How to make a magnetic water converter: Working principle and What household appliances need a magnetic converter? Review + Video

How to make a magnetic water converter: Working principle and What household appliances need a magnetic converter? Review + Video Magnetic water converter in the house. In the modern world, magnets are used everywhere. From simple magnetic beds to sophisticated technical installations. Scientists all over the world are studying this material and trying to discover its new properties and use them in everyday life. So, at the beginning of the 20th century, scientists discovered the property of magnets, which allows you to soften water.

That is, they created a magnetic water converter.

Subsequently, it began to be used in the heat and power industry and water supply.

What is a magnetic water transducer MPV?

Let's consider a standard water purifier as an example. Its main task is to filter water and filter out harmful impurities. This completes the work of the water filter.

Cleaning is sometimes not very high quality. And the magnetic transformer of water, in addition to cleaning the liquid, makes it soft. That is, it converts water from hard to soft.

Such a useful device is capable of removing scale from any mechanism. By purchasing MPV, you will protect all household appliances from limescale.

Where are magnetic water transducers used?

Scientists and experts have come to the conclusion that the magnetic water transducer is best used in the following areas of our life:

  • - when supplying water in an apartment or at work;
  • - for boiler and steam equipment;
  • - for gas water heaters and boilers;
  • - for household appliances: dishwasher and washing machine;
  • - for pumping equipment.

The principle of combating MPV with scale

If you go to the store, you will be able to observe a wide range of MPV from different manufacturers. For example, the Stop-scale device, a magnetic water converter, does an excellent job with its main task - descaling. Such a device will not only protect new equipment, but also increase the service life of the old one. It must be installed in the water supply system in front of the device.

The essence of this device is that water dipoles pass between two high-energy magnets. The Lorentz force acting on them creates oscillatory movements. Under the influence of a magnetic field, bonds between calcium ions, CO3 and dipoles are broken. As a result, aragonite is formed. Due to the fact that the structure of this material is loose, scale cannot form on the heating elements.

After water treatment with a filter, it heats up, forming CaCo3 molecules, while the scale layer does not precipitate, but is attracted to the aragonite particles. When draining occurs, these particles are removed.

REFERENCE! With long-term use of MPV, aragonite particles also remove old scale.

How to install the MPV device correctly?

According to the instructions, this device is installed on the cold water supply system. Since at elevated temperatures, the MPV will not be able to work with water hardness.

And this is perhaps the only drawback of these devices.

It should also be noted that the MPV devices are very sensitive to the speed of water movement, stagnation and directional flows. Therefore, it is worth choosing an electromagnetic version of the device for water. Cleaning will be much faster. It is quite versatile and great for elevated temperatures.

The energy consumption for the device is minimal. For a month of intensive work, the filter consumes 5 kW of energy.

ATTENTION! The electromagnetic device does not work with standing water.

The installation is very simple. It must be wound on the pipe, and the ends must be insulated.

This completes the installation!

Advantages of the magnetic water transducer mws

The advantages of MPV include:

  • - long term of use (from 10 to 15 years);
  • - no changes in the biological composition of water;
  • - safety for human life and health;
  • - not chemically used in the device hazardous compounds, additives and components.

In order for the magnetic transducer to work for a long time, it must be made from a special rare earth material. This material does not change its properties and qualities over time.

Facts about MPV

How to make a magnetic water converter: Working principle and What household appliances need a magnetic converter? Review + Video This device is increasingly being started use in industrial plants. And judging by the reviews, it is quite successful.

Using a converter for boiler equipment, the condition of the pipes will be perfect, and the scale will not even be noticeable. In addition, the flow filter will always be in perfect condition.

Another excellent magnetic transducer model is the HEALING . This device is highly efficient and ideal for home use. Housewives claim that with such a device, the washing machine and dishwasher will work like a clock without any breakdowns.

This refinery has minimal energy consumption.

Whether or not to purchase an MPV is up to you. But it is better to prevent the appearance of scale in advance than to pay a higher price for repairing the washing machine later.

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