How to make a house from pallets with your own hands? Review + Video

How to make a house from pallets with your own hands? Review + Video How to build a house from pallets with your own hands

Pallets are a material that can be easily used even for the construction industry. Most often, they build summer cottages, as well as children's houses, for which strength is not a priority. Having at your disposal only a couple of dozen pallets, a few free hours, desire and imagination, you can make a house out of pallets with your own hands, which will become the most favorite place to relax in the summer. The photo shows the finished project of pallet houses.

Pallets / pallets - what is their danger

Pallets are ways to be dangerous to human health.

For this reason, before using pallets in the field of construction, it is required to inquire about their history of origin. The following types of pallets are not suitable for construction:

  1. Pallets that are heavily colored with bright paints and varnishes - they may contain life-threatening formaldehydes, which are very toxic.
  2. Pallets, which were previously used in retail outlets of spontaneous markets and bazaars - absorbed aromas and moisture are ways to negatively affect not only the quality of the wood material, but also the aroma of the structure as a whole.
  3. Labeled IPPC pallets, because they are treated with chemical compounds that are capable of provoking all kinds of diseases in people who have direct contact with the pallet.

For this reason, the first rule when choosing pallets is an environmentally friendly material without certain drawbacks and damage to the wood integrity.

The photo shows the process of building a large pallet house. The second rule for a successful pallet selection will be trusted suppliers. You can order such materials in all transport companies that are engaged in freight transportation. They will provide you with all the information you need, as well as choose the best and cleanest pallets.

What can be built from pallets

Any types of buildings that use pallets can be divided into two huge groups - non-residential and residential premises.

The latter include country houses, campings and outbuildings, which are intended for seasonal or short-term residence of people. Non-residential premises are nothing more than inventory sheds, as well as flower beds and front gardens. We suggest you consider several options for building premises from pallets with your own hands.

Residential building

How to make a house from pallets with your own hands? Review + Video In order to build real residential buildings, even of the smallest size, require a lot of pallets. But it is the cheapness of pallets that will induce the construction process.

Below is the interior and interior type of wood pallet home furnishing. When the pallet falls into the hands, it must be divided into a couple of parts - the thicker boards used for the base are more suitable for the house frame, and the crossbars will play the role of walls.This procedure is the most boring, but also very tedious in the entire construction process.

To make the construction process even more, it is required to treat the stage of pallet disassembly with all responsibility, using a nail puller, not to violate the wood integrity. In the future, such nails can be used a second time, which makes it possible to save money.

After that, take measurements and outline the contours for the future house building on the previously prepared soil area. The foundation (that is, the foundation) as such is not required for it, and therefore it will be enough to lay stone blocks on which frame boards will be installed. All work is performed in this sequence - for a start, they lay out and fix the base, and after that they mount parallel types of logs, on which the chipboard sheets are lined.

For a pallet house, it is required to install vertical types of supports, which will form future doors and windows. The end of the process will be the construction of the roof, which is also made out of boards.

With all the supports and frame installed, it's time to take care of the cladding. Boards from pallets are baited onto logs using self-tapping screws or nails for wood, and with the help of a building level they control their position relative to the guide axes. The roof needs to be additionally covered with a layer of roofing felt, making the top layer of roofing tiles. This makes it possible to protect the house from precipitation and moisture, which is extremely important for wood. When a residential building made of pallets is fully ready, it is imperative to process the tree with an antifungal agent, and also paint.

The paint and varnish material helps to protect the house from premature decay, and also damage from small harmful insects.

Such a house can be inhabited only in the warm season, although in almost all areas of the United States of America, these are the houses that average Americans build. For our climatic conditions, such a house can only be considered a country or country house, the role of which is to provide a short-term shelter and protection from atmospheric precipitation. Even for such a small building, a project is definitely needed, on the correctness of which the result of the work will fully depend. you can order projects from specialists if your personal drawing skills are far from the best.

Children's play house

You can also give a second life to pallets if you make a play area for children, or rather, a fabulous house. All that is needed for this is your desire and imagination. As a rule, play houses are a hut on a hill, to which various staircases and the rest of the swing carousel go. For this reason, in order to build a pallet house for the delight of children, you need to follow the basic rules:

  • How to make a house from pallets with your own hands? Review + Video The house height should be low so that children cannot get serious injuries if they fall.
  • It is required in advance to develop a project, which will be thought out in detail, to the smallest detail from the technical side, and also from the side of the convenience of the construction process.

  • Use only proven high quality pallets that cannot harm the child's body.
  • Doing all work responsibly while taking care of the children.

We propose to consider the most primitive construction option for a play children's house with our own hands. So, make a base, take four blocks and dig them into the ground at a depth of 0.8 meters, no less.

Ideally, the shape of the house should be square. Fasten all the support posts by means of crossbars, on which you will then lining the boards for the future floor.

Next comes the construction of the walls. When the floor surface is ready, walls can be erected immediately. To do this, vertical logs are installed along the common floor perimeter, and then sheathed with boards from pallets.

The roof remains, make the roof on the principle of building a house, but at the same time without covering it with additional means of protection. To add brightness, use paints and varnishes, and the brighter the house turns out, the more pleasant it will play in it. The photo shows the process of building houses from pallets.

Try not to skimp on expensive oil paint, which not only increases the operational life of a wonderful orphanage, but also gives children unforgettable emotions. The advantage of such a structure is that it does not require the construction of real walls and a roof at all.

The distance between the boards, on the contrary, will give the house an attractiveness, and there will always be an opportunity to observe what your children are doing. This helps to make the construction process cheaper and also significantly reduce the number of pallets consumed. Moreover, pallets can be used as they are, and nothing needs to be taken apart. this helps to reduce the construction time, making it possible to get a great place for children's fun in just 2-3 hours.

Country house

How to build a house from pallets? Some of the summer residents, wanting to get a full-fledged house for a suburban residence, and at the same time with minimal spending, build it from solid pallets, attaching them to the supports.

But then the question arises of what to do with the cracks. And the wind, and insects, and moisture - all this is able to freely enter the pseudo-house. And then people came up with a wonderful trick that will solve all the problems in one fell swoop. To do this, you need to arm yourself with dense simple polyethylene, which is used for the greenhouse roof, and also to cover the inner house part with it. A construction stapler is perfect for this, which perfectly attaches a very light, but at the same time durable material to the base.

Polyethylene retains heat remarkably, and therefore, even with a cold snap, the house will be cozy and warm, which is extremely important for a summer cottage.Building a house or just a temporary shelter out of pallets is very easy, and it does not require any super skills. But the main issue that affects the quality of construction is not only sleight of hand and skills, but the quality and reliability of pallets.

Yes, you can build a solid country house from pallets. It makes no sense to build something out of crumbling decrepit material that can turn into dust.

Before making a responsible decision to build something out of pallets with your own hands, you need to make sure of their quality and quantity. Since pallets are a more affordable material from which you can build not just interior decorations and garden furniture, but even houses. There are no difficulties in such work, but you must definitely have the skills and abilities to work with wood.


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