How to make a swing-type garage door with your own hands? Manufacturing instruction + Photo and Video

How to make a swing-type garage door with your own hands? Manufacturing instruction + Photo and Video There is now a decent selection of garage doors. If earlier everyone was content with simple, same-type options, then at the moment there is an opportunity to make any of the options presented. Garage doors can be made by hand or on request.

It all depends on your financial capabilities and skills.

General information about garage doors

Garage door types

  • How to make a swing-type garage door with your own hands? Manufacturing instruction + Photo and Video Swing.

    The most primitive type, but overnight and the most reliable. The design of the gate is very simple - it consists of two leaves that are hung on the hinges and closed tightly, leaving no gaps. If you wish, you can build this type yourself at no special cost.

  • Rollback. This species appeared at the beginning of the 20th century.

    Structurally, this is one sash, which is retracted to the side along the main wall. Also, there can be two flaps at will, which will move apart in different directions. This design of the gate requires free space on the wall, and therefore, they are more applicable for industrial organizations.

  • Lift-and-turn. We learned about this species relatively recently.

    The design of such gates is a solid canvas that rises up and stops in a position parallel to the floor. The principle of operation of garage lifting doors is to use a hinge-link mechanism and guides. This option is most suitable for garages with a small area, because the gate practically does not take up precious space. In addition, it is important to consider that this design is suitable for heated garages or areas with a warm climate.

  • Lifting and sectional.

    An innovative design solution for garage doors. This is a canvas of several segments that fold and rise along guides to the ceiling. The principle of operation of overhead sectional garage doors is to use a spring mechanism and guides with a chain transmission.

  • Roller shutter. In practice, they are used quite rarely, since they cannot provide the required reliability.

    The structure of the gate is made of aluminum plates, which slide in, folding into a box fixed under the ceiling.

The choice of garage doors should be based on practicality, and not external beauty or the presence of newfangled structural elements. Swing gates are the most optimal solution for our climatic conditions, because in severe frost you simply cannot open the garage if the mechanism breaks down. And it will not be difficult to warm up the lock on the swing gate, which can jam.

Of course, sectional and lifting mechanisms will save you the trouble of cleaning the snow in front of the garage, but in any case, you will not be able to drive inside if a lot of snow is piled in front of the entrance.

You will have to work with a shovel in any case.

Materials and tools for making metal garage doors


Before you start making garage doors, it will not be superfluous to draw up a drawing of the future design. Make an estimate and make a purchase of the necessary materials and tools. Experts advise purchasing 10-15% more than the required material, so to speak, with a margin.


So, you will need:

  • Square made of metal;
  • Roulette ;
  • Machine for welding metal;
  • Protective mask and suit;
  • Grinder with grinding discs and for cutting metal;
  • Construction pencil, marker or chalk for marking.

  • Building level.

The process of making swing garage doors with your own hands

Supporting frame

When planning a garage at the initial stage of construction, it is possible to lay down certain dimensions of garage doors and their openings and make the doors at the same time. Also, there are times when the gate is already there, but there is no opening. In this case, the structure must be made completely, and the gate must be fixed in the right place, then the process of erecting the garage walls is going on. As for the gate width, it can be different, depending on your requirements.

Important! The garage door frame is made of iron corners and has an external and internal part. The corners are connected by welding in such a way that they freely enter the opening and can fit tightly into the opening and cover it. After installing the outer and inner parts of the frame, they must be combined with a metal plate.

How to make a swing-type garage door with your own hands? Manufacturing instruction + Photo and Video Work on the construction of the frame must be done on a horizontal surface, so you get a flat structure. To get started, you need to take a square, tape measure, a metal welding machine and a grinder with a metal disc.

The corner must be cut into 8 pieces, 4 of which must correspond to the width of the garage opening, and the rest to the height. Lay the corners on a flat surface and fasten with welding.

This will result in a rectangular frame. To give strength, make the joints at a certain angle. Use a square to make the corners even.

The frame needs to be measured diagonally so you can be sure everything will turn out smoothly. The hollow frame design for metal garage doors has two pieces that you need to weld. Do not touch the inside yet, work with the outside.

To do this, lay it on a flat surface, make sure the corners are even. The seams formed after welding must be cleaned.

To do this, you need a hammer to knock down the slag, and the joints must be carefully sealed to ensure the strength of the structure. The seams must be processed on both sides of the frame.


Experts advise assembling a frame for a garage door using the tack method.This will allow you to easily align the structure if an unevenness suddenly appears.

Only after you are convinced that everything is fine, you can completely seal the seams.

Frame for garage door leaves

After the frame is made, you can start working with the leaves. For perfect functioning of the structure, it is necessary to create sashes 0.8 - 1 cm smaller than the internal size of the external supporting frame. This will allow you to open and close the gate without any problems.

For work, you need a metal profile, which also needs to be cut into 8 parts, if we are talking about double-leaf garage doors. Make vertical parts in the amount of 4 pieces with a size of 1 - 1.5 cm smaller than the frame. The pieces are placed inside the frame, which you have already laid on a horizontal surface. Two profiles must be installed at the edge on both sides, and 2 in the center.

The distance between the central parts is 1 - 1.5 cm.

Then there is a series of horizontal elements, which must be laid so that the edges dock with the vertical parts. Following the perimeter, you should get a space between the frame and sash elements, in which you need to install a metal corner later.

How to make a swing-type garage door with your own hands? Manufacturing instruction + Photo and Video In the process of manufacturing garage doors, you need to take care of strengthening the leaves.

This must be done in order for the structure to be as strong as possible. To do this, you need to install a metal-profile pipe cross-member that can be fixed in any position, vertically or horizontally.

When the preparatory work is completed, you can start welding. It is also important here to work with the tacking method, this will avoid deformation. See if the flaps are even, and only then connect the elements completely.

Note. Remember to sand the seams after welding the metal.

After the folds are done, you can exhale, the hardest part of the job is done. Now you can move on to the door trim for the garage.

Sheathing garage doors and fastening hinges

For cladding work, a steel sheet with a thickness of 2 - 4 mm or corrugated board is suitable.

For garage doors, the first material is most suitable, since steel is particularly durable.

How to make a swing-type garage door with your own hands? Manufacturing instruction + Photo and Video Take a sheet of steel and cut two pieces of the same size out of it. It is important not to overlook the fact that the sheets should be 3 - 4 cm larger than the gate leaves. This way you can close the gap that forms between the sash and the frame.

Calculate the width so that it is possible to cover the gaps at the hinge locations.

In the center, the sheet will fit on the adjacent flap within 1 cm, thus, it will be possible to block the place where the lock is attached.

Tie down steel sheets around the perimeter. After checking for the evenness of the structure of metal garage doors, you can fasten the elements completely.The canvases are fully welded from the inside, and the sheets are attached to the metal profile. There is no need to create a continuous seam, a 1 * 5 dotted weld is enough (1 cm of a seam every 5 cm).

At the final stage of installing the garage door, you need to fix the hinges on the canvas in the amount of 4 pieces. The lower part is welded to the frame, and the upper part to the sashes. To ensure the reliability of the fastening, the hinges are reinforced with a metal plate. To increase the weld area, take a metal rod.

When the work is done, you can take up the exterior of the garage door.

Sand any irregularities and treat with anti-rust agents. You can also paint the doors in any color you like.

Then you can put the gate in place. If you already have a built garage box, then the structure must be inserted into the opening, pressing tightly. To secure it in the desired position, use the bars, which will sometimes serve.

The inner frame can also already be installed and secured with the outer part, using metal plates, which are placed at the level of the hinges. If there is no opening yet, then the frame with the door structure must be installed in the intended place of the opening.


Accuracy in work, attentiveness and thorough check of all structural elements guarantees long-term operation of the gate. Also, in the future, if necessary, you can insulate the garage door using polystyrene, for example. The choice of locks for gates should be approached responsibly, they should be of good quality and reliable.