How to make a spray gun with your own hands

How to make a spray gun with your own hands Do-it-yourself spray gun at home - manufacturing methods

To create an even and high-quality paintwork you can use a spray bottle.

Such a device can spray paint evenly on different surfaces. Among the advantages of such a device, one can single out a large degree of manufacturers and practicality in use. The high price of such equipment is determined by the fact that most people make it themselves.

There are quite a large number of different instructions for creating a spray gun with your own hands.

Varieties of spray guns

Before you create your own spray gun, you should pay due attention to their classification. The following types of such coverage can be distinguished:

  • Manual.
  • Electric.
  • Pneumatic.
  • Combined.

  • Airless.

The manual version is characterized by the fact that a specialist will need to perform a number of actions to supply paint. Models of the pneumatic type have become incredibly popular because they are characterized by the optimal combination of cost and practicality. Most often, do-it-yourself options will be presented as a tandem of an atomizer and a pump / compressor. Devices of the electric type began to appear on sale quite recently, and the features of the device make it possible to adjust the operating parameters with high accuracy.

The combined device is rarely made by hand, because they have a more complex mechanism. An additional category includes whitewash spray guns. It can also be made with your own hands, but when creating a structure, you should take into account the moment that there can be large impurities in a lime-based solution. It is worth considering that such an option for creating a device cannot be used for spraying paints and varnishes.

Tools and devices

Very often, homemade designs are made to work with water-based paint, and usually the most common set of tools is required to create , and also a welding machine.

It is allowed to use as a base:

  • Old vacuum cleaner.
  • Aerosol can.
  • Ballpoint pen.
  • Old refrigerator.

The selection of materials and tools is performed depending on the characteristics of the structure being manufactured.

The scheme will be selected taking into account what type of work will be performed, as well as what the performance of the equipment should be.

Sprayer from an aerosol can

A hand-made spray gun is usually made from the simplest aerosol can. This design will be characterized by simplicity and low cost. To carry out the work, the following elements will be required:

  • A camera from a bicycle wheel or a nipple. But the camera is not needed in this case.

  • A plastic bottle of the required volume and must be strong and free from major defects.
  • Aerosol can - when choosing it, you should pay special attention to the execution of the spray, because it should work as long as possible.
  • Hand pump for bicycles.

Most of the items listed above do not need to be purchased and can be found in the garage. Do-it-yourself assembly work at home of the spray gun is carried out in this way:

  1. From the selected bicycle cover, a nipple is required that can only let air through in one direction.

  2. The bottle will be used as a reservoir for storing the paint, and a hole should be made in it that is perfect for the nipple.
  3. A nipple should be attached to the inner wall, and here it is worth considering that the connection must be tight. Such an element will ensure the supply of paint in only one direction.
  4. The top of the can should be sawed off with a hacksaw for metal, and everything is chosen so that it perfectly matches the diameter of the plug.
  5. Cold welding is required to connect the bottle spray to the bottle.

    This will be due to the fact that it is necessary to ensure reliable fastening of such an element, because high pressure will be applied to it.

The resulting design is designed for a pressure of no more than 3 atm. The air will be pumped through a bicycle pump and a nipple must be used for the connection. Such a hand-made device will perfectly cope with the task of painting different surfaces with the help of an aqueous emulsion composition. You can also fill the container with a lime solution.

Spray gun from a vacuum cleaner

To obtain the required pressure, it is allowed to use a vacuum cleaner. It is perfect when you need to take into account the performance metric first. A do-it-yourself paint spraying device based on a vacuum cleaner works great, and you can use an old model that will make it possible to connect a hose to the outlet. If there is no such model, then there may be many problems with obtaining tightness.

Recommendations for the assembly process will look like this:

  1. How to make a spray gun with your own hands Find the right sized bottle, which can be made of glass or plastic.

    The diameter must be at least 5 cm.

  2. Cut a plug from the foam. It should ideally fit under the neck of the tube, and when creating it, it is important to take into account that the plug is designed to fix the outlet and supply channels, and therefore should have a protrusion in the form of a rectangle. Due to the high degree of workability of the material, it is not difficult to obtain the desired shape.
  3. In the foam, make a couple of holes that are needed for the outlet and inlet.

    Select the dimensions so that they are inserted with force, and due to this, the desired tightness is ensured.

To atomize the substance, a nozzle with an adjustment screw is required. At the top of the body, you need to make a hole to connect the bottle. This design will be characterized by a high degree of efficiency, but the vacuum cleaner needs electricity to operate. Moreover, it is important to ensure that the nozzle does not get clogged, because this can lead to an increase in pressure inside the system, rapid wear of the electric motor of the vacuum cleaner, or even rupture of the pipes.

Refrigerator for creating a spray gun

To make an electric spray gun with your own hands, you need a compressor that is installed on the refrigerator. Such a spray gun can be made by hand in the event that you need to save on the amount of consumable material. Moreover, the design features will make it possible to spray even with lime.

Among the features of creating such a sprayer with your own hands, the following points can be noted:

  1. We need a receiver, which can be used as an old cylinder. The container used must have an increased level of tightness.

  2. For disassembly, you can take an old refrigerator from which the compressor and start relay will be removed. Dismantling is not difficult, it will be enough just to saw off all the copper pipes.
  3. The only way to determine the outlet and inlet is by connecting the compressor to the electrical supply.
  4. In order to eliminate the likelihood of debris entering the system, a filter should be attached to the suction pipe, or you can also use an old automotive version. It should be attached with a sealant.

  5. The tube through which the air will be injected must be connected to the previously prepared receiver using a strong hose through the fitting. All joints should also be covered with sealant.
  6. To improve the efficiency of the structure, a diesel filter should be attached to the outlet after the receiver. It will reduce the humidity of the supplied air.

It is also worth considering that the compressor itself must be placed in the same position as when used in the refrigerator.

Otherwise, it may be difficult to start the device. Moreover, the masters advise to change the oil from time to time, due to which a long service life of the compressor is ensured. In order for it to be in a stationary state at the time of work, a special foundation is required.

Holder and its manufacture

In almost all cases, a special holder is needed to operate the device. If necessary, you can do it yourself, and for this you need:

  1. A small piece of plywood, which has a size of 25 * 25 cm.

    Using an electric jigsaw, you should make a hole in it that fits the diameter of the spray tank.

  2. The handle should be inserted into the groove, and after the edges they will be cut to size.
  3. For the stand, make special legs that will ensure the correct position of the hose.

This holder can be additionally equipped with elements for mounting the filter funnel. It is made with aluminum wire, which can be fixed with screws.

Spray from an ordinary pen

A practical and small-to-use device can be obtained by using a ballpoint pen as a base. Such a hand-made device can work with a small spray can, the volume of which will not exceed 1 liter. If you need to do small finishing work, then such a spray gun with your own hands can be done very, very quickly.

Recommendations for the execution of work will look like this:

  • How to make a spray gun with your own hands All that is required from the handle is the outer sheath, which must be free from defects, and this requires removing all internal elements. You should also pay attention to the size of the shell, which should not be very large and small.

  • Cut the back tip at the widest point.
  • You will also need a rod, which must be cleaned of the paste with alcohol.
  • In the center of the plug, make a hole that fits the rod perfectly. It will be retracted to the bottom to connect to the bottle that contains the paint.

You will need to inject air on your own, and it is for this reason that such a design has not become very popular, because it cannot be used to treat large areas.

Powder paint device

Powder-type paint is used to cover a wide variety of surfaces, and it is worth considering the fact that such equipment is quite complex in manufacturing, and a hand-made spray gun is assembled like this:

  1. First, you need to assemble an electrical module, which is made of a core with wound wire. The element must be placed in a sealed plastic container with paraffin wax.
  2. Next is the assembly of the gun, due to which spraying and supply of the paint and varnish composition will be ensured. A plastic tee is used as a base, into which the core will be inserted. The strength and stability of the element is ensured by processing the edges with an adhesive.

    All electrical leads will be routed through the bottom of the structure.

  3. The previously made gun and electric model must be connected to the paint tank, and the flow of the agent can be adjusted with a rubber trigger.
  4. All wires should be routed out and fixed to the power supply.

After that, you can start testing the spray gun, and for this it is important to fill the container with powder paint.

Safety in manufacturing

Almost all designs are associated with high pressure, which will be supplied from different devices.

For this reason, it is recommended to carry out assembly work in a protected ventilated area. When assembling, special attention should be paid to the tightness of all joints, as well as their strength. The size of the supplied pressure is also controlled. It is not difficult to make the simplest spray gun with your own hands, and the equipment created in most cases copes with the tasks. The most problems will be in the case when it is required to paint walls / ceilings with powder compositions.