metal hinges, screws and corners. Any connections need to be well fastened and thought out. Screw and bolt connections must be secured with split washers or castellated nuts. Screws or screws that enter the wood should be planted on the adhesive. This will not make it possible to carry out repairs in the future, but a wooden structure is easier to re-manufacture, taking into account the experience of use.


How to make a cutting machine with a broach from a grinder? It is not difficult if you have a drawing. On the Internet you can find drawings of beds of different shapes and designs. It is unlikely that they can be used unchanged, and everything will depend on what materials you have at your disposal, as well as what shapes and sizes your angle grinder has. Be that as it may, it will be useful to find out about what designs are obtained from different materials from other craftsmen. After that, you can choose the option that suits you and take it as a basis.

But don't neglect design. Drawings that are neatly drawn up even during design may not describe your design in detail, but they can save you from offensive mistakes.

Circular saw

If you make such a machine for use as a stationary saw, then you can immediately think about the design of the circular saw ...

Such a machine has a large bed as a base. A slot is made in the middle of the table, and a mechanism, as well as a saw blade, will be fixedly fixed under the bed under the bed. You can even use a regular wooden table, which will be very sturdy. The cut for the saw blade should be made with a width of 1-1. 5 cm.

Below, under the tabletop, you should fix the grinder without a protection casing, because it will interfere. The attachment of the angle grinder should provide for a strong fixation of the grinder, but also be able to quickly disconnect the device.

Due to the fact that the drive saw blade is fixedly attached to the table structure, the material will move over the table top by hand. This will not ensure the accuracy of the cut, but will make it possible to machine even the longest workpieces. There are circular saw models in which a part of the table moves with the workpiece, which is fixed in it.

But such designs are very difficult to make by hand. The main advantage of the classic circular is its simplicity.

It can be made literally in 2 hours from any materials at hand.There are structural examples in which the angle grinder is pulled to the stump due to construction clamps. A working table with a slot must be placed on top of the disk and is attached with self-tapping screws through to the same stump.

A not so primitive, but small-sized version of a circular saw can be a construction of a couple of pieces of thick plywood and a couple of bars. On the bottom sheet with clamps, attach the grinder. The top sheet with a slot for the workpiece and stops in the form of an angle should be put on the slot over the disc. The far ends of the plywood sheets are connected with the "piano" furniture hinge. The result will be something like a house of cards.

This is the simplest design that can be made practically out of trash in 1/2 hour. The mechanism will turn out to be not so accurate, but it will significantly facilitate cutting a large number of workpieces.


It is not difficult to make a cutting machine out of a grinder with your own hands, and consider the most common design. Machines of this type also usually have a large table in which there is a slot. Unlike a circular saw, the cutting mechanism with a disc is fixed above the table, while on a movable arm.

This design will resemble a pendulum, and therefore the mechanism is called a pendulum. The trimming disc, when immersed in the workpiece, will drop lower than the plane of the working table. This will make it possible to make a cut in the material with a width of up to 1/3 of the disc diameter. On the pendulum arm, an angle grinder is attached in an assembly with a disc and a casing for protection. Here you need to be creative, because the body of the grinder is designed for a comfortable grip and has a complex shape.

Moreover, I want to be able to use the grinder separately from the machine.

As a rule, a rigid and durable stock is made on the pendulum, which is cut from wood in the shape of a grinder. For ease of installation and removal, the grinder is attached in the bed with special clamps on the screws, which are tightened with wing nuts. The fastening force of the grinder should be sufficient, and the surface of the bed should not slip. This will ensure a strong fastening of the tool, as well as the safety of the work.

If you make a pendulum machine out of metal, then you should make hinges out of roller or ball bearings. The result is an accurate, durable and robust design. When creating machines from wood and plywood, ordinary wicket or door canopy hinges are used as hinges. The mount is not as precise as the homemade hinges, but it's solid.

Do not limit yourself to a canopy loop, you need to make the hinge as wide as possible and fix it on two strong hinges, which will be installed towards each other at a small angle to the axis.

This connection will be strong and precise. Usually, for convenience of work, the structure is spring-loaded, which makes it possible to hold the cutting tool in the upper position without applying force. After the material is placed on the table, the pendulum should be lowered by hand.The easiest option would be to place the springs under the compression swing arm. This is a rational and compact design, but the master does not always have a spring with the required power and length at his disposal.

How to make a cutting machine with a broach from a grinder If space permits, you can make a pendulum arm in the form of a rocker arm that swings. In this case, the opposite end can be pulled down with a spring that works in tension.

This spring is much easier to choose. You can use a rubber harness or even hang a counterweight of the desired weight on the far end of the rocker arm. To get an accurate cut, the workpiece must be secured on the table.

It is enough to provide back stops, to which the material will simply be pressed by hand. If possible, it is better to make a vice of the desired shape for fastening.

If the fastening on the table makes it possible to unfold the workpiece at different angles, then such a machine can be called a cross-cut machine. Usually, for simplicity of design, the workpiece is rotated only at fixed angles - for example, at 30, 45, 60 degrees to the plane of the saw blade.

With a broach

And now we are talking about a kind of pendulum mechanism.

Such structures make it possible not only to lower and raise the saw blade, but also to move it along the cutting line. This mechanism makes it possible to process materials in which the width is greater than the diameter of the cutting wheel. In contrast to the pendulum mechanism, the design with a broach has not only a hinge for attaching the pendulum arm, but also skids, which make it possible to move the saw device farther and closer from the hinge, moving it along the cutting line. When this lateral deflection of the cutting device is not permitted. It is very difficult to independently make guide rails of a certain level of rigidity.

If you have the opportunity, an old mechanism from a small vertical drilling machine can be adapted to move the carriage.

It is not difficult to make a cutting machine from a grinder with a broach, and you can try to make carriage guides from a metal corner. The carriage is attached to the profile with ball bearings. In order for the mechanism to be accurate, on one side of the carriage, you need to fix the bearings on the platform and press down with powerful springs. There is also a way to use cushion struts as metal guides, which have already served their purpose.

They are used in the suspension of cars, tailgate mechanisms and as gas springs that will hold up cabinet doors in the kitchen.

By the way, the filler of the racks is not needed and will even interfere, from the structure itself you need a rack with a piston and a cylinder in which they will move. When using a gas-filled rack (from a car door or furniture), it is enough to drill a small hole in the bottom of the cylinder and the gas will escape. It will not only be necessary to release gas from the car rack, but also to drain the oil.When choosing a gas spring, you should pay attention not only to the length, but even to the diameter.

Heavy duty springs are usually stronger and more accurate, and you will need to choose the longest length that is acceptable for your design. In wooden structures, certain craftsmen use furniture hinges (drawers) as guides.

Electrical part

Since the angle grinder is attached from below, you cannot turn it on as usual. You will need to install:

  • A clamp that will hold the control key in the "on" position.
  • Socket for angle grinders.

  • Control station that turns on / off the electricity in the socket.

Using an industrial post is an excellent solution, the device has a couple of keys, the start button is tight, which will protect against accidental switching on. The large and convenient stop button will enable you to quickly turn off the device if necessary.