How to make an alpine slide with your own hands

How to make an alpine slide with your own hands DIY Alpine slide in the apartment - manufacturing features

If people live in a cold climate, then they always try to create for themselves at least some piece of summer even in winter, but it is almost impossible to create winter gardens and greenhouses in a typical city apartment with a small area.

But even there it is possible to select a corner in order to transform it into a certain semblance of an alpine slope with the murmur of water, stones, plants and the singing of real birds.

In winter, in the evenings, you also want contact with nature. Will the object help with such a task, how to make an alpine slide with your own hands in an apartment - is there an opportunity to make a rock garden at home? Today everything is possible. You only need to show a certain imagination, and also hard work.

In fact, this is nothing more difficult than building massive fireplaces in a room, and this object will look very original.

How to make a real alpine slide in a private house / apartment?

First, you need to consider the simplest, "window" option for self-erection of an alpine slide indoors. In order to realize such an idea, we need some kind of fairly rigid and flat base. A huge old spacing or a simple piece of plywood is quite suitable for such a role. Moreover, stones and various shells are required to create an immediate elevation.

It is required to connect all components to each other by means of an adhesive cement mixture using a special gun. You will also need a couple of bottles with polyurethane foam. Both the size and the shape of the future slide largely depend on the foundation, and therefore you need to take care of it in advance. If you are using plywood, then the base can be cut using any patterns using an electric jigsaw, not limited to the shape of a rectangle. Anchored lines are still more preferable, because nature will not tolerate straightness.

Unlike open spaces, it is unacceptable to directly plant plants in an alpine slide inside the room. Here you need to insert pots between the stones. The simplest option would involve laying out a slide of stones with the gradual installation of pots between them in order to plant alpine plants. The stones need to be fastened with an adhesive so that they do not fall apart over time.

You can also make a frame for the pots, and for this use wire, which in the future you will stone around.

When building a slide, the pots must be placed in plastic bags, because moisture should not get into the stone masonry in any way and reach the floor. This can lead to mold and mildew growth. Driftwood found in the forest can be used as decorative elements for an alpine home slide.If you remove the bark from them, peel and cover with a stain, then these decorative elements will last for a very long time. driftwood must be immediately attached to the base with a glue gun and the composition in it.


Alpine slides with stylistic design of the wall part

If finances allow , then inside an apartment or house, you can make alpine slides more complex in design. Here it is only necessary to take into account the weight of the stones when building such an object in an apartment of apartment buildings. The fact is that the load on the floors has certain limitations. To create this alpine slide, you need an artificial stone. It is made in a video of small tiles that will stick to the surface of the walls.

The appearance of such a material will practically not differ from stones of natural origin, but it will be much more convenient to work with it.

How to make an alpine slide with your own hands If you planned to make the object even before the final floor finishing, then in the corner where you outlined the construction of an alpine slide, it is allowed to fill in a small podium from a mixture of concrete. Its form is very different. The height of the podium should be such that it can rise above the floor surface by approximately 0.1 meter.

After, after arranging the floor, the podium can be decorated with small shells and stones. They are glued to the adhesive. On the walls that adjoin, a tile of stones of artificial origin is glued, it is also possible with photo wallpapers that emphasize the style and deepen the perspective.

When everything is ready, you need to install pots under the plants and line them with stones at your discretion. His slide is built in a city apartment, then it should not have a huge weight.

This is achieved by using polyurethane foam. The cans with it are emptied straight onto the base, trying to give the required shape. When the foam hardens, it expands greatly in volume.

This results in a fairly large and tall pile. Using a knife, they give it the required shape and make holes for pots for plants.

Having installed them, a bunch of foam needs to be pasted over with stones. Doing this is required to the maximum natural with imagination connected to the process. The alpine slide made by this method will have a low weight and does not exert unnecessary stress on the floors of the interfloor type.

Decorating the hill with vegetation should also follow special rules. In the foreground, you need to place pots with ground cover plant varieties.

Curly and undersized individuals can be perfectly combined with them. In the background, you can place taller plants that should not shade other flora.

Alpine slide + indoor fountain

How to make an alpine slide with your own hands Alpine photo the slides in the apartment are impressive.There are several possibilities for building a small rock garden with a fountain or waterfall. A simple option is a drip-type waterfall.

For this, a simple dropper is used. Two containers are masked among stones, one above the other. Water through the dropper will drip onto the stones from the upper container and flow down them to the lower one, forming the illusion of a stream. This option requires periodically removing water from the lowest container and adding it to the top one. For the normal functioning of a device of this type, only 2-3 liters of water are enough.

A more advanced option can be considered an alpine-type slide with a fountain or waterfall, the work of which will be carried out by a special low-power pump that can raise water from the lowest tank to the upper one. In this case, the water (if equipped with a waterfall) will simply flow over the stones. If you are making a fountain, then all its elements, including the pump, can be purchased as a set. All that remains is to hide all the equipment between the stones. The main task when arranging an alpine slide in an apartment or house with murmuring and flowing water is to prevent it from flowing past the delivered container.

For this reason, the stones should be glued so that the water is directed where it is needed, and when the fountain is installed, it does not splash out of the design limits. To make such a green corner more lively, you can install a cage with a canary, a parrot or other living creatures near it.

An aquarium that will organically fit into an alpine slide will look good. In this case, even compressor work to pump air for the fish into the water will perfectly enliven the landscape.

Making a rock garden inside a house or apartment is a very non-standard design solution.

Its successful implementation allows you to revive your world and make it more beautiful and mobile. The implementation of this idea does not require special knowledge, financial expenses or skills, but it creates a real island of greenery and happiness inside the home.

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