How to make a do-it-yourself goat for sawing wood? Review & Drawings + Photo & Video

How to make a do-it-yourself goat for sawing wood? Review & Drawings + Photo & Video Do-it-yourself goats for sawing wood? Easily! Good owners make sure they have enough firewood in reserve for the winter. To prepare them, you must have an indispensable tool for all owners of private houses - goats for sawing firewood.

This is a fairly simple structure that everyone should have in their dachas, so that it is convenient to handle wood, prepare firewood and cut metal strips or wooden boards with millimeter precision.

Making goats with your own hands is quite simple, and even someone who does not have any special skills can handle it.

Selection of materials


To make a classic version of such equipment for cutting, you will need any of the materials:

  1. How to make a do-it-yourself goat for sawing wood? Review & Drawings + Photo & Video Common wooden bar.

    It is easy to assemble such a structure from it, but with high humidity in the room where it will be stored, it will deteriorate.

  2. Wooden posts. Small in diameter, they are also often used to install wooden fences. This is a budget option, but not particularly reliable.
  3. Metal profile.

    The most reliable, but not the cheapest material. The pluses include the fact that it will last for decades, and this is a profitable investment.

  4. Scrap metal.

Despite the fact that the design itself is simple, sawing trestles can be classified as machines. For this reason, during the manufacture, some conventions should be observed, one of which is the presence of a drawing or plan according to which the collection will be made.

When planning, it is worth signing all dimensions, the same applies to even the smallest details.

It is also important to choose the correct angles of inclination of the supports, as this will increase the level of convenience when sawing wood with a chainsaw. Subject to all the nuances, you will get a comfortable and strong design in every sense. So, goats for sawing firewood will be mobile, which means that you can carry them and use them in any convenient place.

Selection Criteria

The main thing to pay attention to when assembling is the dimensions.

This will be influenced by:

  • How to make a do-it-yourself goat for sawing wood? Review & Drawings + Photo & Video The growth of the one who will work ...
  • Tool dimensions.
  • The strength and size of the wood to be processed.

All the time spent on work will depend on what sizes will be selected. The best option is to make a machine with a height of 0.9 to 1.1 m. So, the person who will work will not bend his back too much, and his arms will be horizontal.

The work will be simple, and the load on the back will be reduced.

Features of using tools when working on trestles

If you plan to process wood using a conventional two-handed saw, then you will definitely need a reliable support for the second one. For this reason, when planning, take care of the presence of such elements.An affordable option is to create a support from the forest, which will give you the advantage of installing a support anywhere. When using a power tool like a chainsaw, make sure you have a firm surface on the goat.

Please note, that this feature should be provided at the planning stage, as this will help make the structure suitable for a particular tool.

Goats for sawing firewood with a chainsaw have their own characteristics, since there are differences in the operating rules that affect the safety of the worker. In this case, you will need to take care of a place for free hanging of the material to be cut in advance. This avoids the tool being caught on the saw blade.

Make goats

We make goats for working with a hand saw

Since ordinary hand saws are usually used for sawing small the size of firewood, trestles can be made in their standard size.

When using them, the owner will make a convenient and lightweight machine, which at the same time will be quite durable.

This will require the following material:

  1. A bar, the dimensions of which are 10 * 10 cm in section. This should be sufficient for cutting firewood on medium-sized trestles. The beam should be 1-1.3 m long.

  2. The legs of the goat can be made smaller in section. It is enough for you to take a bar of 5 * 5 cm and a length of 1 m. There should be 4 legs.
  3. It will also be important to install the "horns", here you can take the same bar, but it should be 37 cm long. Two bars are required for assembly.

  4. Sometimes reinforcement under the legs of the structure may also be required. To do this, use a 1-inch bar of wood. Ideally, you need to use 4 such supports, but you can do with two.
  5. In the role of fasteners, simple self-tapping screws for wood are best suited, the width of which will be 4.5 cm and the length of 10 cm.

    In order to strengthen it securely, you will need from 30 to 40 pieces.

  6. To protect the timber from rotting, you will need to cover the finished structure with varnish or protective paint. You will also need to purchase a stain for additional processing.

This list is relevant if you want to make the entire structure yourself from scratch. But those who have long owned a land plot probably have other materials that can replace some of the components of the list.

In order to start installation work, you will need the following tools:

  • To cut and level the timber, you will need a regular hacksaw for wood.
  • To keep the machine made with your own hands level and not wobbled during use, you should use a building corner.
  • A simple pencil is enough to mark the material.
  • The best way to screw in self-tapping screws is with a Phillips screwdriver or screwdriver.
  • When attaching the horns, you will need a hammer to drive nails.

  • Tape measure, required at the measurement stage.
  • Chisel.
  • To cover the finished structure with a protective layer, you need varnish / paint and a paint brush with a pile width of 4-5 cm.

After you select all the necessary material to create a goat for sawing firewood, you can proceed to the assembly. It is best to start work with the processing of timber.

On it we mark the cuts, on each side there should be 6 of them. The total number of slots for attaching the legs and arms is 12.

Each of them should have a depth of about 3 cm, this will be enough for a secure fit. When sawing, make sure that the grooves are 3 mm smaller than the legs - this will allow you to quickly fix the bars. After the main part of the work is done, you can proceed to installing the fasteners.

The components will be well secured with self-tapping screws.

Next, you should install an amplifier of fasteners, which will provide not only stability and strength, but also make the work place reliable, and also exclude the possibility of leg divergence. For installation, file the bottom part so that you can install additional fasteners. When the assembly is completed, you can proceed to applying a layer of protection in the form of a stain. When the goats are dry, they can be used.

Making trestles for working with two-handed tools

Using ordinary trestles for a two-handed saw or similar tool can lead to unsafe situations, for example, overturning the machine. This can be due to loosening when shifting alternately when sawing. For this reason, you should be concerned about safety and the installation of a sturdy structure.

Important , that this project is X-shaped, and the material must be strong and thick (not less than 10 cm of thickness in section). In addition, there must be a metal tie on the bars.

Since it is more difficult to make such goats for sawing wood with your own hands due to special requirements for stability, the width of the lower support of the racks should be much larger than the tire of the upper part. A good strength indicator can be achieved thanks to the additional strapping of the crosspieces for the support using a wooden tie.

For this it will be enough to take a simple board of short length. If you follow all of the above tips, you can make a sturdy firewood saw with your own hands. Dimensions and proportions can be left unchanged.

Mobile trestles made of wood

By design, ordinary trestles are rather large and bulky, which complicates transportation. But with your own hands you can make a lightweight version, which will be in the form of a folding machine and will be easy to carry. Typically, these structures require significant costs and more assembly time.

Folding structures will require the following materials:

  • How to make a do-it-yourself goat for sawing wood? Review & Drawings + Photo & Video Small , but strong wooden beams, small in diameter. You will need at least 4 of them.

  • In this case, it is best to use a metal pipe for warping, the length of which will be from 1 to 3 meters.
  • Due to the folding structure, a stopper is required (you can use a strong rope, a thin chain, cable or a good belt for this).
  • To connect the component parts, you need a wood drill. Choose the most durable specimen.

In order to avoid unnecessary costs and reduce the likelihood of breakage in the manufacture of a goat for sawing wood, an assembly process was thought out, which in itself is very simple.

We start with the uneven bars. You can also make them with your own hands from 5 cm boards.When everything is ready, you need to put marks on the cut points, where the legs will be installed in the future. After everything is drilled, it is required to run the base into the bar under the pipe, and put the legs in place. Next, we make a limiter for the racks, which will prevent the legs from moving apart.

It is important to be extremely careful here and choose the same length for both sides, which will allow the goats to open from 360 to 450 degrees. So, you get a structure that will be easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be stored in small rooms.

Trestles made of metal

The main advantage of metal sawing machines is high strength, stability and long service life.

Since this device will be made by hand, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • In the role of the base, the best will be a profile pipe or corner, which it will be 5 cm in size, and you need 5 of these.
  • How to make a do-it-yourself goat for sawing wood? Review & Drawings + Photo & Video A small wooden bar, the length of which will be up to 10 cm and 5 * 5 cm in cross section.

  • The main tool is a hacksaw for metal or an electric grinder.
  • Since planning will be needed before starting work, you can use an ordinary tape measure or a building centimeter as a measuring device.
  • Crayon.
  • The fastening system will be assembled from bolts, or welded to the legs and post using a welding machine.

Before you start assembling, you should have a finished sketch in hand.

After you determine the dimensions, you should prepare the base beams on which the places for welding the legs and arms should be marked.

Next, we take measurements and cut off the remaining parts. If you want to make a mobile goat, then make the joints collapsible, this is possible using bolts. If you want to make a stationary machine, then simply welding the components to each other is enough. And in the end, we attach a wooden bar to the full length on the longitudinal base - this will help to avoid contact between the saw and the metal.


As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this.The only difficulty that may arise is the lack of one or another tool, but everything is easy to fix if you borrow what you need from your dad / brother / neighbor. Ready-made drawings can be found on the Internet, they will already be dimensioned. Evaluate your strength objectively, and then you will be able to make a device for a firewood saw with your own hands!

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