How to make a fence out of plastic bottles

How to make a fence out of plastic bottles If you decide to build a fence from plastic bottles, then our article is for you. We will tell you the types and options for creating fences, as well as possible errors. To date, this type of structure has gained its popularity due to its unusual appearance and minimal financial costs. Almost every family has several plastic bottles, and someone deliberately collects them just in order to make a fence or a mini flower bed. So, what to do with a large volume of plastic bottles?

Making a fence from plastic bottles with our own hands

How to make a fence out of plastic bottles A material like plastic can be surprising in work.

A real work of art can be created using ordinary 1.5 liter bottles.

DIY plastic bottle fences not only look beautiful, they are also reliable and durable.

Below we have given several master classes for creating such fences.

A border and a plastic fence made of bottles

Having conceived to build a fence in the garden or in the country, it is worth starting with a simple option.

For example, flower bed fences.

When choosing plastic bottles for a flower bed, try to take them in the same color scheme so that the fence looks neat and beautiful.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a flower bed:

  1. How to make a fence out of plastic bottles determine the place where the ridge or flower bed will be located;
  2. along the perimeter of the selected place, dig a trench 15-20 cm deep;
  3. fill plastic bottles with earth and put them vertically one after another in the trench;
  4. it is better to put the bottles with their neck down, then the flower bed will look more original;
  5. fill the bottles with soil halfway and tamp;
  6. the plastic fence of the flowerbed is ready.

You can paint it with paint or leave it as it was.

In any case, it will look original.

As a decoration for a fence, flowers or unusual figurines of animals can be made from plastic bottles.

To prevent the bottles from loosening and falling, place them as close as possible in the trench.

Decorative fence made of plastic bottles up to 1 m

The principle of making such fences is quite simple.

To do this you need:

  • How to make a fence out of plastic bottles mark the place and drive in the pegs at regular intervals;
  • then, in place of the pegs, insert the posts with special holes for the wire;
  • in a plastic bottle, make two holes at the same height on both sides;
  • the first bottle will be located at the first post on the finished surface;

The hole in the posts for the wire and the holes on the bottle must match and be on the same level.

  • pass the wire through the post and bottle.

    And so on until the end of the row;

  • place the second row of bottles relative to the first in a checkerboard pattern.For better fixation, you can grease the bottoms of all bottles of the second row with glue;
  • using bottles of various types and colors, you can create an original fence.

How to make a fence out of plastic bottles This is the first way to create a mini-fence. The second way is also simple. You will need to make so-called logs from several bottles, and then simply fasten them together.

Crushed stone or earth must be poured into the first row of bottles. And at the second row of bottles, the bottom is cut off, and they are put on the bottles of the first row.

They also need to be covered with earth for the stability of the structure. Thus, it is possible to build a plastic bottle fence for a garden above one meter.

For a neat look to the bottle log, slide the bottom upside down over the neck of the last top bottle.

All logs are dug into the ground by 15 cm, and two metal wires or two cables are pulled on both sides so that the structure does not fall apart.

The third option for the middle fence will be a wooden rack. Bottles are attached to it with nails.

Capital fence made of plastic bottles for summer cottages

You can install this fence around the entire perimeter of your site, up to 2 meters high. To create such a grandiose structure, you will need a lot of plastic bottles.

Installation technology is as follows:

  1. How to make a fence out of plastic bottles fill the bottles with cement;
  2. after the mixture is empty, lay out all the bottles in a checkerboard pattern;
  3. with the bottom on the front side, fill all the bottles with cement mortar;
  4. flower bottoms can be painted with colored paints.

This completes the construction of the capital fence. To give an unusual look to the whole design, you can pick up colored plastic bottles or create a smooth gradient color transition. In any case, with such a fence, all the neighbors and not only will know about your house.

Panel or fence from corks from plastic bottles

How to make a fence out of plastic bottles In this way you you can decorate your fence or make an original drawing.

With good imagination, you can lay out a real picture from the covers.

There are a lot of options for creating a fence. On the Internet there are a huge number of different master classes for creating original plastic fences.

You just have to choose the option you need. We wish you good luck!

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