How to make a vestibule in a private house with your own hands

How to make a vestibule in a private house with your own hands Tambour in a private house: design and photo

Tambour is required in any country house, and many people do not pay due attention to such a small room, thinking that it is only suitable for storing shoes and clothes, but this is not at all the case. It is extremely important that there are no drafts, additionally insulate the front door and minimize the ingress of dust from the street into the house.

Moreover, the design of this room is very important - since the vestibule is small in area, its decoration should be laconic and simple. At the same time, you need to furnish the vestibule as comfortably as possible, because it is in such a room that you find yourself in the first place.

Let's talk about arranging a vestibule in a private house with our own hands.

Varieties of vestibules

Before entering the house, vestibules are not always placed, but now they have become more popular. To save money, they are made in the form of frame-type extensions, which have a polycarbonate base, and a more expensive option would be a brick extension, which is often made for large houses. This location is very important to reduce dust and cool debris entering the living space. At the same time, vestibules are extremely diverse.

Consider the following options:

  1. Tambour-hallway is the most popular option.

    In this case, there is no need for an additional hallway - it is often not done at all. So, this vestibule makes it possible to save space, and this will be the best option for small houses, in which every m 2 you want to use it as practical as possible. In this place, you can install a small wardrobe, shoe shelves, hooks and a mirror. Lighting is equally important for maximum convenience.

  2. Tambour in the form of a veranda, or combined with a balcony - a spacious room with huge windows, and it can be used for outdoor recreation.

    Here you can place a small table, bench, lockers for things, and you can put plants on the windowsills. To maintain a comfortable temperature, you can install double-glazed windows and a door with good insulation. This layout is often chosen in large cottages or country houses.

  3. Tambour-canopy is often made in residential buildings - this option involves the use of space for households. This is a simple, insulated porch where everything you need for renovation, gardening and cleaning is stored.

    But even this place can be decorated with style, laying out all the necessary things in the lockers.

Now let's look at the choice of building materials.


Finishing materials

Tambour finish can be different - everything will depend on the budget , the exterior of the house, and also from the need to heavily insulate the vestibule or avoid drafts. Materials can be very different - we will consider different options and determine which one is best for your home.

  1. Plastic vestibule is a very cheap option, which is constantly used for middle-class houses.

    In this case, the walls are made of PVC panels, because this material is very durable and resistant to changes in weather conditions. It is not difficult to assemble such a vestibule even with your own hands, and at the same time, it is extremely important to insulate it. This can be done by upholstering the walls with an additional layer of insulation - felt has become the cheapest and most traditional option, but there are also more modern materials for thermal insulation.

  2. How to make a vestibule in a private house with your own hands Brick vestibule is a more harmonious option for a brick house, and it will also turn out to be the most practical and durable of all existing options, and this structure will also stand for decades, will be able to protect the interior from cold and wind. The brick should be chosen to match the shade of the house so that the vestibule fits into the design of the main building into a single ensemble.

    A brick vestibule always looks great and often does not even need additional finishing inside, which has become one of the undoubted advantages.

  3. Glass vestibule - often used as a veranda, and fully open glass walls and frame ceiling can be made. This project is not cheap - especially when you consider that all glasses must be insulated for a comfortable stay inside in cool weather. At the same time, such a difficult design decision is worth the money - you will gain an excellent view of the site and will be able to feel like a part of nature, and the plants in the room will feel great. One of the probable problems is that you need to constantly wet clean to keep the glass transparent.

  4. The wooden vestibule in a private house is the most typical for the same houses made of wood. True, any option can be trimmed with wood inside or outside - for example, from plastic or brick. Wood is not the most practical material; on average, they need to be repaired after 10 years. At the same time, the tree will look great, and it leaves a lot of room for imagination - you can make carved decorations, cover the boards with varnish or paint in any colors. Wood fits perfectly into country-style design, and also makes it possible to fully feel like an element of nature.

The dimensions of the vestibule can be very different.


Most of them refuse the vestibule for the reasons that in a small house it will take up a lot of space. But the vestibule may not take up as much space as it might seem.

Consider the dimensions and determine how large the vestibule is right for you:

  • The minimum depth of the vestibule is usually 1. 4 meters, and the width should be only 1 meter.

    It seems to most owners of small economy-class houses that the smallest vestibule is the optimal solution, although this is not always the case. In a more spacious place, you can place a functional shelf and cabinets, and with a min dimension of the vestibule, it will take up space without performing practical functions.

  • For maximum space saving, a medium-sized vestibule with a width of 3-4 meters is perfect. In such a space, you can easily equip a hallway - it will turn out to put a small wardrobe, placing open wall-type shelves or shoe racks, hang clothes hooks and put a mirror. So inside the house hallway there will be no need.

  • Spacious rooms (namely vestibules) in country houses with a width of more than 5 meters are often made by the owners like a veranda. It is especially good if there is a large window in the vestibule or it is possible to make mirrored walls. With good insulation, this vestibule will be a favorite place for dinners and breakfasts for small families. You just need to put a small table and a couple of chairs.

Now let's talk about making a vestibule with our own hands.

Making a vestibule with your own hands

If you wish, you can even build it with your own hands. Tambour is a common addition to a country house. If he has a porch, the task is greatly simplified - you just need to enclose it with walls. If there is no porch, you need to make the floor and foundation: if you have not been involved in construction, and for this you need to attract professionals, since the extension can be crooked or collapse after a couple of years.

When making a vestibule on a porch, you must first draw up projects correctly.

Consider these nuances:

  • Tambour walls can be made of various materials, and it can be brick, wood or PVC. The latter material is the easiest to work with, although wooden or brick walls can also be made with your own hands.
  • Mounting PVC or timber walls is required on a frame and can be made from metal or wood rods, and if you cannot work with welding, the wood option is perfect.
  • To insulate the inner wall surface, it is required to sheathe everything with felt or modern materials that retain heat. After the wall, you can trim with sheets of drywall, paint or glue wallpaper.

  • If you have the opportunity, you should make a vestibule with windows - it will be especially useful to do this for a large room. At the same time, if you want to produce glazing with double-glazed windows that will not allow cold air to pass through, you will need to contact professionals for this.
  • The plan should be developed taking into account how the extension is placed in relation to the house. For example, you might have a house with a vestibule on the side or in the front. Think about making it easier to enter the house from the street, but also about how the vestibule will affect the visual design of the house.

    If the building is one-story and with a vestibule, it is not required to build it very wide. It is important that the extension looks harmonious.

  • Think about lighting the room first. If you have a small vestibule or a version with a window, one lamp will be enough. For outside attachments, a bright light from one or a couple of three sources is required.

    This is especially important if you plan to use the vestibule as a hallway.

You will find a master class, photo and design on the vestibule in a private house further.

Interior design

For some reason, people often neglect interesting solutions for decorating a vestibule, not considering it as a full-fledged house part. At the same time, the situation at the threshold of a residential building is extremely important - it is that from the very entrance to the house it makes it possible to immediately feel the comfort. You can create any design inside, and much will depend on the layout, the purpose of the room, and also on tastes.

Ceiling decoration is usually not very diverse, and most often it is simply covered with white plaster, and less often - false ceilings are made. Sometimes the ceilings in the vestibule are horizontal, and sometimes it is left in the shape of the roof (triangular), and both of these options can look great. In a large vestibule, someone places lamps around the perimeter of the ceiling, but usually everything is limited to one light source.

Sex can be made in different ways, consider the following options:

  • How to make a vestibule in a private house with your own hands Someone prefers to leave the floor concrete, but in this case it will always be cool - you should lay a carpet and walk only in shoes.
  • Linoleum is an inexpensive option that allows you to finish the floor, and it is not at all difficult to lay it even with your own hands.

    Moreover, in the vestibule of a country house, this option is often not the most practical, linoleum is quickly scratched and torn.

  • High quality laminate can be used instead of linoleum. It will look better, last much longer, and even be warmer. Moreover, now you can find a laminate with an unusual design - for example, monotone or multi-colored options that imitate wood, as well as models with ornaments and prints.
  • Parquet is a very expensive coating that is not often used in the vestibule.

    At the same time, it can look great, serve for tens of years, and will also allow you to feel as close to nature as possible, and this is a great option for those who adore country style.

  • Someone loves floor tiles, and it may look interesting, because the choice of modern material options is very large. Moreover, you can cover the stairs with the same tiles, and this will make the design more harmonious and integral.

And the walls leave the greatest scope for imagination, and there can be a variety of options - it all depends on preferences and layout:

  • Wallpaper is rarely used - because of the temperature contrast, they can begin to flake off, and therefore are only suitable for temporary types of finishes.
  • The simplest method to beautifully decorate the walls in a room is simple painting.

    If the walls are perfectly flat, you can apply the paint in thin layers to the plaster, and it will look chic. If the walls are not perfect, you can give them texture - now there are techniques for embossing paint with splashes or strokes - this helps to make small flaws less noticeable.The paint should be chosen in pastel colors or dark - it all depends on the area. White walls are not the best option, because they quickly get dirty, and designers are also advised to abandon bright colors in small rooms.

Tiled finishes will be an additional option, and options that mimic masonry or bricks are especially popular.

In a brick house, this design will look very harmonious.

Recommendations for arrangement

If you need to equip a place for a hallway, you need a cabinet, and you should pay attention to models with mirrored doors, and also corner cabinets - they often more capacious and help to competently use the entire space. If you need to store a lot of things, but do not want to be seen by all guests, a suspended mezzanine will do. A small table is required for a vestibule, and wooden options are usually chosen, but recently stained glass and glass models have become popular. The carpet will add extra comfort, but the mat will be more practical.

Place indoor plants in a warm vestibule with good lighting.

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