How to make a greenhouse out of wood with your own hands

How to make a greenhouse out of wood with your own hands DIY greenhouse made of wood + step by step instructions

Greenhouses are wrong they are often erected from wood due to the skepticism of the material, and this is justified. The fact is that wood has a low resistance to wear and tear and has many enemies, for example, temperature drops, instability to moisture and biological pests. But such structures can often be found on the territory of private and summer cottages.

The main thing is to choose a good drawing of a greenhouse made of wood, and then install everything correctly.

Dimensions for tables made of wood

When choosing, you need to decide in advance on the purpose of the future greenhouse.

If you are planning to make a greenhouse for personal needs and the cultivation of garden crops exclusively for yourself and your family, then you can do everything in a small size. Building for commercial purposes will be much more difficult. The cost of building a greenhouse will rise as you increase in size and design. For small areas, it is more convenient to use collapsible greenhouse frame options. It is much more expensive, because you need to choose mounts.

But the ease of use is at the highest level. If necessary, it can be transported from one site to another, or simply folded in the garage until autumn.

Consumption for greenhouse 6 * 2. 8 meters

How to make a greenhouse out of wood with your own hands The construction of stationary greenhouses with an average size does not require much materials and time how to build a business option. First, we will choose a place and prepare everything that is needed.

The structure is very heavy, and therefore it is important to think over its base. The depth of the trench for the foundation tape is 0.4 meters and a width of 0.3 meters.

The bottom must be sprinkled with gravel or sand, and then spilled with cement milk.

The base tape will protrude from the ground by 0.5 meters, and therefore it is required to think over a high-quality formwork in advance. With the right approach, such formwork is suitable for future construction. And in order to keep it clean, its walls are covered with a thick film. The base needs to be reinforced with a fiberglass or metal reinforcement cage.

The foundation tape must be poured in one go, and then the concrete will set correctly, and the tape will not crack. For such work, it is better to order a mixer with a ready-made concrete solution. After the casting process, the formwork is removed on the 5th day and the concrete is allowed to settle for another couple of days. Roofing material is laid on the surface of the tape and only after the support bar. A greenhouse requires a beam of 10 * 10 cm in size.

It is used to build rafters and supporting structural racks. For intermediate fastenings, you need to buy bars of 5 * 10 cm. The rafter legs are made from bars of 5 * 10 cm. For the lathing, you need a board of 10 * 3 cm.

Name Building materials Dimensions Number
Strapping bars, posts and rafters Spruce and pine 10 * 10cm 0.

45 m 3

Ridge and intermediate posts Spruce and pine 10 * 5 cm 0. 35 m 3
Rafter intermediate legs Spruce and pine 5 * 5 cm 0. 02 m 3
Lathing of doors and roof Edged boards 10 * 3 cm 0. 1 m 3
Formwork Edged boards 10 * 2 cm 0. 08 m 3
Glazing Polycarbonate or glass From 0.

3 to 0. 8 cm

28 m 2
Insulation material Polyethylene - 18 m 2
Insulation material Roofing material 1 meter 7 running meters
Base (foundation) Concrete tape 0. 4 * 0. 3 meters 2. 2 m 3
Rebar Steel Ø0.

5 cm

50 running meters
Base Bricks Standard 140 pieces

Greenhouse consumption 3 * 3 meters

Name Materials Dimensions Number
Bars rafters, straps and racks Spruce and pine 5 * 5 * 20 cm 18 pieces
Ridge and intermediate posts Spruce and pine 5 * 5 * 30 cm 9 pieces
Lathing of door and roof Spruce and pine 2 * 2 * 30 cm 7 pieces
Insulation material Polyethylene and stretch film - 40 m 2


What shape to make a greenhouse out of wood

An important basis for choosing a greenhouse shape is the plants that you plan to grow. The width, height and shape of the greenhouse will directly depend on the type of garden crops. It is also required to take into account the features of the site, because the building should be made to save space and efficiently use the greenhouse. Such forms are popular - hipped, arched, single-slope and gable.


The use of single-slope greenhouses for summer cottage construction, when the dimensions of the site do not make it possible to place a full-fledged greenhouse base and have to be limited to a small extension.

This approach does not allow a gable roof, because there may be problems with its drainage of water. This option will also be convenient for private greenhouses or greenhouses. It is much easier to heat the adjacent structure, and it will also take up a much smaller area. To build a single-pitched wall greenhouse, you need 2-3 times less building materials. The disadvantage of this shape will be less light.

It is not difficult to cope with this problem, and it is enough to carry out additional lighting inside. Ideally, this type of greenhouse should be erected from the south side of the house, and the angle of the roof slope should not be more than 20-30 degrees. If the greenhouse is designed for winter time, it can be deepened into the ground. For year-round, the option with the base of the foundation is suitable. The place should not be shaded by trees or other buildings, and in this case, plant growth will be maximized.


How to make a greenhouse out of wood with your own hands Dimensions greenhouses made of wood (gable) are different because such buildings are more powerful and spacious. The area of ​​the building will instantly increase, and its length is limited only by the dimensions of the site. A greenhouse made of wood with a gable roof will turn out to be more expensive than with a gable roof, but it can even be used as a full-fledged structure that stands separately. An excellent foundation is required for building because the bars are heavy. The general expenses on the construction process will definitely pay off after the first harvest.

But you need to pay attention to the little things and not save on building materials. Gable greenhouses have a high degree of strength, which makes it possible to use not just film for decoration, but also glass / polycarbonate. The special shape makes it possible to mount a glass roof or sashes for ventilation.


Usually in arched structures the roof and walls are a single whole, due to which the load is distributed better. Polycarbonate is often used to decorate such greenhouses.

They can cover the greenhouse without unnecessary seams and joints. It doesn't take too long to build wooden greenhouses with polycarbonate sheets. Polycarbonate has excellent exploitation properties - it is not afraid of temperature fluctuations, it is wind- and wear-resistant, it retains heat perfectly, and also easily removes precipitation.

A well-designed project makes it possible to save useful space. The center of the greenhouse does not need additional support.

You can set aside the entire area for the beds, and lighting devices, as well as infrared emitters, are usually installed under the roof vault. Greenhouse dimensions depend on the type of coverage. Polycarbonate sheet area 2 * 1. 6 meters, and the structure will be 6 meters long and 2 meters high. Each sheet is linked by 2 meters at the edges, and then taken away under the roofing dome.

For the film, everything is much easier, the length allows you to make a higher arch. But the thermal conductivity of the material is much higher than that of polycarbonate.


Such greenhouses are usually made as collapsible temporary structures. They require few materials, but require a guyed spacer for stability. In a structure with a central pillar, the roof vault is divided into 4 even parts.

the support bar is placed over the walls and fastened with a twine net. In this case, the greenhouse will be wind resistant. You can strengthen the structure with the help of braces, which are attached in the ground with wedges.

Whether a base is required for a greenhouse made of wood

The project of a greenhouse made of wood requires the use of beams with different dimensions. This design has significant weight and ground pressure.

Depending on the size and functional use, greenhouses can be divided into year-round and seasonal. The decoration of greenhouses is also taken into account, in the role of which you can use film, glass and polycarbonate. Whether to make a foundation or not is your business, but you need to understand that wood has the ability to rot and bend, which is why its installation on open ground is fraught with consequences. For seasonal small greenhouses, this is not so important as for powerful buildings using a huge number of materials. At the moment, Mitlider's greenhouse made of wood with glass or polycarbonate walls is popular.

To build it, the preparation of the foundation will become a prerequisite. You also need to think about the foundation when building an arched and gable structure. In this case, greenhouses will be able to stand for more than a dozen years.

How to make wooden greenhouses

Such panic is a task that even people without experience can do. Lining up requires stocking up on tools and excellent materials.

To build stationary structures, preparation is carried out (the base is poured), and it is better to entrust this to professionals, but if you wish, you can do everything yourself.


For assembly you need:

  • Beam 10 * 10 cm - 0.43 m 3 .
  • Beam 10 * 5 cm - 0.35 m 3 .

  • Beam 5 * 5 cm - 0.02 m 3 .
  • Boards 10 * 30 cm - 0.1 m 3 .

How to choose bars?

Selecting bars for the frame

The choice of building materials must be taken with all responsibility, since the quality of the timber will depend on how stable the structure will be.

The boards should be fresh, moderately dry, and the same size. There should be no chips or defects. There are also high requirements for the bars - buy even bars with the same section. The remains of fungus, bark or mold indicates improper care of building materials. You should not buy such wood, it will not last long.

How to sheathe

DIY greenhouses made of wood (step by step) indicate that polycarbonate or film can be used for frame cladding. Everything will depend on financial capabilities or preferences. The film will turn out to be cheaper, polycarbonate is more wear-resistant and transparent.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of wood is low cost and environmental friendliness. The material is not in short supply; it is used everywhere in the construction industry.

Almost all wood imperfections can be played out with the correct processing and the choice of the ideal project:

  1. The wood will not bend if its section matches the design one.
  2. It is better to saturate the timber with fire protection than just paint the ends.

The main disadvantage will be the low resistance of wood to moisture. We do not recommend installing it outdoors. yet wood is susceptible to biological bacteria, but because the construction process requires processing of materials.


From the video you will learn how to make a wooden frame for a greenhouse with your own hands, and then sheathe everything with polycarbonate. The wood frame will serve for a very long time, subject to all working rules with the material, as well as drawing up a well-thought-out project.