How to make a wood cutting board correctly

How to make a wood cutting board correctly How to make a cutting board with your own hands: sequence of execution, drawing, photo

Surely you at least once thought about how to make a cutting board out of wood with your own hands. It is worth noting immediately the fact that the process is actually quite simple. There are only two important requirements for such kitchen utensils, and they are easy to fulfill.

First, the board must be very strong, and the material must also be very clean, because the food will be cut on the board.

Variants of materials for making a board

How to make a wood cutting board correctly Like a lot other products that are usually do-it-yourself, the board can be not only a device for doing work in the kitchen, but also an excellent decoration of the room.

For this reason, there are several basic methods for making a chopping board. Naturally, products may differ in the material of manufacture that is used in the work.

It can be wood or plywood. As for making products with your own hands from plywood, this is the most budgetary solution, and besides, it is the easiest. Here it is worth paying attention to the fact that in this case the following rules work - the thicker your plywood sheet, the better the result.

Lightweight material is not suitable for work. As for wooden boards, this option will be the most practical. Also, such material will have a longer service life. If there is a question about how to make a cutting board so that it is inexpensive, then you can take not only plywood, but also birch or pine boards. Although the most durable and at the same time very hygienic will be beech, oak and acacia.

Manufacturing methods

If we consider separately the manufacturing options, then there are also several options:

  1. So , the first option would be a solid board. In other words, the cutting board will be completely cut from solid wood or plywood if you chose the second material.
  2. How to make a cutting board from individual pieces? In fact, this option takes place. It should be noted right away that it is much easier to cut solid boards, but also a specifically glued product will be considered the most durable, because such a product will be less susceptible to deformation. Another advantage is that this method makes it possible to create a board of almost any size and shape.

There are a couple of divisions into several types, and much will depend on the size and shape. So, creating a cutting board with your own hand is allowed in the form of a whole product, this is the standard. There is another design option, namely sliding boards. It is best to place them on an elevation, because in this case it will be convenient to remove the cut food.

Another very convenient form would be to use a board with a compartment for the peel, trimmings.

The last two types are quite practical and simple - this is a corner board, and also a board with legs.

Requirements for the material of manufacture

If there is a question about how to make a cutting board from a material such as plywood, then it is worth starting work with the right stuff. In order to achieve success, it is worth using only first class raw materials.

Such material will have a minimum number of knots and other defects. It is also important to note the fact that moisture-resistant plywood cannot be chosen for such a purpose, because such raw materials are too saturated with adhesive compounds.

As for how to make a cutting board from natural wood, in this case, you can use almost all species. It is only worth noting in advance that the most inexpensive options, such as spruce or pine, are not the most durable, although in fact you can increase their service life through correct handling.

There are several specific requirements that you should definitely follow:

  • Naturally, the material must be dry during use.
  • Plywood or wood must be free from defects such as oil spills.
  • The workpiece should not have loose or even rotten places, and even knots, but with good dexterity, knots can even be made part of the design.

And now a little about the appearance of the product

Start assembly + design

We have already figured out what to make a cutting board with our own hands, and now it's worth talking directly about the assembly process. The first step in this case is to choose a design for the product. Here it will be possible to apply almost any solution, if the person who is engaged in manufacturing so wants.

In order to make it much more convenient to work, it is worth transferring all ideas to a schematic drawing. By the way, applying real dimensions helps to avoid making mistakes in the process of work.

As a scheme, you can apply several options at once.

Since the product will not be something large-scale, you can use a regular drawing on a sheet of paper, which is made with a simple pencil. You can also print a contour of any shape and rely on it when creating a product, or you can even just circle any object whose shape suits your idea.

Tools and workpiece

How to make a cutting board yourself and avoid mistakes? Probably the best option would be to create the device in your own carpentry workshop.

In this case, you will definitely have all the tools in stock, and to successfully complete the work you will need to prepare:

  • Electric jigsaw, or the same circular saw to cut the required elements from plywood or wood.

  • Planing and planing machines or manual devices for the same purposes.
  • Router.
  • In order to achieve a smooth surface, you can use a sander or sandpaper of different grit (abrasiveness).
  • The last element is mineral oil, which you can use to saturate the finished board.

Work with workpieces begins with the fact that the selected pattern should be transferred to it, if required.

The cutting process is carried out thanks to the simplest saw, especially if the board is equipped with straight edges. If the contour shape is very complex, then it is best to use a tool such as an electric jigsaw.

All sections must be processed in accordance with the technology. To do this, use devices such as a file, sandpaper, and a sander. Also, when sanding, it is very important to remove all fibers and chips that in the future may get into food or even pierce the skin like a splinter.


An equally important step is to pay attention to certain details. The hole for hanging the plank on the wall is cut out last, and the edges should be well sanded. At this stage, you should deal with the decoration of the surface, if it is really necessary.

You can use patterning methods such as dyeing, burning, and sawing. It is worth paying attention to the fact that for a cutting board, the presence of patterns is the fact that food will clog in them.

For this reason, the depth of the pattern should be kept to a minimum, and it should be located at the edges, and not strictly in the center.

Protecting the finished product

You already know how to make a cutting board. But in order for the resulting product to be as durable as possible, and so that the board does not lose its appearance, it should be processed. Since the object will be permanently located in the kitchen, where it will come into contact with food, the impregnation must be non-toxic and odorless.

The best option for such a case would be to use mineral oil.

Impregnation of the cutting board with such a solution will be carried out by staining or even dipping completely into the solution. If the coating will be applied by staining, the procedure can be repeated until the oil is absorbed.

The procedure is very simple. Apply a layer of oil only when the previous one is completely dry. Usually, this procedure is carried out two to five times, and it is important to note that after the first dive, small chips may come out of the board, which remain after sanding.

They can be removed with sandpaper.

How to make an end cutting board

In this case, the manufacturing process will be a little more complicated, because much more work with wood will be required.Use scraps from a fairly hard wood species, such as pine or oak. They should not be affected by diseases such as fungus, and they should also not have knots or cracks.

The workpieces will be processed on a planer machine, and then strips with a width of 2.

8 cm will be cut. The number of oak and pine parts must be the same. When the blanks are made, using a jointer and sandpaper, grind off the parts to a size of 2.5 cm, and lay the pieces in turn.

Next, we glue all the blanks together to create a solid product, and here it is important to note the fact that you cannot use an adhesive composition that contains formaldehyde.

It is also not worth using epoxy compounds, and most often use substances based on PVA. The main advantage of such boards will be that they are much stronger than ordinary ones, which are made of solid wood. In addition, butcher boards are much less blunt when in use.

How to light up

The exposure of wood as a material that is photosensitive is carried out using ultraviolet radiation from a quartz tanning lamp, or natural ultraviolet light from sunlight. The latter, unfortunately, is quite troublesome and can only be in the southern regions with stable clear days and excellent insolation - the exposure will take up the entire warm season.

The total summer insolation will drop so much that the negative will burn out before the picture turns to wood, and it will take from 3 to 5 years to expose the contours, as well as strokes through a metal stencil in the Moscow region! Illumination with a quartz lamp is also not the easiest thing - the total time will depend on what power the lamp has, as well as what kind of wood it is and is several hours.

Quartz type household lamps can usually be turned on without interruption for no more than 20 minutes. So that the resource of an expensive device does not decrease, the time of one exposure session should not be more than 5 minutes. In total, several dozen sessions will be required, and after each one you need to give the lamp a rest. Also, don't forget about strict safety rules.


The photo process should be carried out with strict observance of safety measures:

  • Conduct the process in a separate room that is non-residential, free from any organic matter and mineral nitrogen-containing compounds.
  • The ultraviolet laboratory must necessarily have forced supply and exhaust ventilation, which provides at least two air changes per hour.
  • In the apartment, UV exposure can be carried out in the summer on the balcony, provided that no strangers get there.
  • If the balcony is glazed, then the windows should be wide open during exposure, and a household fan should be attached to the leeward or lamp on the rack so that it blows air out.
  • In a room where the lamps are on, wear clothes that cover the heat and wear protective goggles, canned gas welding glasses are great.

  • How to make a wood cutting board correctly The lamp and the sample being processed should be covered with an opaque but well ventilated casing. It should be made from wood waste materials, for example, packaging plywood - you will get a disposable casing, because as a result of ultraviolet irradiation, its material will become unusable. The metal casing will not work due to technological considerations - it gives strong reflections of a polarized type, the picture will be veiled, and instead of the image you will get an ugly gray spot.
  • Remove the cover to check the exposure with the lamp off.
  • Every precaution should be taken to ensure that the lamps are not broken.

We hope that all the information from the article is really useful for you and now you know exactly how to make a cutting board with your own hands.


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