How to make a fence of a construction site a fence: Documentary regulations for fencing a construction site

How to make a fence of a construction site a fence: Documentary regulations for fencing a construction site Each action associated with the performance of construction work or actions for the reconstruction of buildings and structures is deliberately dangerous and posing a threat to health and life to a living being.

One of the sections of the created project is a plan for organizing security at the construction site. The initial stage calculates the identification of dangerous places and the production of such fencing.

General information about the construction site fencing

The construction site fencing is installed before the start of all types of work. It does not depend on the location of the object by territorial affiliation.

Safety measures are important in crowded places in a city, town, industrial area and even in a deserted steppe.

Documentary regulations for fencing a construction site

All actions for setting up a temporary barrier of an object under construction are regulated by SNiP 12-03-2001 in paragraph 6.2. 2, and comply with GOST 23407-78. The document has the title: "Inventory fences of construction sites and areas of construction and installation work".

Zones requiring protection fencing

How to make a fence of a construction site a fence: Documentary regulations for fencing a construction site Territory of the object under construction divided into an outer zone and an inner one. Each of them has features for organizing work to protect people.

Outside fencing

The construction of an obstacle around the perimeter of the construction site begins at the end of the surveying work and the breakdown of the object. It is obliged:

  • to provide protection against the entry of strangers and animals into the object,
  • to prevent the fall of building materials, debris outside the security zone and to prevent accidents associated with this fact ,
  • prevent the rolling out or exit of special construction equipment outside the perimeter,
  • prevent the facts of misappropriation of property of the organization of the leading work and theft of construction materials.

Interior fences

Fences for interior construction sites have several important functions:

  • The signal function is to indicate that dangerous work is being carried out in a given location.

    Such a temporary fencing with red tape with warning labels is performed. At the end of the work, it is removed, providing free access.

  • Protective function is necessary for the organization of safe passage to the workplace for specialists through hazardous areas. There may be handling or assembly work with unstable material. This fencing is made of a strong mesh collected in cards using steel wires with a diameter of 8 mm.

Materials used to install the perimeter fence

At its core, this fence should be a stable, strong, withstanding direct impact structure ... The fence must meet the requirements of SNiP in its characteristics.The fence consists of separate blocks for easy installation in a short period of time.

At the end of construction work, it is removed, and the territory is taken over for improvement.

The customer is responsible for the organization of this site in construction.

The main materials used for the construction of the fence can be of the same nature or mixed:

  • reinforced concrete slabs . They are inventory, manufactured at the factory. Fully comply with the terms of the rules.

    They are installed in special pillows on the ground surface or a foundation is pre-arranged. There is an option for installing slabs using reinforced concrete pillars with grooves. They are pre-installed in the ground. This condition is fulfilled during the construction of a large facility for a long time.

The material is expensive for the price.

Delivery to the object and installation of parts is carried out by special equipment,

  • corrugated board fencing . A simpler option. Pre-prepared cards, consisting of a frame. A professional sheet is attached to it. The frame is assembled by electric welding from a steel corner 50x50x4 mm or a profile metal pipe 40x20x3 mm.

    The span size is not less than 2000x3000 mm.

Lock fasteners are arranged at the ends for easy mounting of parts and subsequent quick dismantling of the fence.

For pillars, tubing pipes for 76 mm or a profile pipe 80x80x5 mm are used. They are installed in drilled holes 900 mm deep. They are fixed with a spreader with rubble stone and backfill with immovable soil or in case of heaving of the soil, they are concreted to a quarter of the length.

Finished parts are delivered to the construction site by transport, and installation is done manually.

  • Wooden plank fence . Inexpensive and easy-to-install material. First of all, supports are installed at a distance of 3 meters from each other. For them, material is used from a round log with a diameter of 100 mm or from a bar of 80x80 mm.

    It sinks into the ground by 900 mm, and the above-ground part is 2000 mm. After strengthening, boards 150x30x3000 mm are nailed to them or fastened with self-tapping screws.

How to make a fence of a construction site a fence: Documentary regulations for fencing a construction site In addition to the main part of the construction site fencing, an entrance group consisting of gates for passing transport from materials and passage of special equipment and wickets for the passage of workers and maintenance personnel. Gates and wickets are made of lightweight profiled sheet over the frame. The gates are made of two leaves to facilitate the construction.

The option of having two gates is possible; some for entry and others for exit. This condition is necessary for the convenience of movement in the presence of a small area of ​​the construction site. Round-the-clock security is organized at the entrance.

In the case of a construction object close to the pedestrian zone, a canopy with support posts is mounted to the fence, which are installed on the ground or road surface.Thus, a pedestrian safety tunnel is created.

In the absence of a road surface, concrete paving slabs are laid to move inside the tunnel on the ground.

The size of the tunnel is 2500 mm high and 1600 mm wide. Its length corresponds to the distance of the danger zone. The canopy is made of boards or corrugated board. The racks are interconnected with a handrail made of polished timber.

The entire structure must, according to SNiP, withstand a weight of more than 200 kg.


To prevent accidents at the construction site, it is important to take very seriously the organization of protective measures. Human life and health has a higher price than the material for its protection.