How to make a refrigerator under the window

How to make a refrigerator under the window Reconstruction of the refrigerator under the window

Residential buildings of the Soviet era have been imprinted in the memory of many, as they were in the apartments of the cities of the former CIS. Although in big cities they are trying to get rid of the Khrushchevs as soon as possible, and in their place they are actively trying to build skyscrapers that are equipped according to all requirements, the residents of the periphery can only dream of such a resettlement, and try to make repairs in their "houses of cards" as much as possible ... One of the objects of the past, which deserves special attention, is the refrigerator under the window in the kitchen.

It was extremely popular in the 1950s and could replace a full-fledged refrigerator. Let's take a closer look at what the advantages of such a kitchen addition are and how an existing structure can be improved.

Reconstruction of the refrigerator under the window

The refrigerator of the times of Khrushchev is a niche, a recess that is located in the kitchen under the window structure, in the place where radiators for heating are usually located (in projects of such apartments radiator slightly offset to the side). In this case, the street is separated from the premises with a small layer of brickwork, which has certain technological gaps through which cold air enters and circulates, as well as ventilation. A small niche at that time was quite enough to store perishable food for 6 months a year.

Moreover, such refrigerators under the windows help to save kitchen space, and this deprived apartment owners of the need to buy electrical equipment. And the window sill in the kitchen helped replace the table in the warm season, while the space under it was used as an additional storage area for food that does not deteriorate.

The advantages of the design include:

  • Helps to save space in the kitchen.
  • Saving electrical energy on the use of the refrigerator in winter.
  • Can be used as a miniature storage room for preservation during the warm season.

And the main thing is that you will always have the opportunity to transfer the refrigerator, as well as use the niche for any purpose. But there are also some disadvantages, and the main one is poor thermal insulation. Cold air will constantly flow through the cracks, and if the kitchen faces the east or north side, then the winter wind will take all the heat from the room.

Reconstruction options

Since the Khrushchev refrigerators are not suitable for every owner, for this reason they began to re-equip.

There are several ways to do this, consider the main ones:

  1. How to make a refrigerator under the window Installation of a heating radiator in place of the refrigerator.

    The niche under the window and windowsill on the kitchen should be almost completely closed, and a small depression of 15 cm should be left. A heat source can be installed in the place where the refrigerator was.

  2. Niche insulation. The doors from the seasonal refrigerator should be pasted over with a thermal insulator, and the device can continue to be used for its intended purpose.
  3. A window instead of a niche.

    The partition that separates the room from the street can be dismantled and installed not ordinary metal-plastic windows of a standard size, but ordered by individual measurements, more.

  4. Kitchen and balcony. After the partition is dismantled, an additional balcony can be arranged on the first or second floor, which will be held on a pile support. But keep in mind that such redevelopment requires a special documented permission from the house management organization.

With proper wall insulation , the niche can also be used to install a small cabinet under the window and sill in the kitchen.

Remove the refrigerator

The demolition of the Khrushchev refrigerator under the window will begin with the need to clean up the space for reconstruction work. All products from the miniature refrigerator and utensils from the windowsill should be removed, the curtains should be temporarily removed and, if possible, the wall that is adjacent to the window should be freed. If you plan to re-glue the wallpaper in the future, then the old coating layer can be dismantled immediately.

Further steps are as follows:

  1. Remove the doors from the refrigerator, as well as the shelves and dismantle the box.
  2. Clean the wall and niche of debris and dust.

  3. Seal up the cold bridges (the same technological ventilation holes that are in the outer wall) with cement mortar.
  4. Close up the niche with bricks. To avoid the ingress of condensation in the cold season, it is advisable to make sure that a small air gap remains inside the walls.

The thickness of the masonry should be selected strictly individually - it will depend on how you will use the laid space in the future.

Please note, that you can insulate the wall in completely different ways - outside the house, from the side of the apartment or from the inside, in the wall.

the most reliable way is outside the building, as you probably don't know where the dew point is. If it is displaced during the work on the internal insulation of the walls, dampness will appear on the surface in the future, followed by fungus.

Niche modernization

Leaving a seasonal refrigerator is a very sensible and practical idea. For a family with small needs, even this seemingly small space will be enough to temporarily store perishable food. If you bring such a refrigerator into a more or less normal look, then you will get an effective and multifunctional niche.

You know that cold air that enters an enclosed space through the ventilation holes can seep even through old, loosely closed doors into the room.Naturally, in this case, the main object of replacement is the doors. But most people, carrying out reconstruction work, do not limit themselves only to the doors and repair the entire refrigerator.

Important! The optimal solution for a Khrushchev type refrigerator is to use metal-plastic doors with good fittings.

Use an insulating glass unit or a sandwich as the filling material.

Provided that you plan to install doors with double-glazed windows, it will be appropriate to equip the niche with lighting and make its complete internal reconstruction. Overhaul of the refrigerator is mainly carried out in the summer, while replacing the windows and window sill. So, the first thing that needs to be done is to choose a manufacturing company in order to order metal-plastic structures from them and invite a measurer. After the new window is installed, wait until the foam dries completely. Repair of the space under the window can begin when the structure is firmly held in the window opening.

Sequence of actions for modernizing the winter refrigerator under the window:

  1. How to make a refrigerator under the window Dismantling old shelves, doors and the frame as a whole. The doors should be removed, the old shelves removed and the old timber box removed completely. This must be done very carefully so that the opening does not become even larger.
  2. Installation of a new structure. In the resulting space, a new metal-plastic frame should be installed, and it is necessary to remove the doors from it in advance.

    Further, everything is fixed with the help of anchor bolts in the opening along the level. After the structure has been installed as required horizontally and vertically, the frame can be firmly attached and the doors installed. When the installation is over, all the cracks must be blown out with polyurethane foam.

  3. Finishing works. After the foam hardens and the structure is firmly in place, you can start finishing work.

    As a rule, the inner space is sheathed with moisture-resistant drywall (green), and then plastering work is performed or decorated with plastic. Any polymer insulation should be used for finishing. If lighting is made in the installation, then such a moment should be thought out in advance, wiring and installing the lamp.

At the end of all installation and finishing work, you only need to check if the system is working and install shelves with drawers that will be pulled out.

Arrangement of the cabinet under the windowsill

The dream of every second housewife is the kitchen working area near the window.

Due to the fact that it is in this place that there is a lot of daylight, you can not use the backlight and thereby save on electrical energy.If you equip a full-fledged tabletop above such a niche, which will replace the window sill, then you will get a compact space, as well as a multifunctional niche, into which a washing machine or dishwasher, microwave oven, oven, miniature refrigerator or communications to install a sink can easily enter.

The main steps in performing work after the general dismantling of the old structure:

  • How to make a refrigerator under the window Installation of a solid table top.
  • Arrangement of a niche (sheathing the space with drywall or other material).
  • Installation of cabinets under the table.

  • Arrangement of all necessary communications.
  • Installation of technical electrical appliances, if any.
  • Plumbing installation.

Please note, that if you use a wall adjacent to the window under the working area, then in a small kitchen you will have additional space for installing a dining set.

Glazing of unnecessary space

A half-brick partition that separates the interior of the refrigerator from the street, and the side parts of the niche from the old refrigerator do not carry a significant load, therefore it is quite possible to disassemble them and install in the resulting opening a single structure in full size in the form of a door to a balcony or a window.

The hardest part of such a redevelopment will be getting permission, which will depend on factors such as the location of the house. If the building is located in the city center or very close to it, the city authorities may refuse to issue a permit in order not to violate the integrity of the facade. In addition, if the house in which your apartment is located is in disrepair, then even in this case you are unlikely to be able to obtain permission for redevelopment.

Please note, that if you live on the ground floor, make sure that passers-by are safe in advance. It is necessary to isolate the area of ​​possible falling debris, and also to protect the site with bright tapes.

Only after all agreements on changing the design and installing a new one in place of the refrigerator under the window in the Khrushchev will be completed, can you proceed to the rest of the actions:

  1. How to make a refrigerator under the window Take measurements and make a drawing . Using a construction tape, you should measure the opening and take into account the quarters, and also sketch an approximate sketch for the future structure. If you plan to make a veranda or something like that, then for the functional arrangement of the space outside the window, you will also need to prepare a project.
  2. Order window construction . In any window manufacturing company or in a factory, you can order window designs, taking into account the features and exact size.

    Usually, the average duration of the production of metal-plastic windows is two weeks.When the structures are delivered to the houses, installation can begin.

  3. Dismantling work . To do this, you will need to remove the old Khrushchev refrigerator and window structure from the place for dismantling. This should be done carefully so that the breakout does not turn into a new laying of the walls.

    From below, the opening should be expanded to the required dimensions, thoroughly clean the edges.

  4. Installation of the structure . Most often, for such work, they usually invite masters of their craft, that is, qualified specialists. But if you have certain skills and knowledge, then you can insert a metal-plastic window yourself. To begin with, the structure should be unpacked, remove all glass units from the frame.

    Next, install it in a previously prepared opening, fix it with anchors. Check for evenness with a building level, firmly fix the structure to the wall, and then you can blow out the cracks with foam. Reinstall the glass units and adjust the sash.

  5. Final stage . After the polyurethane foam has completely solidified, it should be cut off with any knife so that the material does not protrude from the cracks.

    In order for the structure to serve you as long as possible, you should putty the slopes as soon as possible after installation. The fact is that the polyurethane foam is capricious in relation to the direct rays of the sun, and ultraviolet light can destructively affect the structure of the material, and if you do not take appropriate measures, then soon cold bridges may appear inside the window opening, which threatens with constant fogging of the windows.

If you plan to make an extension to the veranda or balcony, then the channel should be attached to the bottom of the floor using anchors. In the case of the second or first floor, supports can be installed for additional reliability. To do this, use a construction drill to dig holes in the marked places to a depth of at least 0.

8 meters. We fill in gravel at the bottom of each hole, set the support beams according to the level and fill the holes with a solution for a concrete screed, but 15 cm cannot be added to the edge.When the cement seizes, the remaining space should be covered with earth and tamped. After that, the frame must be nailed to the attached channel and supports and sheathed with metal sheets.

Please note, that the balcony, which is completely sheathed with glass, will be warm and bright due to the fact that the sun's rays penetrate into it.

In certain cases, an additional living room can be equipped in place of the attached balcony. In order not to get large heat losses, in addition to the main layer for the insulation of the balcony, one should use "warm floor" systems.


The presence of a refrigerator from the times of Khrushchev in the kitchen is a very convenient and practical moment. If you do not like this idea, then you should use the usable area in accordance with your requirements.You can leave the refrigerator in the kitchen, but insulate it a little and make a new beautiful design, or even remove it altogether, and use the resulting niche for other purposes.

But for global purposes, a permit from house management and city administration should be issued.