How to make a do-it-yourself poultry house: drawing, project, photo

How to make a do-it-yourself poultry house: drawing, project, photo How to make a house for keeping with your own hands: drawing, project, photo

Now do what you love in life it is not just a hobby or a whim, but really a necessity. If the house is warm, this is an ideal place to raise poultry. Building a poultry house with your own hands makes it possible to provide a family with meat and eggs. Moreover, by selling excess products, the owner will be able to buy feed.

Building a house doesn't have to be expensive.

Such an important building for ducks or chickens can be built from improvised building materials.

What are the requirements for the construction of a poultry house

Someone thinks that only a net is required in order to organize poultry houses to breed broiler chickens. You just have to fence off a small plot and buy chickens. Such a simple device will prevent the birds from scattering around the site, and while the chickens are small, the neighboring cats will not be able to reach them. But such a statement corresponds to reality, but partially.

In order to breed turkeys or other poultry, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for this.

Open space will not provide an opportunity to save your living creatures from cold weather or precipitation. You should definitely make drawings on which you mark the following objects:

  • A place for walking.
  • Poultry house.

The bird must move freely around the territory that is fenced.

Healthy living creatures will be able to breed equally healthy offspring and lay eggs. The arrangement of the poultry house must be thought out. When drawing up a plan, the summer resident will be able to focus on a typical project. The main thing is that you decide on what kind of structure you want to build for your miniature farm:

  1. First, you need to decide what the project of a miniature farm will be. Small houses are designed according to the type of building.

    This is one of the options - summer or winter. But it is best to make a plan for a demi-season structure on the site.

  2. It is required to properly carry out the arrangement with your own hands, and the bird will grow well when it is warm, and it is also protected from negative external factors, it has a personal place and is properly fed. The plan should clearly define the boundaries that the birds cannot leave. The net for the poultry house in the country helps to fence off the required area.

  3. You can build a house with different building materials. The main thing is that they are of high quality, and their cost will be affordable.
  4. Making a building with your own hands requires an incubator with places for birds.
  5. The arrangement of the poultry house involves the installation of drinkers, feeders, cages and pens. His purchase of equipment that is intended for the poultry house, you can even automate the processes (but partially).

    It is required to maintain the required humidity level inside.The house temperature should always be kept constant so that birds do not overheat or overcool.

Next, we will consider certain requirements.


Standards for modern poultry houses

The construction process starts with planning. You can make drawings with your own hands or order it.

If you draw up a plan correctly, and then you can safely start construction work. The following requirements are imposed on this type of building:

  • The capital main building is built of bricks, cinder blocks or other similar building materials.
  • The house should keep warm well. In no case should you allow a draft in it. Keeping the house warm is one of the main conditions for keeping birds from getting sick.

    Maintaining the ideal climate is a doable task. Floor heating for a poultry house is considered an excellent option. In this case, the floors are laid in a completely different way.

  • Lighting for poultry houses makes it possible to increase daylight hours in winter and autumn. This negatively affects the increase in egg wear.

    In order for the chickens to continue to lay eggs even in the dark season at 18.00, lamps must be installed. Lighting for poultry houses is installed at a distance of 1.8 meters from the floor. Lamps can be very different, and LED lighting for the poultry house allows you to save energy.

  • By the way, proper ventilation must always be in the house design. It is required to adjust the degree of humidity. All required poultry house equipment is required to be purchased from reliable manufacturers.
  • The arrangement of the poultry house must necessarily comply with the building rules and sanitary standards. If you do not know how to prepare a plan, you need to contact a construction company.

    Here they calculate how much building materials are needed. specialists will quickly make a suitable drawing for you.

  • Do not forget about the safety of living creatures, and protecting a miniature farm is required not only from prying eyes, but also from predators or even rodents.

Now about the preparation.

How to prepare a site for building a house

Depending on what kind of bird you decide to breed, ducks or turkeys, you need to create favorable conditions.

For ducks, a reservoir is required. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase a finished product, it can be easily made from stones. You can build a house for adult chickens or geese with your own hands. It is important to consider all the nuances when choosing a place for a future building:

  1. How to make a do-it-yourself poultry house: drawing, project, photo Place for a poultry house, as a rule , is no longer planned to be used for planting green spaces. The building can be put in place of old dilapidated buildings, on the tape-type foundation remaining after them.

  2. If you buy a lot of broilers, then you need to place the "bird house" so that the aromas from it do not reach the residential buildings. It is best to place the structure on the outskirts and take into account the wind direction.
  3. The construction site must be easily accessible. In this case, it will be more convenient to feed the hens or replace the water for the ducks. In the evenings in autumn and winter, it is required to light the lamps.

    All this can be done quickly if there are no obstacles on the way to construction.

Below is the design and layout of the duck house.

Phased construction process

When you have a plan in your hands, you can begin construction. The main thing is that you make the correct calculations of how many square meters of area is required for the planned number of broilers. First of all, an exact plan is developed for a miniature farm:

  • The markup is performed - like the plan, it makes it possible to avoid annoying mistakes.

  • Install the support posts. Mesh stands can be made of different materials - wood, metal, concrete pillars.
  • For the main building where you plan to keep chickens, fill in the tape base with your own hands. It needs to be reinforced and allowed to dry. You should not worry that something might not work out.

    Such a miniature structure can be easily erected with your own hands - it will resemble a garage or a simple shed for broiler chickens.

  • If you plan to lay out the walls from bricks, then, making several rows, you need to let the solution dry.
  • Raise the walls - the calculations made earlier will not make mistakes with the height of the walls.
  • Begin installing the pitched roof. You can purchase slats, beams, roofing felt and slate in order to prepare the simplest foundation for a structure.

  • Install doors and windows - use foam for sealing to keep warmth out of the room.

The lock on the doors must be of high quality and durable, and then the entry of intruders will be limited to the maximum. Do-it-yourself photos and drawings of poultry houses are presented below.

Construction of the poultry house and internal arrangement

The equipment will depend on the type of building. For winter options, heating of the built poultry house will be required.

Excellent thermal insulation will be provided with a special floor. Such floors can simply be made by hand. Protected flooring is made from planks and concrete. Warm walls and ceilings are obtained thanks to insulation by means of chipboard sheathing and glass wool. The protected floor prevents rats and other rodents from entering the chicken coop.

Heating a finished house can be done in a couple of ways. The furnace-boiler system will be required if your miniature farm grows. If you have cheap raw materials, even heating a large house will be beneficial. Different types of fuel are used - wood, diesel fuel, gas and coal.

How to make a do-it-yourself poultry house: drawing, project, photo For a miniature poultry house, this option will only be an additional cost.

The stove and boiler still need to be installed, as well as pipes. A new calculation will also be needed. It also becomes possible to purchase materials additionally. You can refuse such a system if you have only a few dozen chickens, because it takes time, and it is difficult to automate the process. A small duck house can be heated differently.

The room helps to warm the lamps. Some people think that lighting in a poultry house already warms up the indoor temperature.

This is correct to some extent, but lamps used as lighting devices cannot cope with the task of maintaining the ideal temperature. They will be high and warm the air, but not much. Lighting for small buildings for birds involves the use of light diodes.

You can also use incandescent bulbs. Warming up poultry houses involves the use of a mirror flask IKZK. Its power is enough to warm up a room with an area of ​​10-12 m 2 where ducks are kept. Infrared lamps warm up the chicken coop perfectly. It is easy to calculate how many lamps to install in the house to keep the birds warm.

When performing the calculation, you need to purchase a sufficient number of light sources.

There must be places for poultry inside the house:

  • Wooden platform for ducks.
  • Roosts for chickens.

Although broilers are a breed of chicken, their care is different. For meat broilers, there is no need to mount the pole as a perch.

In the warm season, it is required to provide free access for the chickens to the pen, where they are able to breathe clean air. A practical solution is to keep a building's window or door open. To lock broilers and ducks in the evening, turn on indoor lamps.

When it gets dark outside, the birds start to walk into the light. Within an hour they will all gather, and it will be possible to lock the chicken coop.

Inside, in addition to drinking bowls and feeders, it is required to mount nests where adult birds will carry. To keep the nests warm, you need to put hay there. When performing a preliminary calculation, you need to try not to lose sight of anything, and then all the costs will be justified. You will be able to purchase materials exclusively for the construction process.