How to make a smart home system - what is it? Types and DIY installation + Video

How to make a smart home system - what is it? Types and DIY installation + Video Your country house is the dream of many. And it is important enough that the home is carefully planned and comfortable to live in. Today, most of us want to make a smart home with our own hands without the involvement of specialists. We will consider the concept of a smart home in more detail below in our article.

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What is a smart home?

How to make a smart home system - what is it? Types and DIY installation + Video Smart home is a system based on full automation of all housing mechanisms.

That is, you can easily turn off the light in the corridor with one click on the control panel. But, in order to design a smart home with your own hands, you have to try.

That is why the majority prefer ready-made smart home systems offered by different manufacturers.

With the help of various wires, controllers, sensors and actuators, you can control all the components of your home, such as: electricity, lighting and ventilation. And your participation in this process will be minimal - control is carried out only by the remote control.

How to implement a smart home system?

How to make a smart home system - what is it? Types and DIY installation + Video The smart home system is in great demand and distributed. With such a system, any home owner will be able to control all the necessary components of his home. A large number of companies carry out the installation of a smart home system, taking into account all the wishes of customers. And it is worth noting that each development is individual, the system is created for a specific object, and a smart home is designed for each specific case in different ways.

The smart home system assumes that your home will be filled with a variety of "electronic elements".

These include warm floors, ventilation, air conditioners, boilers, uninterruptible power supplies. Of course, the installation of all these systems is quite difficult, but it is still worth trying to install the system.

Smart home control

All houses represent a certain mechanism that must be correctly and correctly assembled, that is, you must fill it with the help of various communications and technical devices ...

In order to make a smart home with your own hands, you need to combine a number of components into one stably common system.

How to make a smart home system - what is it? Types and DIY installation + Video You can easily assemble a simple structure on your own, but for this you must have certain skills, such as :

  • knowledge of electricians and the ability to operate various electrical appliances;
  • ability to work with current;
  • have an idea of ​​the principles of building automatic systems;
  • know programming;
  • understand algorithms;
  • perfectly know the equipment used.

Your main task is to combine all the mechanisms into one whole to control the entire house using a computer or mobile device.

Warning system

Installing a smart home implies preventing an accident, because.this is a guarantee that you will not worry about structural failure or pipe leakage.

By installing an automatic power supply system in your home, you can keep the entire load on the power grid under control. And even if a short circuit occurs, the power supply will be cut off and your equipment will not be damaged. And if you accidentally forget to turn off the iron or the tap, the electronic sensor will warn you about this and, if necessary, turn off all systems.

Power supply

How to make a smart home system - what is it? Types and DIY installation + Video The smart home system assumes high-quality power supply. This is especially important in areas where there are frequent blackouts.

To protect your equipment and housing in general, you need to install the battery in stabilized power supplies. This will keep all systems operating in the event of an emergency. If you don't want to think about potential electrical outages, install a diesel generator and backup electrical power units in your home.

Thanks to automatic control, the fuel level in the generator will be constantly monitored, and the load on the electrical network will be more evenly distributed.

Burglar alarm in a smart home

Smart home technology also means protecting the house .

Installing an alarm with your own hands will not be difficult. You can place the sensors along the fence that covers your territory, as well as on walls, rooms, windows and doors. When one of them is triggered, all programmed warning systems are immediately activated.

Such a system consists of a control panel, a presence sensor, a UPS with a battery, an audible siren, and a key reader.

Smart home: lighting

How to make a smart home system - what is it? Types and DIY installation + Video You can easily by hand to develop a lighting control system, due to which you can significantly save.

It is necessary to choose the number and types of lighting fixtures depending on the room and interior in it.

The main thing when designing a lighting system is automatic control, then you can not think about whether you turned off the light or not. The lighting can be set to light up when you approach and fade out when you leave.

Energy consumption

To limit the power in your home, it is imperative to install an energy management system. Due to this solution, you can avoid various problems that arise if the power reaches its maximum.

If you have electric underfloor heating installed in your house, then the entire supply network may be overloaded. When creating an intelligent system, you can smoothly turn on the floors in different rooms until the house warms up. This system will allow you to avoid sudden network surges. And as the energy approaches the maximum, the generator will turn on itself, and after its decrease, it will turn off.

Sockets and power supplies

How to make a smart home system - what is it? Types and DIY installation + Video You can easily equip everything with your own hands sockets in the house.

This solution is cost-effective, since you just need to have an antenna and you can control it from a distance using a remote control.

The idea of ​​this system is that all electrical outlets in the house are connected in a single circuit. Therefore, with the command to turn on the kettle or toaster, the devices will start their work at the time specified by them.

In addition, the presence of this centralized system will make it possible to turn off all switched on electrical devices at the touch of a button on the remote control.

Warm floor

Today, floor coverings are widespread, although their installation is not cheap.

It is comfortable and pleasant to walk on the warm floor. Warm floor coverings are of two types: water-based and electric. When installing a smart home system, you can constantly keep a certain temperature in the rooms. And you can control it by remote control.

Smart system is a guarantee that the optimal temperature will be constantly maintained in your house or apartment.

And energy consumption will be more rational and profitable.

Smart home: heating

How to make a smart home system - what is it? Types and DIY installation + Video In standard apartments you you can't just pick up and turn off the heating system if you get hot. The smart home system makes it easy to solve this problem, since special intelligent modules are built into the radiator heating. Due to them, a comfortable temperature is maintained in the room, which can be changed automatically using the remote control. This system can be used in any interior, without much harm to it.

Installation of this system is simple: special control valves are installed on the heating radiators.

They are controlled automatically by the remote control, which has a built-in temperature sensor. In a more complex configuration, the valves and consoles are connected via a radio channel, and control and regulation are carried out via a computer or the Internet.

Today there are a huge number of technological solutions to make your home functional and furnished. And many of the options presented are very simple.

You can do some things with your own hands, for example, install an automatic water supply or a system that protects the roof and stairs from snow and ice. But some systems still require a professional approach, this applies to power supplies.

Ultimately, you should spend some money to get a smart home. And then your home will meet all modern requirements of quality, reliability and safety.