How to make a folding garage door with a lifting mechanism on a counterweight: Tips + Video

How to make a folding garage door with a lifting mechanism on a counterweight: Tips + Video Not a small part of motorists who prefer to store their cars in garages with outdated swing gate mechanisms consider them more protected and durable due to the thickness of the metal and the heavy weight. But, in fact, swing gates have a competitor that deserves attention, namely, swing gates. Today, the popularity of a folding or lifting structure is about 3/4 of the number of garage doors sold.

For a knowledgeable person, the difference between the folding mechanism and the old swing system is visible to the naked eye. It is enough to use them in practice at least a couple of times to understand the tangible difference.

Due to the absence of leaves, the doors with a folding mechanism do not have a zone blocking the view, the so-called "blind" zone, which helps to reduce the number of accidents in garage cooperatives. In addition, the absence of flaps allows you to increase the area of ​​maneuver, there is no need to leave your car a couple of meters away to open and close the garage, or to fix the opened gate with additional devices.

The reason for the popularity of the gate

The majority of motorists, for this very reason for the convenience of use, decide to change ordinary old gates to hinged ones, in order to avoid the risk of damaging the car body by the sash in case of strong wind , at the time of departure-arrival at the garage.

Cheapness of material, lightness of construction, ease of installation and ease of use - these are the essential advantages of folding garage doors. Minos is that this system is not permissible to use in every garage room.

The minimum requirement for the implementation of the door installation plan is the availability of free space in the ceiling.


The door structure consists of two frames:

  • How to make a folding garage door with a lifting mechanism on a counterweight: Tips + Video Panel that covers the doorway;
  • Frame with metal corners serving as guides.

At the moment of opening, the hinged upper part of the gate due to the movable mechanism deflects upward, then moves along the guides until it stops, until it is entirely on two metal channels. The bottom of the panel is lifted and secured in the upper position.

When lifting a shield or a panel of up-and-over doors, a counterweight system is used, which is attached to the cables.

It should be remembered that the heavier the door panel, the greater the weight of the counterweight system itself.

The structure of the folding gate itself is made of the following materials:

  • steel corner;
  • channel;
  • door leaf;
  • frame ;
  • lifting mechanism with counterweight.

Before starting work

… it is necessary to measure the doorway, then weld the frame from the channel. Instead of a channel, you can use wooden beams (two vertical and one horizontal), which are fastened together with metal plates. The bottom of the frame will need to be deepened by 2-3 centimeters into the floor.

Horizontal metal corners with a shelf size of at least 40-50 mm are welded to the upper part of the frame. Due to the fact that the length of the corners should be more than two meters, welding work on the manufacture of garage doors must be carried out before installation in the doorway.

Be sure to observe the geometry of the structure, which must be controlled with a level, at the moment of attaching the corner to the frame. After the corners are welded to the frame, they are propped up with a board, a kind of temporary support, in order to avoid breaking the structure.

In addition, it is necessary to install one pin with a roller mechanism to the upper part of the frame.

This action is necessary for the subsequent use of the counterweight system on the cables. The diameter of each stud should be 30 - 50 mm.

Close attention is paid to the composition of the main part of the folding garage door - the panel. The design of the part is a tubular frame; it is also possible to use a metal profile in the form of a pipe, to which it is welded to the brackets at the top and bottom.

Before doing this work, you need to make a marking of pipes or a profile, and then fix it according to the dimensions of the fixed frame.

The basic rule for making homemade folding garage doors is to use a welding machine in three approaches. This is done in order to avoid deformation of the structure at the time of high heating.

First of all, the fragments of the metal pipe are laid out on a flat surface and connected using spot welding. The second stage of joining the elements involves welding the frame from the front side, and after 30 minutes - from the wrong side. Check the frame for evenness using a building level.

If flaws are found, the frame will need to be corrected with a hammer and a soldering iron.

Do-it-yourself installation of folding gates

Before you start installing the gate, you must first assemble the structure. The fixed frame with attached corners is placed on a flat floor. A panel is placed on top, which was previously built by welding, in the position that is provided for it by design features, namely, how it will be located when the swing-sliding garage door is closed. To connect two elements of the gate, you need to use a welding machine, and attach brackets on rollers or bearings to the profile at the top.

Note. The accuracy of the installation of the support affects the coherence of the mechanism.

  1. How to make a folding garage door with a lifting mechanism on a counterweight: Tips + Video A roller in the form of grooves is installed on the panels attached to the pin fixed to the frame. L-like brackets are attached to the bottom plate of the panel. Then the cable of the support gate hoist will be fixed to them.

  2. The next step is to install a fixed frame at the entrance to the garage using anchor bolts to the walls of the room. Places of installation of fasteners are poured with concrete and covered with plaster.Before the frame is fixed, you need to take care of aligning its position strictly in level. After that, make a detail in the form of the letter "P", with which the ends of the corners are attached to the ceiling.
  3. At the last stage of installing the mobile panel into the frame, you need to pass the cables from the lower brackets through the grooved rollers on the sides of the fixed frame.

    The level of the suspension height is selected so that the weights do not fall to the floor when open.

  4. The design features of swing-out gates allow you to make them absolutely any materials suitable for this purpose. After the adjustment of the operation of the sash lifting mechanism has been carried out, soft rubber seals are attached around the entire perimeter of the panel, and then they are insulated. At the bottom of the panel, brackets are fixed for further installation of a padlock. The service life of hinged gates is about 10 - 12 years, without the need for repair work.

  5. One of the main advantages of a swing gate is that it saves space in the garage, especially when the space is small. It should be borne in mind that when closed, the mobile canvas should lean tightly against the opening, without gaps. This is necessary to keep the room warm.
  6. If you decide to start manufacturing garage doors yourself, various Internet resources will come to the rescue, where you can find ready-made construction drawings. In addition, if you wish, you can draw a sketch of a folding gate with your own hand, arranging everything as you wish.

  7. Plastic panels or corrugated board are available as material for folding gates. The canvases are fixed with self-tapping screws. If necessary, the canvases can be insulated from the inside, for example, with foam.

In order to hang the mobile canvas, chains are used, sometimes metal strips are used. Remember that the center of gravity of the gate should be at the bottom of the mount, and the top should lean tightly against the opening.

Note. In the process of making a folding gate to the garage with your own hands, make a small recess below for the lower edge of the canvas. This will ensure a tight fit.

Installing a counterweight will allow the gate to remain in the raised position and not lower. It is very important to choose the one that will carry the most weight.

To calculate the required counterweight dimensions, use the following method:

  • Hang an ordinary bucket and fill it with heavy objects.
  • By adjusting the weight, determine the required weight.

Thus, a container filled with a load and suspended on a rope can become a counterweight.

You can install the counterweight in the following way: weld a corner to the bottom of the gate, attach a cable that will rise vertically (parallel to the gate) through the guide and a separate roller. Attach an additional roller to the counterweight.

This action is performed on both sides.

The position of the folding garage door must be vertical. Use a level to determine the levelness of the installation. The upper rails are parallel to the floor, otherwise, when opening, an angle will form, preventing the completion of the maneuver. The position of the guides is adjusted until a smooth, unhindered movement is achieved.

Roller guides should be periodically cleaned from dirt, covered with anti-corrosion agents and lubricated. The work on applying the lubricant must be carried out carefully, making sure that the agent is applied to a minimum. The best lubricant is WD fluid. It contains mineral oil and a solvent. Silicone based products are suitable for rubber seals.

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