How to make a rustic style in a kitchen interior with your own hands in a rustic style: Types and Ideas + Video

How to make a rustic style in a kitchen interior with your own hands in a rustic style: Types and Ideas + Video The return of the "Alya village" style to the kitchen surroundings confirms the expression that everything in this world moves in a circle. The time of hi-tech and minimalism is passing, the call of the ancestors returns. Coziness and an abundance of important things bring calmness in the house. The wood in the decoration exudes warmth and health. In such a room, strength is quickly recovered before a new working day.

This definition can be used to designate a new hobby of stylists for rural style in the interior of the kitchen while translating their ideas.

Rustic style is more suitable for finishing country houses or private cottages. Rustic surroundings require scope and volume in accordance with the materials used. But modern production technologies have made it possible to minimize their size without losing their aesthetic appearance. In small city apartments, you can also organize a cozy rural corner in the kitchen.

Materials are selected according to the chosen interior theme.

Types of rustic styles

Russian estate

This style can be divided into two main entourage;

Rural hut

The first implies the use of materials of large textures, thick boards, block house, columns of carved logs with minimal finishing. The color is fully consistent with the natural texture with natural shades.

Primary colors:

  1. How to make a rustic style in a kitchen interior with your own hands in a rustic style: Types and Ideas + Video bleached type , suitable for whitewashing of village huts,
  2. beige shade with patina, emphasizes the antiquity,
  3. light blue color of the walls allows you to create the atmosphere of a village loft.

Manor in Russian style

Has more noble lines.

They indicate the well-being and subtlety of taste that the rustic perception is capable of. Gzhel motives are often used in decoration. The fabrics found in the kitchen are made from thinner materials with intricate patterns and embroidery. The wood furnishings feature carved details with a subtle sophisticated pattern. The chairs have rococo-style soft seats and backs.

  • The facades of the kitchen set are inlaid with carved details in the form of vines, bunches of grapes and are painted a tone darker than the doors.
  • Dishes are used with Gzhel painting or fine Chinese porcelain. It is displayed on open shelves.
  • The walls are finished with plaster for painting, with vertical and top moldings. Colors are selected in light colors.

  • The working side and the hood are finished with glossy tiled tiles.
  • A wood-like laminate with a finer texture is placed on the floor.
  • Ceiling luminaires have a fabric shade for soft light.

French Provence

Provence and chalets are considered the leaders of rustic styles in decorating French kitchens.

The first one creates the image of flat settlements, the interior is based on wood.

It is whitened and emphasized separately by the texture pattern. Upholstered furniture is patinated under the general scenario.Tables are covered with thick tablecloths. The walls are decorated with small, unframed paintings or plates with stylized designs.

  • How to make a rustic style in a kitchen interior with your own hands in a rustic style: Types and Ideas + Video The kitchen set does not have facades, all contents are kept open.

  • The ceiling is finished with a board with imitation of floor beams. The color is chosen dark, in sharp contrast to the walls and floor.
  • The lighting fixtures look like 18th century style street gas lamps or chandeliers with candle-shaped bulbs.
  • Floor covering is made of tiles imitating natural stone. On top are woven rugs or wool rugs.

  • The chalet style originated from the foothills. The decoration contains more materials imitating stone, the floor and walls differ in texture and color of the material. Window curtains are made of fine fabrics or tulle. There are lace products in the room. Porcelain figurines of people and animals are placed in prominent places.

  • Both styles combine French charm, sophistication of lines and edges.

American Ranch

How to make a rustic style in a kitchen interior with your own hands in a rustic style: Types and Ideas + Video This decor is mainly suitable for private homes. It originated in the west during the Great Migration. The materials were used without much processing, there was not enough tools. The elements were made without much sophistication, but for the home.

Such a room combines a kitchen and a dining room, designed for a large family.

Kitchen furniture is made in the form of a bar counter with a large number of small drawers.

For decoration, metal objects of the economy of those places are placed on the walls. Braids, chains, cauldrons. Metal dishes are placed on the shelves.

The room is well lit, large lamps are used. Chandeliers are made from imitation of wooden cart wheels. The bulbs are shaped like 18th century kerosene lamps.

Gives the impression of pretentious recklessness and self-confidence in the American style.

German half-timbered building

The meaning of the name is in the style of construction of buildings from panels.

The frame beams are not closed, but remain visible. This gives the building a special charm.

Several principles play a major role in decorating a kitchen in the German style, which are strictly observed:

  • finishing materials are of high quality and durable,
  • shapes and lines should be even and clear,
  • objects are placed thoughtfully and in accessible places,
  • decor style is simple and unobtrusive.

There is a lot of natural light in the room.

The luminaires are not suspended from the ceiling.

Light sources are used in the form of floor lamps and wall sconces.

There are floor carpets in the interior. And woven tracks.

The floors are covered with wood-colored laminate.

English style

The classic style of kitchen decor that came from Foggy Albion has an expensive look.

English stiffness is reflected in all areas of the interior decoration.

Stylists strictly adhere to the basic principles:

  • How to make a rustic style in a kitchen interior with your own hands in a rustic style: Types and Ideas + Video dignity, bordering on stiffness,
  • high level of nobility,
  • aristocracy,
  • conservatism with maximum convenience,

Reliability and durability is achieved by using only natural, real and high quality materials.

Apply the English style in kitchen decoration

Perhaps in a small city apartment and in a large country house. It is universal in its principle of creation, since in the UK, mainly residential premises are built with small dimensions. They do not need extra space, everything is subject to clear conditions of functionality.

Therefore, it is done once and for a long time and expensive.

Kitchen furniture, facades, ceilings and walls are finished with materials from expensive types of wood, cherry birch, maple. There is no stucco and carving. The necessary parts are painted with persistent compositions of colorless varnish or paints of light aristocratic tones. To confirm the style, decoration with drawings in gold is allowed.

The curtains are made of expensive English cloth, without a pattern or tartan is used. The curtain design was invented in England. It has a rectangular shape, but on the back there is an attached cord. When you pull it, the curtain rises in an assembly. The principle is now used in blinds.

The kitchen set takes up little space, but everything is assembled with functionality in mind. According to English principles, the dining table is always located in the middle of the room.

The sign of style is

  • The presence of a fireplace, which gives coziness and tranquility to communicate with a cup of tea in a soft comfortable armchair.
  • The floor is covered with ceramic tiles or, if possible, natural stone is used. Its color should not be in contrast to the solution of the entire room.

  • Utensils are used for eating porcelain, and food is prepared in copper pots and pans.
  • Ceiling chandeliers are made of Venetian glass or crystal. Lighting is done at an average level.


Each country has its own traditional styles of home decoration. In an effort to get a corner with coziness and comfort emanating from the ancestors, it is not necessary to have a large house outside the city, such an island can be built in your city apartment.

Basic principle:

  • follow the style,
  • use natural materials.

For so little, the result will be amazing. Evening rest and relaxation will by the way before a difficult day

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