How to make a kitchen in a frame house: interior and design

How to make a kitchen in a frame house: interior and design Perhaps the most important part in any home is the kitchen. After all, it is there that all family members gather to discuss the past day, and just chat over tea. It turns out that the mood of the whole family depends on the comfort and correct layout of the kitchen. Here, as in any business related to taste, there are no common solutions for everyone. Everyone approaches the interior of the kitchen of a private house individually, based on their ideas about the ideal kitchen.

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However, any kitchen layout is based on three main elements: refrigerator, sink and hob.

The distance between these elements determines the comfort and productivity of work in the kitchen - the smaller it is, the more convenience. The most optimal distance from the sink to the stove is about 1200-1800 mm, to the refrigerator - 2100 mm.

How to make a kitchen in a frame house: interior and design Next, I would like to talk about the main types of kitchen planning in private houses:

  • U-shaped;
  • Corner layout;
  • Linear version;
  • Parallel layout;
  • Island layout;
  • Kitchen-living room.

U-shaped arrangement of the kitchen

U-shaped arrangement of furniture and household appliances is suitable only if the width of the kitchen is at least 3 meters.

The most common type among housewives, when the sink is located next to the window. So that you can wash dishes and look out the windows in the kitchen of your private house. This is the dream of any hostess. If you also dream of such a kitchen, remember that it is very important to have a wide window sill so that splashes of dirty water do not fall on the glass. In addition, you will need to install a special mixer.

It is needed so that you can open the window when needed.

How to make a kitchen in a frame house: interior and design In the event that the kitchen area is small, options for the implementation of this type of layout should be selected more carefully. In a small kitchen with a U-shaped layout, a dining area is usually located next to the window. But this option is suitable only for a married couple of two, because it will be problematic to gather a family at a small table. But even here there is a way out.

The dining area can be arranged in the living room. And in the kitchen, make only a small area for snacks. Then it already turns out a kitchen dining room in a private house.

Corner placement of the kitchen in the house

Corner placement of furniture and household appliances is standard for many Russian apartments, but it can also be suitable for planning the kitchen of a small private house up to 100 sq. m.

Linear kitchen placement

How to make a kitchen in a frame house: interior and design
Budget project of a linear kitchen for a small house

The linear option of placing furniture is perfect in cases where family members spend little time in the kitchen.

This layout takes up very little space and has everything you need to prepare a light breakfast.

But no more.

This is easy to fix with additional boxes.

If your home has high ceilings, you can also add a mezzanine for storage.

Parallel view of kitchen placement

How to make a kitchen in a frame house: interior and design B in some cases, due to the special design of the kitchen, only one kitchen layout option is possible - parallel.

This is if the doors are opposite the window, then place household appliances and furniture in two opposite walls.

Parallel layout is especially convenient when all the necessary things must be at hand.

Island kitchen design

Island kitchen layout is a very fashionable option in recent years, but its implementation is possible only with large areas, as well as time-consuming distribution of water and hoods.

I also want to note that when planning a kitchen, all important zones should be taken into account.

For example, the storage area should be next to the refrigerator, followed by the crockery storage area and the sink.

How to make a kitchen in a frame house: interior and design

Interior design of the kitchen-living room

If you want a kitchen-living room in your house, then first of all you need to carefully consider its design.

The first thing to consider when planning a kitchen-living room is to divide the premises into separate recreation areas and a cooking area. This requires a minimum of space for the cooking zone. To save space, it is advisable to choose built-in options.

In addition, it is necessary to provide a separate place for storing small household appliances. To divide the zones, you can use various partitions or houseplants that create a kind of hedge. You can also use a bar counter instead of a partition. How to make a kitchen in a frame house: interior and design

The most important advantage of this type of redevelopment is to get one bright and spacious room instead of two small ones. This type of layout has practically no drawbacks.

It should be noted that when combining the living room and kitchen, you will need to install a strong hood over the stove, since the smells that appear during cooking can irritate someone. You will have to give up light-colored carpets, and also wash the floor much more often, since the combined space of the kitchen and living room needs perfect cleanliness.

When you have already decided on the layout of your kitchen, you need to think about the features of installing a kitchen in your private home.

How to make a kitchen in a frame house: interior and design Special attention should be paid to the owners of frame houses. Because there are some nuances.

For example, that the walls of the frame do not have a solid solid, where you could install fasteners for cabinets (drill holes, drive in dowels, screw in self-tapping screws, etc.). On the frame, only plank vertical posts are suitable for fastening.They have a step of the order of 35-40 cm, which means that it is extremely difficult to guess with the attachment points of the kitchen set.

How to make a kitchen in a frame house: interior and design In this case, several options are possible.

First, use a freestanding kitchen unit so that the top cabinets have a support on the bottom of the kitchen. It is expensive and not rational. Secondly, it is possible to constructively prepare the kitchen room for the installation of built-in kitchen furniture, even at the stage of installation of frame walls. To do this, you need to have a complete project in advance in order to know exactly where the kitchen and furniture will be located.

Then, in the walls on which all the boxes will hang in, you need to mount a number of additional stiffnesses to which you can fix them.

To do this, you can simply screw in a couple of boards at the level of these drawers.

This technical trick is applicable to any cabinet, built-in furniture in a frame house, which requires fixing to the walls (wardrobes, shelves, etc.)

Finally, I would like to share with you a few rules that will become your assistants in kitchen design.

For convenience, I have divided them:


How to make a kitchen in a frame house: interior and design

  1. The stove and oven should not be located close to the window. This will help prevent fluttering curtains from catching fire.

  2. The average distance from the electric stove to the hood is from 60 cm.
  3. If there is no hood above your stove, then you should not hang cabinets over it.
  4. There should be a distance of at least 30 cm from the work surface on both sides of the stove.
  5. The slab does not need to be placed close to the wall. Otherwise, the wall will constantly heat up and its appearance will quickly deteriorate.

  6. The oven is best built into the cabinet at eye level. This will help protect children.
  7. Built-in appliances offer greater hygiene than free-standing appliances.

Storage system

  1. How to make a kitchen in a frame house: interior and design For maximum convenience the distance between two opposite rows of cabinets must be at least 120 cm.
  2. If you have corner cabinets, then the door must be at least 30 cm away from the wall.

  3. practical and comfortable, then their height should be 55-60 cm.
  4. The distance from the work surface to the wall cabinets, as a rule, is 55-60 cm.
  5. Be attentive to the fittings - this is it determines the lifespan and quality of work of everything that comes forward and opens in your kitchen.
  6. The utensil drawer is best placed next to the stove.
  7. Frequently used, easily accessible and most convenient drawers are drawers located directly under the worktop and in the lower area of ​​the upper cabinet.

  8. Do not place tall cabinets in the middle of the kitchen, as this will rupture the work surface.


  1. The dishwasher is best placed near the sink as it should be as close to the water pipes as possible.
Working surface
  1. If you do not have enough working space in your kitchen, then it can be a bar counter, in extreme cases, a window sill.
  2. The recommended width of the table top is up to 90 cm. If it is too large, it will simply be inconvenient to work on it.

  3. Your work area should be well lit.

I hope this knowledge will help you create your ideal kitchen in the home