How to make a gazebo for giving out of pallets with your own hands? Review & Ideas + Video

How to make a gazebo for giving out of pallets with your own hands? Review & Ideas + Video How to make a gazebo from pallets with your own hands. If you want to create your little piece of paradise without the hassle, then a pallet gazebo is ideal. Today, pallets are often used by summer residents, since they are inexpensive, and almost all furniture in the country can be made of them. When using pallets, you can reduce the cost of a full-fledged construction of a gazebo, and at the same time get a structure that will be no worse in functionality.

It will be easy and quick to build such a gazebo, since for this you only need to connect the material according to the drawing.

Pallets - what is it?

Pallets are a structure that consists of wooden beams and boards, which are arranged in two tiers. Such products are needed in order to transport objects and materials. The wood used to make pallets has already been processed, so the risk of fungi and rot is extremely low.

In warehouses, pallets are used for more than one month and a year, so the wood is definitely well dried. Most companies do not hesitate to throw them away, because they do not need, but some companies prefer to sell them, albeit for a small, but cost.

They can be bought and used as firewood or as building material.

Four types of pallets for summer cottages can be distinguished separately, which differ in size, but the most common option is a 15 cm high pallet. You can lay the floor from these products, and you just have to fill the gaps.

Where can I find pallets?

To make a gazebo out of pallets with your own hands, first you need to get the material of manufacture.

There are several basic ways:

  1. How to make a gazebo for giving out of pallets with your own hands? Review & Ideas + Video Assemble the pallets yourself .

    .. To do this, you will need to find the material, and then find out the dimensions of the products.

  2. Buy. Most companies sell pallets that have been used for a while.

  3. Get it for free. To get pallets free of charge, you will need to contact the companies that use them and find out if they are recycling. If the material is just thrown away, you can agree that you will make it easier for them to pick it up, since even all companies have to pay for garbage collection.

We build a gazebo from pallets

Preparation of material

Before you start making a gazebo out of pallets, decide on its placement, and draw a construction diagram. Once you decide on the size, it will be easier to calculate how much material you need.

Before starting construction, the following is required:

  • Carefully inspect each pallet, clean and repair if necessary.
  • If provided by the project, then divide them into parts in advance.
  • It is advisable to sand each pallet before use, and especially those parts that will be inside the gazebo.
  • Do not neglect the use of antiseptic impregnation, which protects the wood well from fungus and bacteria.
  • After the impregnation has dried, you can immediately start painting the pallets.

If you do not follow the recommendations described above, then the gazebo will not be of high quality, and will soon become unusable.

Advantages and disadvantages of pallets

Although the very idea of ​​making a gazebo from pallets with your own hands is interesting, you should still weigh the pros and cons.

The characteristics of pallets are as follows:

  1. How to make a gazebo for giving out of pallets with your own hands? Review & Ideas + Video The material is environmentally friendly, safe for the human body.
  2. The buildings and woodwork are very beautiful.
  3. They are easy to handle.

Please note that the use of pallets marked with IPPC is undesirable as they have been processed with chemicals. It is FORBIDDEN to use them as a building material!

The use of pallets for the construction of a gazebo in the country has a lot of advantages.

Some of them are:

  • The gazebo is open design, so there will be excellent air circulation. This is good for the atmosphere inside.
  • The price of the material is low, but if you wish, you can even make pallets with your own hands.

    You can also buy used material at a ridiculous price. But even new material is not expensive.

  • The building will be environmentally friendly and safe.

Despite the huge number of advantages, there is also a big drawback. The wood has already been processed, but it is not intended for long-term use, and therefore you will have to cover it with antiseptic compounds from time to time to prolong its life.

We build with our own hands

Regardless of which type of pallets you choose, the result will please you 100%. The gazebo will not only be a wonderful decoration of the site, but will also become a cozy place for gatherings with family, friends, and soul mate. The best part is that building a gazebo is easy and simple. Even if you are a beginner, it only takes you 1-2 days to work. Now let's look at where we need to start.

First, you must create a plan to follow when making the pallet gazebo.

You will need to do all of the following:

  1. How to make a gazebo for giving out of pallets with your own hands? Review & Ideas + Video Select construction material.
  2. Come up with a design for the future gazebo.
  3. Sketch a sketch and arrange everything in the form of a drawing.
  4. Construction of a gazebo.

  5. Create a cozy atmosphere.

Choosing a place

Choosing a suitable place for the gazebo is the first and important step. The site will need to be cleared of stones and tall grass. If there are irregularities on the site, then first you need to level it. This is very important if the floor is to be placed on top of the ground.

But experts do not advise doing this, since such a building will not be durable. Ideally, you need to create a base on which the gazebo will stand. When the area is clear, mark it out with a rope and a peg.


And now it's time to dream up and design the future structure. This requires ingenuity, since many elements can be made from pallets that will help fill everything with comfort.

Pallets are perfect for creating benches, tables, but all this should be immediately provided in the plan. Ideally, the furniture should be made before building the gazebo. When you have decided on all the components of the gazebo for giving from pallets, you can proceed to the next stage, or rather, develop a drawing.

Drawing development

Do not worry about the fact that you are a not so-so architect and do not have the special knowledge to create a beautiful and correct drawing. In this situation, standard graphic editors will help you.

The task is to draw up a detailed drawing with all dimensions, as this will help to correctly implement the idea. Develop the drawing taking into account the structural dimensions. In the future, this will help in translating the project into reality.


How to make a gazebo for giving out of pallets with your own hands? Review & Ideas + Video At this stage, the direct construction begins. First you need to build the foundation for the gazebo.

There are many types of foundations, and you can choose the one that works for you based on how much time you are willing to spend creating a gazebo. If you need to cope quickly, then blocks installed on rammed ground will be the best option.

Brick pillars will take longer, but the longest way is to fill the pillars. Note that the last method, although laborious, is the most reliable. Keep in mind that if the ground is soft, then a strip foundation is required, which will increase the construction time, since you will have to wait for the cement to dry.

When everything is ready, install a base from a bar around the perimeter of the foundation, and fasten it with screws. They can be fastened together with a strapping. If you place a protective film under the base, you will protect the foundation from moisture.

Floors and Walls

Now that you have a solid base for the pallet gazebo, you can start installing the corner posts. They need to be installed not only in the corners, but also in the front to highlight the entrance.

We connect the beams from above by means of strapping. Be careful that the uprights are vertical, otherwise the gazebo may squint.

After installing and fixing the racks, you can start doing the upper strapping. It is advised to reinforce it with corners to reduce the risk of breaks. After that, you can start laying the boards on the floor.

If the project provides for an average strapping size, then after you make the floor, you can immediately go to this stage. If not provided, proceed with the construction of walls.Pallets can be stacked in one row, or in several. Fastening is carried out using anchors or blind screws. Cloves are sometimes used, but this is not the most reliable method.


How to make a gazebo for giving out of pallets with your own hands? Review & Ideas + Video The last thing to do is the roof. You decide what material to make it from. You can choose shingles, polycarbonate or roofing felt, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The tiles are beautiful to look at, but will take a long time to install. Roofing material will not take so much time, but it looks .

.. to put it mildly, specific. But polycarbonate in this situation is the very golden mean. Of course, you can use the same pallets for the roof, but the option is not the best.


When the pallet gazebo is ready, you can proceed to the most pleasant thing - decoration. Now all that remains is to do everything to make the finished structure look beautiful and comfortable. First, treat the floor with a product to extend the life, and then you can paint or varnish it.

Walls can also be painted or left as they are. Remember that if you want to change the color of the gazebo after construction, you will have to use either wood stain or paint on wood.

She will not only give the desired color, but also emphasize naturalness.

Regardless of what quality wood was chosen, the floor and walls will in any case have to be treated with a protective agent. This will prevent pests and fungi from spoiling the structure. You can decorate in different ways. For example, you can hang curtains on the windows, and put several flowerpots with flowers inside.

A nice little table will be a great addition.


If you want to spend more time outdoors, especially in the evening, then building a gazebo from pallets with your own hands will be great decision. For evening gatherings, you can put electricity into the gazebo, and make a path to it of wood or stones.

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