How to make a septic tank from car tires with your own hands

How to make a septic tank from car tires with your own hands How to make a septic tank from car tires with your own hands

Agree, pleasant it is not enough to see a lot of worn-out tires from cars around the city. They are in the bushes, lie along the road, on the banks of rivers, near auto repair shops and tire services. Rubber only clogs up the urban space, spoils the natural environment, settlements, which causes damage to the environment. But at the same time, most owners of a private house and plot are racking their brains over how to make their own septic tank of a drainage type at their summer cottage for wastewater, as well as make a drain pit. This is especially worrisome when you have a limited budget and you need a septic tank urgently.

Instructions for making a septic tank from tires in a private house are described in this article. We will help you to understand the issue in detail, since the most popular options for manufacturing an autonomous treatment plant are described here, for which you can use unnecessary rubber from a car.

What is important to understand before starting work?

The purpose of the septic tank

A well-maintained residential building will differ from all others in that equipped with the benefits of civilization. These are the resources that are necessary for people to live in the house - gas, electricity, sewage, water supply. If electricity, water supply and gas, or rather the problems associated with them, the owners of houses somehow try to solve on their own and it even works out well, then the sewerage is extremely expensive and will depend on whether there is a main pipe nearby , so that waste water can be drained from the accommodation facility.

The difference between a septic tank and a cesspool

A septic tank and a septic tank are not equivalent concepts. These are completely different objects, which have a different target direction. The cesspool is sealed and serves only to be filled with waste liquid. When it is complete, the operation of the structure is terminated. In order to use it further, you need to call a special sewage machine, which will pump out all the contents of the pit.

And how much a septic tank differs from it. Such a structure is not airtight.

Please note that waste water that enters the tank with loose walls begins to seep through partially through them, and a large volume of water is absorbed into the bottom of the object.

With a small filling of the container, owners do not even need to think about how to pump out the contents. More intensive use of water resources, regular washing, filling the pool and visiting a bath or sauna in the house will lead to the fact that the septic tank will quickly overflow.

The water in it will need to be pumped out, and for this you will need to call a sewer machine. But such a process will need to be performed extremely rarely, unlike the case when you would have a cesspool.

According to their design features, septic tanks are different.The walls can be laid out of cinder block, brick, rubble stone, granite with holes for intensive absorption of moisture. The bottom should be covered with crushed stone, expanded clay, broken bricks, the soil should be left in an uncompressed form.

Automobile tires are the personal material for the construction of a septic tank on the territory of a summer cottage, a cottage yard, your own house.

The principle of the device

How to make a septic tank from car tires with your own hands Creating your own a septic tank for a home made of autonomous tires instead of a sewer is interesting and even useful. Moreover, it is even more interesting in the case when the owner of a private property wants to implement his plan using the cheapest building material - worn-out car tires. If you have your own car, then you can collect tires within one day around car workshops, as well as behind garage cooperatives.

Please note, that such a drainage network for waste water resources for a home is done using a minimum amount of construction tools, materials and equipment.

You don't even have to plan your financial expenses. It is only necessary to take into account one point that such a structure will not be designed for large volumes of fluid circulation. When draining water into a septic tank, which is made of car tires, its level should be constantly monitored. A homemade septic tank made from waste rubber is considered an autonomous sewage system that performs biological wastewater treatment. There is a container in the ground that is made from the inner cavities of the tires from the car.

A sewer pipe should be laid from the house, the installation of which will be performed at an angle. The slope of the pipe should be such that the waste liquid can drain itself into the container.

Sludge in the form of large contaminated particles will simply settle to the bottom surface. Further, the activity of bacteria begins, which will purify wastewater. Partially purified water will begin to seep through the cracks and the porous bottom between the tires into the earthen walls of the septic tank.

More intensive cleaning will require the use of chemicals. They will decompose silt deposits, and also liquefy them to the maximum.

The process of making a septic tank with your own hands

Any construction will require permission from local authorities. This will apply to anything that has a bookmark depth of more than 5 meters.

Please note, that if there are no cables and other objects on the site, then the permit can be issued at the city or village government.

Then you can start arranging a septic tank on your site.

The sequence of operations is as follows:

  1. How to make a septic tank from car tires with your own hands Select a place to make septic tank.
  2. A trench should be dug from the outer wall of the house to the place where the septic tank will be located. Its bottom must necessarily be located lower than the level of freezing of the soil in your region, by about 0.2-0.

    3 meters.

  3. Select a type of septic tank design.
  4. Dig a pit. The pit must be about 0.2-0 larger in diameter of the tires.

    3 meters.

  5. Next, the bottom of the pit should be backfilled with drainage, so first lay a layer of sand with a thickness of 0.4 meters, and on top, pour granite crushed stone of the middle fraction, also about 0.4 meters thick.
  6. Worn car tires should be stacked on top of each other, up to 10 pieces.

  7. Holes must be cut between the top rail and the next rail to ensure that the drain pipe fits snugly.
  8. The space between the walls of the pit and the tires should be filled with sprinkling - it is best to use expanded clay for this purpose.
  9. Install a plastic manhole with a lid on top, sprinkle everything with fine soil and cover with sod with green grass.

But where to install a septic tank from car tires with your own hands?

What place would be good for placing be located near a source of water supply - a well, a well, a deep pump. The infection from the septic tank will begin to seep into the groundwater, and then it will infect the drinking source with its pathogenic bacteria.

In addition, it should not be installed very close to the foundation of a house, barn or bath. The soil will begin to sink, the foundation will sink and this will lead to the structure collapsing.

Also, do not place the pit too far from the house, as this can lead to a large increase in the cost of the system. For the entire length of the sewer pipe, you will need to install at least two inspection chambers, which will be equipped with hatches. Laying through a chur of a long pipeline from the septic tank to the house is fraught with the formation of blockages.

The optimal length of the drain pipe is considered to be from 5 to 10 meters, while the slope should be 50 cm for every 10 meters of the pipeline length.

Interesting, that such a position will allow any liquids to drain by gravity from the riser of the home system into the septic tank pit, which will be located in the yard.

The diameter of the pipe, which must be made of plastic, must not be less than 0.5 meters. When connecting a drain pipe to a domestic sewage system, it should not be laid under the foundation of the house.

It is best to do this - with the help of a perforator, a crowbar, a jackhammer, punch a special niche in the upper part of the foundation, into which it will be possible to insert the pipeline, seal up the cracks with cement mortar.

E There are three variations of a septic tank with different design features:

  • With a filtration system.
  • With absorption well and settling tank.
  • With filtration system and drainage piping.

We suggest making a choice in favor of the budget option - with a filtration system.

Advantages and disadvantages of the design

Let's consider what is the benefit of creating a septic tank at a summer cottage, which will be made of old tires.


  • Availability of building material in the form of old automobile rubber.
  • Easy to install.
  • Saving money, since one reinforced concrete ring would cost 5000 rubles, and at least 3 pieces were required.
  • It is possible to place a septic tank anywhere in the yard.

The disadvantages are as follows: due to the fact that the body is not monolithic, of small mass, has a weak level of sealing, the service life of a rubber pit is much less than a septic tank made of concrete or plastic rings. Ground movements often move tires that are stacked on top of each other.

How to make a drain pit out of wheels

How to make a septic tank from car tires with your own hands Now you know how make a septic tank out of tires with your own hands, but how to make a drain pit - no. A cesspool is a sealed tank that needs to be pumped out on a regular basis.

Please note, that a structure made of waste tires differs from a septic tank in that during construction it is necessary to make walls in it that will be completely sealed, and also arrange a captive bottom.

To begin with, it is necessary to ensure complete isolation of the drain fluid in the pit from the adjacent soil. If it enters the soil around the pit, pathogenic bacteria can begin to seep into the intake structures.

Types of structures:

  • Columns.
  • Wells.
  • Wells.

If you infect a source with drinking water, then viruses in it can cause serious illness, and sometimes epidemics. For this reason, it is worth protecting residents from the effects of bacteria that live in the waste products of animals and people. A cesspool is required for draining liquid waste, including from toilets and sinks.

A cesspool with high-quality waterproofing makes it possible to:

  • To be a storage for liquid runoff until it is necessary to pump out using cesspool machine.
  • Reliably protect the soil and water in the ground from the ingress of dangerous microorganisms that can be pathogenic and be in the waste water.

  • Prevent the spread of unpleasant odors.
  • Maintain the attractiveness of the landscape of the local area.

The following is a step-by-step process for creating a drainage pit:

  1. In order to equip a cesspool, you should lay an inclined sewer pipe, which will be carried out in the same way as to the structure of a septic tank, in a trench to the place where there will be a cesspool.
  2. Dig a pit, which will be about 0.2-0.

    3 meters wider than the diameter of the tires used.

  3. The bottom of the foundation pit should be covered with a layer of sand, the thickness of which will be 0.2 meters, and from above, all should be covered with granite crushed stone of a small fraction.
  4. Set up timber or panel formwork and pour everything with liquid concrete. The thickness of the concrete must be 0.

    2 meters.

  5. How to make a septic tank from car tires with your own hands When the concrete hardens, put the used car tires on top of each other (there should be no more than 10 pieces of them). Always place the wheels one at a time. Before laying the bottom tire, apply a little bitumen mastic or modified bitumen with a thickness of 3 cm on the contact plane with the concrete.
  6. Similar layers will need to be applied to each gap between the tires to the very top.

    This will make it possible to create a high-quality and sealed tank. After the priming solution has dried, the bitumen should be warmed up and applied to the outer walls of the tire with a wide brush. Glue the fiberglass on top, which should be re-coated with liquid bitumen. This should only be done over a concrete floor.

  7. After all the wheels have been laid and processed, the space between the soil walls and the tires of the excavation should be filled with clay.

    You can dilute it with water and pour it into free space. You will get a kind of clay castle.

  8. Cover the cesspool with slabs and beams, leaving only the ventilation holes.
  9. Install a plastic manhole cover with a cover.
  10. Disguise the location of the pit with turf and grass.

To make the process clearer, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video tutorial.


Arrangement of a cesspool and a septic tank on a local area outside the city is not something too difficult or costly. There is a lot of rubber in every city and even village, you just have to look. Collecting 10 wheels is easy. Expanded clay, sand, crushed stone (it requires several buckets) are also not very expensive.

You will only need to spend money on concrete, and even then a little.

So, if you make a little effort, then each owner of a summer cottage or a private house will have the opportunity to equip a wonderful septic tank and a cesspool for a toilet from waste wheels from a car with his own hands, and in this case, housing will become complete least comfortable. If you still have tires, you can make a fence, a foundation for a barn or a bath, an artificial reservoir, make a decorative well or beautiful furniture for a site.