How to make a giraffe from plastic bottles? Step by step instructions + Video

How to make a giraffe from plastic bottles? Step by step instructions + Video DIY giraffe from plastic bottles. Not everyone can visit Africa due to large financial expenses, but it is quite possible for everyone to create their own paradise. The giraffe is a prominent representative of the African savannah, as it has an unusual color and a long neck that can be seen from afar.

Making a giraffe from plastic bottles is an interesting and fun process that does not require significant costs. Such a master class will make it possible to interestingly decorate a summer cottage and an adjoining territory, as well as create interesting animal figures.

Street giraffe


It's hard to argue that plastic bottles are versatile and practical. This material is unbreakable, resistant to temperature extremes and precipitation and is an excellent material for creating budget compositions for landscape design. Such fakes made of plastic will winter well and will please the views of those around them from year to year throughout the summer season.

To make a giraffe from plastic bottles, you need to have the following common materials on hand:

  • Plastic container for 6 liters - 1 piece.
  • Bottle with a volume of 1.

    5 liters - 8 pieces.

  • Plastic containers, volume 1 liter - 1 piece.
  • Bottles for decorating small details - 2 pieces.
  • Acrylic paints in the desired shades.
  • Scissors, wire.

  • Adhesive for plastic.

Note: For ease of manufacture, use brown or yellow bottles.

Giraffe from plastic bottles - step by step instructions

The steps are as follows:

  1. How to make a giraffe from plastic bottles? Step by step instructions + Video Soak the plastic container in warm water, and then remove the glue and labels. Before painting, it is advisable to degrease the surface so that the future paint layer lays down evenly and without bubbles. Standard plastic solvent will not work for this purpose, so use a regular detergent solution.

  2. The neck of a giraffe is easy to make, for this you need to use several bottles, from which the neck and bottom were previously removed. The cylinders should be securely fixed with adhesive.
  3. Now we take a container of 6 liters, and make holes for installing the giraffe's neck. Before connecting the elements, paint them in the base color (yellow) in 2 layers, but do not forget to space between them so that the paint dries and adheres well.
  4. We make each giraffe leg from two bottles, which are different in volume.

    They should be connected in the place where the neck was, but the bottom does not need to be removed. Those plastic bottles that will be the base of the leg should be filled with sand in advance for weight and stability. Glue the upper part of the leg to the body.

  5. In the lid of a 6 liter plastic container, make a hole through which you can thread the wire and twist it. This will be the frame for the ponytail.

  6. From the remaining plastic bottle, cut a long strip that will be in a spiral shape. This element should be gently heated over the gas to a soft state and carefully wrapped around the wire frame.
  7. At the end, decorate the ponytail with a fringe, which can also be made of plastic.
  8. To make the future giraffe look like a real one, you will need horns, ears, mane and eyes. Which elements for this you will use depends largely on imagination.

    You can make eyes from bottle caps, or buy ready-made ones at a store selling fake materials.

  9. The mane and ears should be cut out of the plastic container. The same corks or small bottles can be used as horns. It all depends on what size your giraffe is.
  10. When ready, fix the elements on the bottle, which will be the head of the animal.

    You can paint the mouth with a marker or paint, and then attach the finished head to the neck.

Such a cute giraffe will look great next to a palm tree, which can also be made from plastic bottles.



But toys made from plastic bottles can become an excellent addition to the interior of the apartment. We will tell you in detail and provide you with step-by-step instructions for a giraffe from plastic bottles with our own hands.

Prepare the following materials and tools:

  • How to make a giraffe from plastic bottles? Step by step instructions + Video Plastic bottles, volume 0.

    5 liters - 6 pieces.

  • Brown and yellow foam paper, tissue paper.
  • Scotch tape, suede fabric.
  • Puppet eyes.
  • PVA glue for plastic.

  • Thermal gun.


Now let's try to turn the seemingly used material into an interesting and cute giraffe:

  1. Use the top of the plastic bottles to create the legs, there should be 2 of them. Before connecting them to the body, fill the legs with rice to keep the giraffe steady.
  2. We will use the third container to create the head.
  3. Let's take a couple more bottles without a neck and connect them to each other to get the body of a giraffe.

  4. The last bottle will serve as the neck.

Please note, that each blank must be framed with round cutouts, as in the photo. This will make it possible to connect the elements of the animal with a minimum of gaps.

  1. In the areas of the joints, treat everything with glue and additionally fix it with tape.
  2. Then prepare a solution of water and PVA glue in a ratio of 1 to 2.

  3. Grind the tissue paper, and treat with the solution and attach the frame from plastic bottles.
  4. After the giraffe has obtained the desired shade, proceed to sticking the spots.
  5. Make a ponytail and a mane out of suede, and also gluing.
  6. In the end, it remains to make a pretty face. For the horns, you can use regular cocktail tubes, and then attach the eyes.

    Nostrils, hooves, and ears can be made from foam paper.

Done! The plastic bottle giraffe is now complete. But you can not stop there and diversify the atmosphere at home or in the country. It is enough just to teach children how to make such toys, which will be made from waste tires and plastic bottles. All you need to do is bury the tire halfway in the ground, and the neck and head can be made in the same way as in the first instruction in this article.


You can spend quite a bit of time and transform your apartment and the surrounding area. Try it, fantasize, learn, and you can decorate everything beautifully around almost no cost.


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