How to make a round hole in a tile? Instruction + Video

How to make a round hole in a tile? Instruction + Video How to cut a round hole with a grinder? Quite often, the question of how to make a hole in a tile accurately and quickly can take home craftsmen who have little experience by surprise. But in fact, there are many interesting implementation options. Indeed, the need to create a hole in a ceramic tile may appear at any stage of renovation work, even long before the start of everything.

This, and the diameter of the circle to be made, will largely determine how to proceed in each situation and which tool is best to use to make a round hole in the tile.

How to work?

Using a hand tool

If you do not have power tools available and you do not know how to make a hole in the tile, that is, the ability to use the simplest way - tile cutter and tongs (or pliers).

The sequence of actions will be as follows:

  1. How to make a round hole in a tile? Instruction + Video Before you start cutting a hole in the tile, you should mark the boundaries of the future hole on its surface.
  2. To make the material elements softer, soak it in water for a short time beforehand.
  3. If you will be using a glass cutter, draw it along the markings and do not lift the cutter from the base. To cut through the groove, you should put enough effort on the handle, but so that the tile is intact and does not crack (this is especially true if you have a glossy glazed tile).
  4. Along the cutting line, tap the groove with the back of the tool so that it is as deep as possible.

  5. Using the pliers, break off the material, piece by piece, until you have a straight cut along the lines.
  6. If jags remain at the edges, the cut wheel should be sanded with fine sandpaper.

The method is laborious, but it will help out great if you don't have the right tool at hand. Now let's take a look at how to use an electric jigsaw.

Using an electric jigsaw

A tool such as an electric jigsaw, which has a diamond wire, has been quite successful on a ceramic material.

When using it, it is possible to create any through figure in the tile, both in the central part of the tile and on the edge. The latter is sometimes required to install an outlet. But for the first case, it would be great to have an electric drill and drill on hand to cut holes in the tile where the outlet will be.

So how can you make a round hole with an electric jigsaw?

  1. How to make a round hole in a tile? Instruction + Video Draw a round hole on the outside.
  2. Immediately after that, you should start sawing it if the cutout element is located near the edge.

  3. In order for the hole to be located in the center, on the ceramics, you should first use a drill to drill a hole with a small diameter in the place where the socket will be installed. A cutting thread should be passed through it and the tool should be brought to the edge of the cutout.
  4. Slowly insert the tool along the scribe line. From the line you should gradually retreat inward, while trying not to capture additional areas. In the same way, you should work out the hole with a standard hacksaw, but then do not count on a good cut quality.

As you can see, the method is quite simple and convenient.

The grinder and its application

The grinder is an excellent tool at all. Often, thoughts about how to create a hole in a tile appear exactly at the moment when the tile is required to be laid and it is required to bring it under the pipes, toilet bowl and mixer. The grinder makes it possible to process ceramics when they are not yet attached to the wall. such a tool will also be appropriate for performing curly cuts on the edge of a square of a tile.

How to cut a hole in a tile using a grinder:

  1. How to make a round hole in a tile? Instruction + Video Mark a line to guide you when cutting.
  2. A diamond disc should be put on the grinder, which is used for the dry method.
  3. Begin cutting from the side where you feel comfortable. Insert the instrument slowly, moving it slightly to the side.
  4. If it is inconvenient to work, make a semicircle, and then start moving with the tool in the other direction.

    But keep in mind that in this case, you should make sure that the cutting points coincide.

The grinder is the most convenient for creating round holes.

Slitting the tile covering

The second option for creating tiled holes assumes that the tile will be fixed on the wall. in this case, the classic method should be used, in which the wall chasing will be performed with a drill. When working on veneer material, use either tapered or typical twist drills.

To create holes in the tile with a simple drill, you need to do the following:

  1. To reduce the slip of the cutter, you should glue the workpiece surface with ceramic drilling area using masking tape. This will make it possible to keep everything in its original position.
  2. Place a point where you want to drill.
  3. Drill with the rotary drill at low speed.
  4. To prevent overheating of the nozzle, it should be slightly wet from time to time.

    You can also spray on the finish, but only after you dig a little deeper into the wall so that the drill does not slip. If you need to create a large hole, do a little differently. The start of work will be the same, but after that you should replace the drill with another one with a larger diameter.We recommend that you gradually widen the drill, which will help to reduce the risk of chipping to zero.

Please note that you can create a large notch in another way.

For the border of the future hole, use a thin drill to make many holes. After that, you should carefully knock out the central part, and grind the notches.

Working with special attachments

So, what else can you make a round hole? In addition to standard glass and tile surfaces, there are other, alternative drill bits. Diamond-coated crowns can be used if you need a socket cutout, to tap off the faucet in the bathroom and elsewhere. Drilling is performed due to the fact that the crown rotates, which is set on the pilot drill.

The accuracy of the opening will be largely determined by the properties of the diamond-type spraying and grain size. The downside of this method is that the cost of the crown is quite large.

Using a crown, the hole is made as follows:

  1. How to make a round hole in a tile? Instruction + Video A little masking tape is glued to the ceramics.
  2. The cutting outlines are drawn.
  3. Attach the tool with the crown, and then begin to smoothly insert it deeper and deeper.

  4. To avoid overheating, the crown should be wetted periodically.

Tile drill, which is also called "ballerina", makes it possible to create round holes with a large diameter. The principle of operation of such a device is reduced to the following - the electric tool is activated, which is reflected on the drill simultaneously with the cutter, which is movable and fixed on the rod.

Due to this, it is possible to move the cutter and displace it along the rod, and you also have the ability to set the parameters of any circle within the reach of the rod size. The convenience lies in the fact that you do not need to spend a lot of money on buying many bits with different diameters.

Another advantage of the method is that the cost of the device is affordable for a wide range of users.

The operation is performed as follows:

  1. A point is placed in the center of the circle diameter.
  2. How to make a round hole in a tile? Instruction + Video Carry out the adjustment of the circular drill according to the diameter you have selected.
  3. Pass through the glazed thickness.
  4. Make a depression on the second surface of the element.

  5. The circle is cut from the outside.

Despite the fact that this method has many advantages, there are also disadvantages, namely:

  • Such a device cannot make many cuts.
  • The number of cuts is limited to 30-40.
  • The drill should be used with extreme caution and turned on only at low speed, as otherwise it can easily chip.

If you intend to use any of the above methods, never use a percussion instrument.

Its use can adversely affect the integrity of the tile element. Knowing how to drill the tile, you can choose one that will best suit the job you are doing. During repairs, it may be necessary to repeatedly create holes in the tile for pipes or sockets. Moreover, such a need may appear both after installation and during.

Let's look at how to handle both situations and what tools you can use.

When facing work, you cannot do without drilling the tiles. Most often, in order to make a round hole in the tile, you need to even at the laying stage. Until the material is attached to the surface, it could not be done. The tool will come in handy more than once during wall and floor cladding. It is also suitable for shape cutting along the edge of a tile.

How to make a hole in a tile with a grinder:

  1. Select the contours.
  2. Equip yourself with a dry cutting diamond blade.
  3. Start sawing from whichever edge is most comfortable for you. The tool should be guided smoothly, away from you, and also stick to the tile with your hand so as not to damage your fingers.
  4. If the working surface is not comfortable, you should stop in the middle and bring the grinder from the other edge, but in this case there is a big risk that the cut line will come off.

    You should work only on the front side of the tile so that there are no chips.

As you can see, everything is not so difficult, and you have the opportunity to choose the tool that will be appropriate in your case.

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